Video For All in the Media to Watch

It is time the other side of mediumship was heard in my opinion and I would love nothing more than to be the one to voice it. For too long now, we have had to put up with the sometimes ghastly demonstrations of mediumship seen on our television screens or in our theatres. Yes, I know there are thousands – nay, hundreds of thousands who love this sort of thing, but it isn’t real mediumship.

The media are brilliant at saying they have to show two sides to everything they report these days, so how come they don’t show the side I’m trying desperately to have heard and seen? I have tried television stations, magazines, radio and newspapers and they all say no before they’ve heard what I have to say. They close their mind immediately and say they have enough people already. Well they don’t actually; they don’t have one coming at it from this side of the fence.

I am sick of the doom and gloom of Colin Fry who sounds like death is the worst thing in the world and that the end is nigh, the daft voices of Sally Morgan that are creepy quite frankly and all I can say is thank God for the Gordon Smith and John Edward types we see as they are the most normal. I have named a couple of each I like and dislike, but that is personal preference. It just amazes me though, that television is happy to show this theatrical and nonsensical display of what is meant to pass for real mediumship without allowing a voice to be heard from someone who wants to say, ‘No, this is not what it’s about.’

To that end, I have today made a new video aimed at the media asking for them to take note of someone who’d like to teach the proper ways of mediumship and the dangers involved with playing with it. I’ve put it here too and hope you also enjoy what I have to say. If you do agree, please, please, please, put the link on your pages wherever they may be, or tell your friends about it too. The more it is seen, the more chance we have of getting this message over. Thank you.

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