God and Spiritual Healing

Here is a question sent to me from someone in America and my answer that I thought you might all find interesting:

Q: The first question is one that likely all developing healers have, and also those to whom they offer healing. Many believe that God has the power to heal anyone and anything at any time. He receives many prayers asking for healing. That said, why does he use/need living human beings as instruments for the delivery of his healing grace? Why does he use/need
spirit helpers to carry out the healing?

 These are important questions, because they affect the credibility of natural healers in the eyes of the public. The argument goes something like this: If God is all powerful, then He should be able to heal directly without a human or spirit intermediary. Therefore, so-called healers must be fake.

I realize that these are questions that we probably cannot answer with any certainty, but I wanted to get your thoughts on this, and how one can respond to this argument.

A:  Thanks for the good question. I too have been asked the same things, that if we believe in God, why does He need to use us when He can heal direct Himself. The reason seems quite clear to me – I believe it is so those who don’t believe in Him, His healing power or just in something or someone far greater than us, can see for themselves that maybe there is something else at work apart from just mankind.

I have had times whilst doing healing that sceptics have approached me and said they thought it was all a load of nonsense and that I was just deluding myself and those who came to me by preying on those who were suffering so I could make money from it and make myself feel important. Their first surprise is when I tell them I don’t charge for healing, never have and never will. They will sometimes then tell me if I am any good, I will be able to tell them what’s wrong with them.

I never do that as I am not medically qualified to do so, but what I can do, is tell them I can find where their problem is without them telling me. After the usual smirk of disbelief they challenge me with a haughty, ‘Go on then.’ Once I find the area with no prompting they are usually very surprised but composing themselves quickly, then  challenge me to heal them.

Again I say there are no guarantees but if they are open minded, I will try to help if I can. It is when they feel the heat without me touching them that they get their last surprise and is when a total sceptic often starts to question whether maybe there is something in what I have said about God and His healing after all.

It is from this happening that I have seen many sceptics change their thinking and become more receptive to the fact God might well exist and if He does, maybe people like me can help after all. The only ones this will never work with is the hard bitten sceptics with totally closed minds. These are people who just don’t want to believe anyone about anything in life they don’t approve of or like – not just in this field.

It is pointless even discussing matters with people like that and they are well left alone as they’ll argue with their own shadow. A healthy sceptic is a different matter and can often be brought into God’s loving fold after seeing or experiencing a healer at work. Those who once believed in nothing but the here and now and who had no hope of being helped through prayer because they never offered one, will often start to question and wonder that maybe, just maybe there is something after this world after all; that maybe there is a God who might help sometimes.

It is lovely to see someone with no hope or belief blossom and turn to prayer believing God might answer them in some way no matter how small. I explain God always answers us, but not always the way we want it to be. The fact they have seen or felt what can be experienced in a healing session though is enough for them to know there is something at work that cannot be explained by mankind. That is why I think some of us are used as instruments for God to work through – so we can help reach those who otherwise would ignore Him.


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