Mediums/Psychics – Real or Fake

I am putting this post up again as so many people seem to still be putting the title into their search engines every day. Maybe you haven’t seen it before either.


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There are quite a few people who come to my blog having put the title of this post into their search engines. It is wonderful to see so many people starting to question about this. Sadly, there are many people throughout the world pretending to be mediums or fully developed psychics and they prey on the vulnerable for two main reasons. One is to make money out of them and the second is to make themselves feel important or different thereby gaining recognition and attention.

There are simple guidelines to go by to help you decide whether a medium might be fake or genuine, but sometimes some are just plain egotistical and greedy. I added the latter onto the fake or genuine, because the sad fact is not all people who are naturally gifted mediums are honest or decent with only your interests at heart. They should be but some who start off being genuine and honest can go to the wrong places and be taught it is ok to make big money out of all of this. It is alright to charge for one’s time or services, but by charging we mean reasonable amounts and not silly ones.

So how can you tell the differences? It isn’t always easy, but some basic guidelines are as follows:

* Are their charges quite (or very) high

* Do they let you talk all the time during a reading

* Do they charge for absent healing 

* Do they ask you lots of questions before they start

* Do they talk in a strange way or put on daft voices

*Do they talk about mediumship in a dramatic or weird way

*Do they make you feel uncomfortable or unsure

If you answer yes to any of the above then find another medium. A medium who is natural born and good at their work will not allow you to tell them things until after the reading. They will never charge for absent healing – and usually not for any other type either. Their charges for a reading should be reasonable and not too high. If they exceed £50 (UK) that is high enough and in my eyes already too much. The average price for a GOOD reading from a true medium is usually no more than £30 – £40 maximum. I have heard people saying that if a medium or psychic charges a lot, it must mean they’re good. It means no such thing, it just means they are greedy and ego is their God.

Some might offer different readings at different prices. This should only be a choice of two – psychic or mediumistic. Psychic is akin to fortune telling and works using energy of the person or object held, whilst a mediumistic reading is connecting with the spirit world (this will usually also incorporate a bit of psychic work too). The prices charged should still not exceed the guidelines I’ve already given as many will try to say they are doing all sorts of wondrous things to justify high charges; they will often  say they are connecting in a special way – this again is nonsense and ego talking.  All mediums connect with the spirit world and none is better than another – just different.

They should be friendly and open but will ask you not to speak to them about anything or anyone until after your reading. They should only allow yes or no answers during it or possibly a ‘maybe’ and will only allow you to expand or explain about anything they’ve told you after they have finished the reading or that particular part of it.

One thing they will also never do, is allow you to come back for another reading within 6 months. There is no need for readings frequently and if they let you, they are only after your money. Those may be very basic guidelines, but they are some to watch out for. Trust your gut feeling and try to find out from as many people as you can about the medium first. Mind you, that isn’t always necessarily a help either as people are often taken in by hearing what they want to hear rather than the truth. A good reading gives what you need and not what you want.

There are stories I’ve heard about charges that horrify me. Just because a medium or psychic is said to be good at what they do and is very busy doesn’t mean they are allowed to up their prices to huge sums. A medium is meant to be good and if their reading isn’t a good one they shouldn’t charge at all. Becoming popular or well-known is not a reason to charge far more so avoid people who do this as there are other mediums out there just as good who aren’t charging a lot.  I have even heard of some well-known mediums charging between £1,500 and £6,000 for a private reading. All readings in my eyes should be private, but to charge that just because you are now well-known? You tell me that isn’t ego at work – that isn’t working for the good of helping others.

If you feel uncomfortable with the medium or psychic you go to in any way this is another reason to find someone else. It could just be personality clash or the fact the medium or psychic concerned is full of their own self-importance and feels superior to those they’re seeing as if they’re doing everyone a favour; believe me, there are plenty around like that. No mediums should talk in strange voices, talk of connecting with wondrous beings, put on dramatics of any kind or frighten you by their behaviour.

There is one psychic I know of who has an incredible reputation, is fully booked for months in advance and yet she guesses at most of what she says, generalises a lot in a clever way, repeats the same things to every 4 out of 10 people and basically is not very good at all.  What she is so good at is letting them talk non stop though and has a good 5 minute conversation at the start of the reading and with them doing all the talking as they’re nervous. She gets enough information from that initial start that she can turn it all around to sound different making it look like she got it herself by reading them.

That is what to watch out for. If you don’t talk about anything other than the weather or other things nothing to do with you or your life, your medium or psychic can’t get anything from you. Then you can see if they are really getting it from energy or spirit or not. Remember, you do not want generalisations that could fit anyone, you want specifics.

Generalisations would be:

Your gran liked sausages (most people do)

Your mum loved flowers (name a woman who doesn’t)

They liked music (don’t most people?)

They had a favourite chair (so have I, so have lots of people)

Specifics would be

Your gran loved the little hand made sausages that came from her own butcher. She wouldn’t eat any others but those that came from his shop would she

Your mum loved yellow roses. She is holding some now and showing me they are all around her. She liked flowers in general, but she’s showing me these were what she really loved and that yellow roses in particular mean something to her.

Music was very important to your grandfather, he put it on really loudly as soon as he got up every day. It drove your gran mad especially as she hated his taste in music and although they always got on well, that is one thing they used to have frequent rows about.

Why am I seeing a green chair. I think it is leather. It is very comfortable looking and stands next to a window overlooking a park where children are playing. There is a blanket over one arm and a table on the other side of the chair that’s away from the window. Someone who has passed used to sit in that chair every day and they’re now telling me no one sits in it anymore as they feel it is still his.

See the differences? Being greedy or egotistical doesn’t necessarily mean a medium is a fake, but that behaviour is still not acceptable either.It might be only rough guidelines, but I hope it’s helped a little in when you next choose a psychic or medium and that those few tips help you find a genuine one.

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6 responses to “Mediums/Psychics – Real or Fake

  1. Dear Lorraine,

    you were writing “a genuine medium or pychic can read your photograph from anywhere in the world without knowing a thing about you”. So I would like to ask you if you can recommend anybody wherever for a mediumistic counseling – just one person that to you seems trustworthy. Or – do you yourself still do mediumistic counseling sessions? I have to ask because I did not find information about it here.


  2. Pingback: readings

  3. something of value is hidden in my house or on the property. Is it possible for you to find it? Bob


  4. I’m afraid I don’t know of any, but their charges are one indication and also if they let you speak more than yes or no before or during a reading. The more business like they are, the less compassionate and genuine they’re likely to be. I also wouldn’t personally go to anyone who says they’re a spiritualist as they are man made and ALL do it exactly the same way. That said, some are naturally gifted and genuinely good people. Sorry I can’t help more just some guidelines. xx
    PS you don’t have to stick to Dundee – a genuine medium or pychic can read your photograph from anywhere in the world without knowing a thing about you – good luck xx


  5. hugh mcmurchie

    i stay in dundee, is there one you can recommend for me please as i dont want to be conned,


  6. visionsfromthe3rdeye

    Thank you so much Lorraine for all you do and all of the information that you pass on! I so love you!! As a natural medium I have struggled with charging people for readings especially when Spirit tells me to raise my rates. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often but the last time they told me to raise them I set the date for the raise and was booked solid for the next 2 weeks. But I gave the the old price even after the price raise date and EVERY single reading for the 2nd week cancelled because I didn’t do what Spirit had ask me. Once I stayed firm with the price, the clients came back. For me it is not about ego, it is honoring what Spirit tells me to do, whether I always like it or not.
    Before I do ANY reading, I ask Spirit if I am the person to help them. If I am told to refer them to someone else I immediately give the potential client the referred name! No matter if I need the money or not.. That is NOT my call! It is about working in service to other people!! ALWAYS!
    And I so agree with you about only doing a reading for someone every 6 months! (You said 6 months but I think every 3 to 6 months) Because really, what changes in your world every week??? Not enough for a reading!
    Again, sweetie, Thank you for the service that you provide in calling out those that only serve themselves instead of serving Others!! Its about helping not harming!


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