How To Know if You’re a Natural Medium

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How do you know if you’re a natural medium?

Natural born mediums, otherwise known as a Sensitives, are people who have all sorts of strange things happening to them throughout their lifetime. Due to it being with us throughout our childhood years into adulthood, we are not always aware no one else experiences the same things we do. Most of it is a very strong psychic ability, but we will also be aware of a presence. We know when someone is standing near us and can ‘feel’ them.

As we get older and suddenly realise we are different, we can become confused as we thought everyone could do it. Then we hear all the man made things in the media and in books that doesn’t resemble anything like our experiences, but when looking for help we go to places we should never have anything to do with are told we must do it their way. We end up with all the man made things being taught for forced mediumship, thereby hindering our development and even pushing it backwards.

A forced medium is someone who has usually never had anything happen to them in their life. They are fascinated by all things to do with this subject matter and might have come to it through friends who are spiritualists, from reading books on the subject, television programmes or any other way. They will undoubtedly have heard everyone can be a medium – well they can’t. Not a natural medium and they can’t possibly expect to reach a level of ability someone born with it naturally can.

Anyone with a natural talent – in all fields of life – will excel over those trying to acquire it eg. musicians, chefs, dancers, actors – the field is endless. Mediumship is no different. That said, there are many bad natural mediums and many good forced ones. Much of it depends on us as people and whether we have the right attributes like humility, a wish to serve rather than be served. To give of ourselves freely to help others, or if we’re in it to make money and so many of the other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

People wishing to learn a talent go to classes. This is what happens with psychics and mediums. They go for awareness then development and intersperse all of this with various workshops and circles. This is done trying to develop and attain an ability most won’t be able to, but delude themselves they have. They are taught this is natural ability and that they are just being shown how to bring it out. Nothing that needs rituals or to be forced in such ways is natural. This form of mediumship shouldn’t be classed as such, because it confuses people needing help, guidance or readings from people with real ability – forced or natural. Some of these will become very good and kind mediums even though not naturally born with it hapening.

It is a very complicated matter and not one easily explained in so few words. Natural mediums are not elitist, egotistical, dangerous or any of the other nasty things said about them by people with no understanding or awareness. People who think all that’s needed is classes, rituals and certificates. For those who would like to learn more about what a natural medium experiences in their life, or for those who think they might be one, I have written a book answering as many questions as I can as sent to me by people from all over the world.

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Product Description

A reference book that possibly answers all the questions you’ll ever have about natural mediumship and healing as opposed to man made. For anyone born with the gifts and having things happen naturally, this book will help answer many of the questions you’ll have that spiritualist teachings don’t understand or answer. I have been told it has helped taught mediums to have a deeper and better understanding of how spirit works naturally. This has enhanced their ways of working in this field too.

For those of little or no awareness, you will dislike the book immensely (as some spite reviews show), as it doesn’t conform to the more way-out kind of self-made mediumship that accepts anything and everything so long as it makes you lots of money.


5/5 stars – I bought this very informative book a few weeks ago. If you are wondering whether you have Mediumistic/Healing Abilities then this is the book for you. This is a very good reference book, with honest, accurate information. A little gem for those of you who are about to start your Spiritual journey. A book to treasure,I just wish it had been written/ published when I was embarking on my Spiritual journey, It would have helped me in so many ways. I am so impressed with LHW,that I have nearly all of her books, I can’t recommend them/her enough. she is so down to earth and a very honest lady. Looking forward to the next one…..


like talking to a friend – 5/5 stars

I downloaded this book recently and found it very easy to read. I like the style that it is written in, like speaking to Lorraine face to face. The questions and answers follow naturally and it is easy to understand and to relate to. Although easy to understand the answers are given in some depth and are very informative.


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30 responses to “How To Know if You’re a Natural Medium

  1. Mashal/Michelle Khan

    hi there, im really not sure if im a medium or a psychic because i feel things around me and shadows out of the corner of my eye but ive never had a imaginary friend when i was a kid i grew up and now im currently 13 i also would see this tiny ball of light around but about 3 times a week. i dont know if im just paranoid or am i a real medium, i would have dreams but those dreams seem so real and when i wake up i would think it really happened, once i even dreamed of my dad leaving to london for work and he did the next morning. i would also have very hard times sleeping at night and i dont like being alone in the dark, when i would drive past a cemetary i begin to feel heat, i told my mom all this but she said that none of are family members were born into this and you can actually be a medium. Please Help.


  2. I have known I was different all my life. I saw spirits ghost as a child which I mistaken as imaginary friends but now I know the truth. I see them as shadows and energy balls now I feel them around me sometimes I can smell, hear even touch something that’s not there. I came to this website for help. I’m scared of this gift I have.


  3. I known I have been different all my life. Since I was a child I saw spirits which I mistaken as imagenary friends but as I grew up I started to understand them as spirits ghost. They say my name sometimes touch me also. I only see them as shadows and sometimes see them as energy balls. This scares me that I can do this I went to this website for help.


  4. Cecile Rabiea

    I was seeking advice on a psychic page because I was concerned about my daughter and ended up talking to a wonderful psychic about mediums. He told me that he thought that I might have the ability to be a medium and I told him that I wasn’t quite sure that I have that gift. The fact is I have been visited on several occasions by spirits. But I never ask them to come, it happens usually right after they pass, and it’s not a feeling or a shadow…they look exactly the same as they did when they were alive and it isn’t scary at all. A few of them were concerned and wanted me to watch over a loved one, but most of the time they just come to visit. And the worst part is that sometimes I don’t even realize that I am talking to a spirit when they come and say the most ridiculous things. The last time I was visited it was by someone that I knew in high school, I just blurted out ” wow I didn’t remember you as being so short”. I had no idea that he had just passed, because when I saw him he looked exactly as he did in high school, and that was almost 40 years ago. I also know that there other lingerers around me sometimes, but they don’t speak…they move things…My vintage store was in a very old bldg, and saying it was haunted is an understatement!!! Once the air conditioner literally jumped out of the wall and hit me on the head. He was convinced that I had a gift, but I told him that I wasn’t sure that was the case. I can’t just call upon a spirit…they pretty much just come uninvited. Am I the only person that this happens to? …..


  5. Psychic and medium are two very different things Roseanne. Everyone is born psychic and it is nothing to do with connecting with the spirit world. People often use that word when talking of mediumship, but one is energy only and a sixth sense, the other the spirit world. Even ghosts are different to spirits as well. It is all very confusing for people and this is why natural ability needs people who can teach the differences. Everyone taught on spiritualist teachings calling themselves psychic mediums saying they do clairvoyance (psychic work) when meaning mediumship just lends to the confusion.


  6. Roseanne Pickering

    I have known from a very early age that I was different from other people. I cannot say that I’m profoundly psychic–I might be if I had worked on it more and had parents that encouraged me to develop my abilities. I discovered quite by accident that it runs in my family. My paternal grandmother, aunt and one of my cousins have psychic abilities. I learned just how different I was one day during my freshman year of high school. Our teacher was about to tell us about a new student–how she would be different from all the other students in class and before I could stop myself, I said out loud how she was different. It freaked my teacher out completely. I often know things are going to happen before they do. I’ve been exposed to ghosts and even heard my name called when I was alone. It can be very unnerving at times.


  7. Well I’m not sure but to me it really is normal. Sometimes I do get scared when people come to me I always tooken it that they are coming bye to say good bye but it’s been going for quit sometime


  8. Amanda Counterman-Jobb

    I am reading the book ‘How To Know If Your A Medium’ and it has answered all of my questions and has gone above and beyond what I expected. I plan to buy the next book I am very interested in, ‘A Guides Guide To Mediumship and healing’ but would love to know if any other people have had multiple things happen to them at once and the more they leave it alone and come back to it, it has become stronger. To me, all of this has answered so many questions, but whenever I go back to certain things, one in particular, new things surface and it seems as if im playing clue. I am not sure what to do to pursue my gift further, and how to go about understanding all of this. To put it short, something completely led me to look up Ms.Holloway-White and I know this was no coincidence. I know that I am special and would just like to know some validation and how I can help others.


  9. not to sound like a dick head but i just don’t see how all this is real. i mean i know i could be real. i’m 15 and came across this site because i thought stuff was happening to me, like sensing people behind me or stuff like that but now after reading all this stuff i don’t know. maybe i’m just imagining all of it or its just barley now hitting me. i don’t know i’m not sure if you think its anything worth machining please tell me if no coolcool.


  10. David Phillips

    I am wanting to know if i am a natural medium, i must say i do suffer with depression though i believe this is something else. It started just after my grandfather died 2 years ago i started seeing visions/images in my mind that were different from anything i had before as they appeared through a kind of white light in my mind and in the light were people including my grandfather and they keep showing me words and pictures like messages, i can clearly remember these images unlike daydreaming and have tested on other people and the response has been both good and bad as certain things ive described to people have been spot on and yet other things didn’t make much sense. I have never been to spiritualist church and have kept this to myself and family


  11. Katie O'Neill

    I keep having dreams of loved ones that have passed on. And in those dreams I have full fledged conversations with them. Am I a medium in some way shape or form? Or is this my sub conscience reminding me how much I miss them?
    But even before I started having these dreams, I started hearing unknown voices calling my name from unknown places. I would also think of a song or a movie that I haven’t seen in a long time, and suddenly, they are being played on t.v. or the radio. Is this just a coincidence, or do I possess some kind of psychic ability?


  12. Wow I realy don’t know but I sometimes feel like someone is behind me or with me can you explain that to me cause I find it scary sometimes


  13. What do you do?? can things be sent to a mediumt that never were before ?? I really don’t know what to do, I don’t want to read about it because I don’t want that to be a sign of me embracing it and weirder things hapen. At times I feel my kids dads presence, he pissed away 10 months ago we were together for over 6 years and had a hard breakup. Through the years we had known each other I had never received a letter addressing me with his last name besides the fact we were never married and he did marry someone else after we broke up the first time I thought it was odd. The first letter I thought was odd because we had got back together around this time but I ignored it. well a few weeks later I get another letter addressed to me with his last name and coincidently it was on the same day we found out I was pregnant with our disabled daughter which he had a hard time dealing with and he was not involved with her. She has had a lot of health problems and sometimes when I’m crying I feel like a weight on my shoulders as if someone had their arm around my back it so overwhelming and real at times I don’t know if it is what I’m thinking or if I’m going crazy.


  14. Hi, i really need help i have experienced a lot of things i have even had dream with.people I’ve never in my life met. They have asked me to go with them but their dead. I have really seen a man in my old apartment . I’ve heard a baby cry in the night it sound it as it was beside me. I hear noises and feel as if i been watched .


  15. Lorraine,
    What is your intuition on tarot card reading? I started to learn this a few years ago but now get the feeling it is not safe. I found your site after googling “seeing faces at night” because I always see faces at night when I lay down to bed unless I try hard and turn it off. I’ve bought your book which I’m sure will help. Thanks for guidance.


  16. Sorry need to say please email me back on that one


  17. Dear readers

    as my life is coming more stongerI was wondering bcuz I have been interested in spirits I have been through one event in my life that I have witnessed 4 spirits that at the time made me feel cold and at one point I could hear them they where in pain I could feel it in my heart as I have only had one really close relative die he had gone in the after life but these 4 I want to help.


  18. Charlie Rurick

    Love it Lorraine! This article reminds me of how I came to finally accept who I really am and where my destiny lies. Mediumship came really natural for me and I had to seek answers to find out why I was experiencing so many things that didn’t make sense to me. I have friends that seek gifts in this work but never fully progress much because life has given them other gifts and talents.

    I have been very successful in my regular career and never intended to go the route of mediumship. You just don’t seek it . It seeks you until you accept it.


  19. hi lorraine
    i have just read your blog on natural mediums, i now think that i am that person ,ive done my level best to ignore it for this long (im 48 )but i cant keep most of it in ,and with the odd person its coming at me at such a rate i cant help myself,my problem is ive never been or had anything todo with this side of life ,im not sure what to do really ,confused in which way to go is i think the best way to explain it , any advice would be really great thanks lorraine


  20. Things happen to me all the time… Since I was a kid I could see things my guardian couldnt. As I got older, these “things” got stronger… I would hear my name being called, I would get weird premonitions in my dreams and they would come true! And not to mention the way I could feel peoples emotions. Once I was a teen, again these things got stronger. I remember being with a boyfriend and looking out of the side of the road… and I remember a blank feeling in my mind, and I just said “something is fixing to happen with trash”. Crazy right? why would someone say something so random…anyway.. 5-10 mins later, while driving down the road (out in the country there were hills everywhere & no street lights) we came over the top of a hill and at the bottom, really hard to see, was a LOAD of trash.. Luckily my boyfriend slowed just in time, but if he hadnt paid attention, we couldve wrecked. I mean it looked like a dump truck had literally lost a LOAD of trash. That was the craziest experience… I had a dream about my daughter before she was even concieved. I dunno.. i stumble across this blog because I wanted an explanation. People tell me I am crazy all the time, so now that I am in my twenties I feel its time to understand what I have learn to hide from others. Just recently, my fiancee found out about these things… He pieced together so many strange things that have happened that I have blanked out and said-ugh no matter how hard I would try and hide it this always happens- Just recently, we had been expecting a package from UPS . I was doing some schoolwork for one of my online college classes, and I got a quick jolt and hopped up, dropped my laptop on the ground, and screamed UPS is here! omg I gave my fiancee a heart attack. I ran outside and UPS was just pulling up. Keep in mind I live in the city now, and there was no way for me to see him pulling up into our driveway (I was in our bedroom which has no windows.)
    I read this blog, and it sang out to me. It said “One thing I can assure you all, if you are a natural, you are left in no doubt at all.” That gave me the biggest chill bumps, because I have never truly doubted my gift, but have allowed others to influence my confidence in myself. So many years of people calling me crazy weird, and strange… when I knew what I was capable of the whole time.


  21. Why couldn’t she be? To be honest, it could be natural ability or it could be she’s ill, but without knowing her or more than you say I couldn’t possibly tell you. Have you read the book? Reading it may give you some more insight as it is written for that very purpose. You might also like to come and join one of the pages I have just set up on Facebook. Maybe you and others can talk together about it as talking to others in the same situation often helps a lot. It is being so alone in these matters that makes us feel so isolated.


  22. StephanieBurnettt

    My sister just turned 16 and she thinks she’s a medium.she has an anxiety attack the day before it started…apparently he met another medium and gave her a reading about her dad..says she sees dead people and can hear it possible?.. Nobody in my family believes she is and thinks she’s going legit anything I can do to get her out of it? I think she just convinced herself..she can’t really be one can she??…


  23. im a natural and I pushed away my medium abilities my whole life. Thinking i was crazy but always ended up being right. Now that i am 44 I’m not so afraid. I pass people and wonder if the voice is true that the person that died wants me to talk.. Its hard because I’m not confident I still think its crazy.


  24. PS, I’ll join up on facebook as soon as I can! Thanks. Dave


  25. Lorraine, no problem, I had almost finished A Sceptical Medium, when I posted my request! Having finished it, I found the section about about having my story in the book! So if you have no objections I’ll submit my experiences there, to be dealt with, if selected, in the fullness of time? I fully understand that you are busy and will see what happens? If it is meant to happen it will! Hopefully try for an email reading with you, as and when possible, if you ever get all the rest finished? Good luck with the books!
    Just starting A Guides guide…. tonight, will fifnish that and then re-read both! Keep up the good work, God bless you and good night. Dave


  26. Hello Dave. I am so sorry, but I haver had to pull back on that just at the moment as I have just written 2 books and one needs editing and the other formatting for publication. Have you read any of my books as most people say they answer most of their questions for them? I’m afraid at the moment, the time it takes to read long e-mails and answer them in depth is out of the question as I’m already working from 7.30 am right through till midnight most nights. I do hope you understand? So sorry xx

    Maybe when I have these books sorted? If you would like to join one of my closed and secret groups on Facebook where everyone helps each other, please let me know and I can add you, No one outside of the group can see who is in t or what they say x


  27. Advice needed! I have had various experiences over the past 20 years, which have brought me believe, that Spirit wants me to “work”? I can if you wish, email you with the details of these experiences, but do not want to go into greater detail, here. I hpe this is not wasting your time? Regards, Dave.


  28. im having trouble believing all this but some weird stuff has happened to me for a long time i no im not crazy i event went to a doctor but for the first time i seen a face like looking at a photo i don’t no who he was but felt very calm i did see a red like growth before he came am i crazy


  29. Hi Wanda. The answer is – you don’t do a thing. If you are naturally gifted, it will all happen as naturally as that did. The fact you say something tried to get you to go the other way to work and you didn’t shows you are aware and naturally protected because you are not forcing things. The ones who have problems are those who force trying to become mediums – hence all their weird rituals.
    If it’s meant to be, it will happen naturally as and when it is meant to happen – we don’t go around doing it all day every day – that isn’t what it’s for. Come and join us on the group page if you’d like to chat to like-minded people. xx


  30. Wanda Swartling-Valle

    I was in a serious accident and had quite a blow to my head. I began feeling different, like people or sometimes bad things were around me. I haven’t spoken much about this to anyone. One day my best friend & I were talking about his Father’s death and I told him that he was his Father’s favorite & that he has tried to contact him but he is too closed off to hear him. His Father passed away about 8 yrs ago. I told him why his Father left the money to everyone the way he did & that his older brother & his Father don’t get along at all. His older brother is very angry about how the money was divided up when his Father passed. That blew his mind away! He said he has had a couple of dreams about him & he is telling him the same thing I did about the money. My friend was in shock because there is no way I could know all that, I was shocked that I even let it out of my mouth! He said he thinks his Father was speaking through me. I don’t know….I feel & sense things that other people don’t & I don’t talk about it. I can feel things about people just by looking at them, it’s hard to explain. I can tell when there are spirits around, I can feel them. I have felt bad/angry spirits & once I felt something really evil and it tried for a couple of months to get me, to join Satan’s side if that makes any sense! Anyway, what do I do now?? Please advise.


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