How To Know If You’re a Medium – New Book

How To Know If You’re A Medium 

(Now available to buy for details see at end of this post)

This evening, I decided to upload a part of my new book to a writing site called, Authonomy. It is a site for writers and run by Harper Collins. I doubt I’ll leave it up there for very long as I want to keep it under wraps for now hence I’m only showing a small part of it. It isn’t in order as I have left out the entire introduction, taken bits out here and there and only uploaded the required amount for it to be seen. If you want a sneak preview of part of the book you can CLICK HERE  I would love you to leave comments about what you think and you can do so on this post or on Authonomy, but you might have to register with them to do so. SINCE WRITING THIS, THE BOOK HAS NOW BEEN DELETED FROM THAT WRITING SITE

Registering there isn’t a bad idea if you like reading, as you can get to read a lot of books just being written by authors at their early stages and can even leave comments to help them change things to improve it whilst still at the writing stage. Most interesting it is too. To read mine, you will see the numbers 1, 2 and 3 at the top of the writing and you just need to click on them in order to read the next page. Hope you like it, happy reading, Lorraine x


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