What Spiritual Changes Are we Likely to See?

Every time I go to speak lately, I am given words I had no intention of writing as it seems someone else talks through me. It would appear as though I am working by channelling again more and more now and below is an answer to a question posed to me by someone who reads this blog. I read the words given to me with as much interest as you do and, as usual, your comments on their meaning are warmly received. You will see I am starting to speak and then I appear to have someone talking through me as it suddenly changes.

As I have said before, there is no way we can know where we get this information from for sure. Are we taken over by the spirit world? I don’t know, but I believe I am as I have no idea what I’m writing at the time and it stops suddenly when there is no more to say. I feel someone with me while it is happening and these days, I feel they are with me almost constantly and have a strong feeling I am going to be one of the ones put to work in earnest when the time comes.

For those who think that sounds rather grandiose, yes, it does and I apologise for it, but some are chosen to do this work and I appear to be one of the many they talk about. Maybe my use will be over in this way very soon and maybe it won’t. I might even be used far more in other ways. Only they know that and it is for me to wait to find out. For now, see what you think about what is said below.

“What changes are we likely to see happening in the spiritual world is something I was asked after my last blog post. I only know what I am told and what I believe to be happening, but the information I and others like me are receiving and judging by Ann’s pictures, I would say it is pretty obvious what is going to happen. There are new ways opening up before us all now and the old ways are being shown to have allowed in much negative energy that has been let loose on the world and those in it. (That was me speaking, from now on, it appears to be someone else). All of this is set to change as those who have been chosen to spread the words of the spirit world are now having doors opened for them.

The ones who have abused their gifts will see them being taken away from them all together. Some are already seeing this happen and others have already lost them completely and yet still pretend to have them as it is making them money in the extreme. Others are finding their gifts are waning and they are struggling to cope with the work they once handled so well.

The ones who wish to learn how to use these gifts will also struggle as they too are shown that now is the time for those with the stronger powers within them to help lead the way and show where others have gone wrong. They are to help teach what needs to be done to save those who are to be saved. None of this is to happen overnight and will take many years to be fulfilled, but already it starts. The outcome will not be seen in your time, but the work has started and the ways are beginning to open up for our words to be heard. Be ready for big changes to come. Be ready for those who have once stood proud to be seen to fall and be ready for others to rise up in their places.

Now is the time this starts and it starts in earnest. It will not be achieved in this lifetime of yours and will take a long long time to come to fruition, but the work is now to start to change things around for the better. Many will be lost along the way, but others will be found. For those who stand firm and help in our tasks the rewards are to be many when you come to where we are now. Your struggles have been witnessed by us and we thank you for persevering and standing firm in your beliefs and for agreeing to help us in this almighty task”. 

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