A Guide’s Guide To Mediumship and Healing

Recently, I told you I would do a post about my first book. I say my first book even though it isn’t published yet and really, I suppose I should call it a manuscript at this stage. I have no doubt it will be published at some point though. That may sound rather arrogant and it isn’t meant to be, it is just those words were given for a reason and I can’t believe I would have been given all of this if people weren’t intended to read what is said.  The words, may be considered by some to be rather controversial. The reason for this is due to the fact it talks about need for changes in teaching methods about mediumship and healing.

I have read the book and am stunned at the way it is worded. I say I have read it, because I had no idea what I was typing when I sat pounding away at the keys on my laptop. I was only aware of the content each time I stopped typing and read back over everything. The words written answered a lot of questions I had about mediumship, healing, the ways of spiritualism and the teachings practised that I thought to be wrong and in need of change. They confirmed this was so and that my thoughts had been correct.

I hasten to add, it isn’t just spiritualists, but any people who teach everyone can do these things, or believe it to be so, that need to re-learn their teaching methods. I know quite a few spiritualists and the majority are good, kindly people who mean well and bring great comfort to a lot of people. They are usually the ones who were born with the gifts and haven’t ‘learned’ them. You can always tell natural born mediums, as they have great compassion and are usually humble people who don’t ask for huge sums of money. That doesn’t mean they don’t have human faults, we all do. It just means they have a greater understanding and sensitivity than most.

Some of what is said agrees with my cynical outlook on it all and confirmed what I had though, whilst other parts astounded me and seemed to answer questions I hadn’t even yet thought of asking. One interesting part was the bit about re-incarnation. It made me re-think and question my thoughts on it as I had completely refused to acknowledge it was a possibility before the chapter which talks about it.

The book is instructional and talks of the ways mediumship and healing should be used and taught. It covers all manner of things in separate chapters; psychometry, automatic writing, mediumship and it’s different ways, healing and much more. it also guides people looking to use mediums or healers what they should look out for so they can choose who to go to. There are a lot of frauds and charlatans out there and this book helps you discern who may or may not be.

Basically, it is saying what I have said all along. You cannot be taught to be a medium or a healer regardless how many people say you can. The teachings and instructions in the book tell the difference between psychics, clairvoyants and mediums. It says how we can ALL become psychic and develop that side, but mediums are born, not made.

The spiritualist churches teach anyone can be a medium or a healer and have certificates saying they now are. I’m sorry, but those certificates mean nothing. All they tell me, is they have done a course. They may think they are giving good mediumship, but they often aren’t and all of this is explained in the book. It isn’t me saying it and they give reasons about that statement far better than I ever could. Now this next bit is going to sound really weird, because it does even to me.

The book was written by me, but the words were given by the spirit world. Gosh, I hated typing that as it sounds so strange doesn’t it? It’s a fact though. I had no control over what I was typing. The way it is all worded shows it isn’t me speaking. For one thing, whoever gave me the words is far more tolerant and gentle about wrong practices than I am. I would have worded things far more strongly than they have and could never be that tactful. I tend to shoot from the hip and speak before I think.

Incredibly, it is my very scepticism that intrigues. The fact I call myself a medium and yet doubt it all, seems to draw more people to read what I have to say. Maybe this is why the book had to be written. Maybe it is the one way to get through to those who don’t believe in all of these things. Anyone can preach to the converted, it is those who disbelieve it is hard to reach out to.

I dislike being called a medium, but I suppose that is what I am although I prefer the word ‘sensitive’ as that seems to suit me more. My healing certainly isn’t from me. God is the only one who heals. I am just someone He decided to to use to help Him in this work. Why? I have no idea. I am no better than most people. There is nothing special about me at all and I feel very humbled each time any healing I give works. I must say it always works, but some is more dramatic than others.

My first book is intended to reach out and help those who don’t believe and help them to understand how these things work in words that aren’t dramatic, over sensationalised or dogmatic in any way. I had part of the book posted on a writing site from November 2009 till early months this year. The interesting thing was the amount of people who commented on it who openly admitted to being sceptics.  They said they had started to read it thinking it would be a load of rubbish, but said I had made them sit back and think. They were now not quite so sure there wasn’t something to it after all. A couple of these comments can be seen on this blog under, ‘Comments-Book One’.

I am convinced I am to go out talking about the book and its teachings, showing that what is happening today is wrong. People must stop pretending they are the ones doing these things and they should be giving credit to God. Sadly, many people today think they don’t need Him in their lives. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs or unbeliefs, but I have been given these words to share with the world (their words not mine) and it is time I started to do so.

My second book is about my struggles to accept the strange things that were happening to me, How my religious beliefs held me back for so long, the journey I have been on and the way those in spirit taught me all I needed to learn in a natural and gentle way. The people who taught me things that were wrong and tried to mislead me. It will be a guide for all of those who may be struggling with their natural abilities and a further book will teach and answer all the questions anyone has that wants to develop their natural gifts without going to spiritualists.

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