Just a little today as I never slept last night and am veeery tired. Healing is my most favourite thing out of all of my gifts. It helps so many people in a way that the others can’t. Yes, mediumship can help heal in certain ways, but to ease one’s pain or take something away is an incredible feeling.

I discovered by accident that I was being used as an instrument to heal many years ago. I won’t bore you with all of those details now (anyway I’m too tired to) but it was incredible to discover that I had that gift. I have never tried to “find” a problem like diabetes or any other disease that is throughout the body but am able to help with them. I mentioned this subject very briefly earlier which is why I am now expanding on it for those who may be interested.

My left hand is the one that “finds” the problem. I place my hand about 4-6 inches above the person and sweep it across until I find something. They can be sitting, standing or lying down and it makes no difference if they speak or not. In fact, I often find that talking and laughter whilst doing this puts them at their ease. I don’t like to be given clues as to where the problem is but like to find it on my own. If I can find the problem area/s then it gives them confidence that maybe I can help them.

A doctor once tested me on this as he witnessed something that interested him. I was at a wedding reception talking to a friend when he joined us. Yet another person came up and asked me to give some healing to his wrist (which I had helped with a few weeks before). He was a sceptic but said he couldn’t pretend that my healing hadn’t helped and would I do some more for him. I did. After he walked away the doctor asked what that was about. I told him and showed him what I did by using my friend as an example. As I was sweeping my hands over him (to show how I find problems) I halted over a certain area. I had felt a great heat which is one of the signs to me that something is wrong. I advised him to go and see his doctor to get it checked out.

At this point I must say that I try never to worry anyone. After all it could be a pulled muscle, a simple strain or just an infection starting up. I NEVER, EVER diagnose. Nor should anyone else. We are not doctors. I may get an idea or information at the time, but I would never be irresponsible enough to pass that on to them.

Anyway, that was in the August. In the January I bumped into said doctor at yet another party. He took me to one side and reminded me of that wedding reception and what I had done. He said that unbeknown to me, he was that person’s doctor. They didn’t call him as I had advised and out of curiosity he called and asked them to come in. He examined him, did tests and found that there was indeed a problem and a serious one. He said it was thanks to what I did that day that the person was now being treated in time. How does it work? I don’t know.

Since that time I have been tested on finding things wrong and have got it right each time. In fact, I often find other things people have been unaware of at the same time. I hasten to add that most of these things are not serious thank goodness.

Here are just a couple of cases of healing I have been successful with as an example of what I do. The first I shall talk of is a chap who was diagnosed with a kidney tumour. It was large and the kidney was scheduled for removal in a week’s time. I was asked if I could try to help. In this instance I gave healing each day. I located which one was the problem without being told and then all I did was place one hand on a shoulder and the other I held approximately 3-4 inches away from the problem area. I ended by placing my hands on his head and then his shoulders. The whole process in this case only took about 15 minutes.

On the third day he suffered bad diarrhoea and yet each time he visited the loo he said he felt more (to use an American word) energised. The allotted day came for him to go up to the hospital and he was admitted the night before for pre operation tests. The next morning they came to fetch him for theatre – he thought – and yet in fact, they came to tell him that the previous evenings tests has shown the tumour had shrunk considerably and they were not going to operate. Nearly 2 years later he says he still is clear of trouble.

The only other time I shall talk of is when I went on a river cruise down the Moselle Valley in Germany for 10 days. Cutting a very long story short, I ended up with what they called ‘Lorraine’s clinic’ each morning after breakfast. I treated 9 people and only one was not helped at all. Funnily, he was the one with the lesser of all the problems. One lady was constantly in pain for 17 years after nearly losing her leg after a car hit her. There were plates in the leg and she limped along using a stick 24/7. After a couple of days she was without a stick and by the end of the holiday was totally pain free. She too 3, nearly 4 years later is still free of pain. She keeps in touch.

One of the people on board had broken her ankle and was undergoing physio. each day. She had been advised against the holiday as it was too soon and she had limited movement in the ankle and foot. She came, had treatment from me and was line dancing on board within 3 days. On her return she ‘phoned me and said her doctor and physiotherapist told her that her recovery was impossible. They checked her over and said they didn’t know how it had happened but it wasn’t possible to have full movement after such a short time and after no physiotherapy treatment for 2 weeks. In fact, they said it should have been worse. She told them about me and they said it was a load of rubbish and that ‘healers’ were all in the mind and frauds. Proof of the pudding springs to mind!

How do I know how to do it and for how long? Every healer practices in different ways, but with me, I feel heat, cold, tingling or prickling or what I call a magnetic pull. This is akin to when you hold two magnets facing each other and draw them closer and further apart. That pulling sensation is what I sometime feel. With the other signs heat etc. I place my hands either over or on the affected area until the temperature returns to normal. This is how I know enough healing has been given for that time.

Whilst doing it I feel guided on what to do. Sometimes I need to place hands elsewhere or for a longer period. Sometimes, as in the magnetic feeling, I have to pull my hand away from the area as though pulling something out of the person. Whichever way it is done, I know that there is someone or something helping. As stated before, I also believe all healing comes from God and I am but an instrument used. When the healing is finished I am often aware that no more ‘treatment’, for want of a better word, is needed. At other times I shall ask to see them again and will usually know for how many days or whether it needs to be ongoing.

The most important thing that I must stress again as I did when I spoke of healing before, is that ALWAYS a doctor should be consulted before, during and after all healing sessions given. No medication should be stopped or advice given on others treatments to take. Even herbal or homoeopathic can clash terribly and dangerously with all manner of prescribed drugs. I speak from experience on this as some of the pills I am on cannot be taken with certain herbs and other things.

Anyway, I have spoken for far longer than I intended. Maybe they have something for verbal diarrhoea in which case I should take it !!! This again tells more of me and who I am and the work I do and may even give those of you who feel you may have a healing gift an idea of how to test it. I tested on friends’ headaches and things to start with. Maybe you could do the same. Aches and pains are also good to try on at first. Hope you’ve enjoyed this and I’ll try to update with something different very soon. Bye for now, God Bless, Lorraine

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