Can Anyone be a Psychic – or Medium?

It depends what you mean by that. Yes, we are all psychic anyway, but no, you can’t all be mediums unless you want to take the risk of working with low energies. Natural mediums are born as are psychics. Anyone needing to go to years of classes and workshops to learn to try to have any connection with the spirit world is not a natural medium even though they say they are.

Natural mediums are born having things happen to them all their lives. If they go to workshops run by other natural mediums they will have those experiences recognised, talked about and b given help to understand what is happening to them. They will also be shown how to listen to their spirit helpers and guides who are the only teachers in this subject. Man cannot teach anyone to be a medium, they can only help you to understand what you are being told or shown.

Psychics never contact the spirit world despite most man made mediums saying they can – they can’t. Psychic work is pure energy, mediumship is a mix of energy but mainly spirit. If people are born with it all happening naturally, they deal with only the highest level of spirit activity and guides, those who force it are often dealing with things that can deceive and cause mischief and upset, which is why so many will tell you stories of things they have experienced and will impress upon you the need for fancy protection rituals that mean nothing.

Every person walks their own path and they all have their own ideas and beliefs which is what makes the world go around. Sadly, the people who have to force themselves to try and learn to be mediums have no realisation that isn’t how all people have to do it though. They believe as they can force it and get certain results, this is what all people have to do and they call this being natural mediums and say all people are born with it. That is very wrong. It is because they haven’t had natural experiences and have no understanding of them that they don’t recognise there are many people throughout the world who have everything happen naturally and who don’t have to do what they do to get results.

Sensitives are born and not made. Sensitives can be mediums and healers and they can be many other things too – we are not restricted to only doing readings. Sensitives who are not naturally gifted with mediumship are people who are very spiritual in their lives without the need to force things they know not to mess with. They serve mankind, animals and the world we live in in other ways and are happy to do so. We can’t all be the same and do the same as each other so why are so many trying to be?

Learn to find what your own gifts are and develop and use them to the best of your ability without feeling you need to take someone else’s as your own. By doing that, you are devaluing yourself and your own abilities by thinking you are not special or important enough unless you do something you admire or see in others and want to have for yourself. Stand up for you and who you are. Don’t feel you are a lesser person because you don’t have another person’s gifts you might yearn after. Seek within to find your own and you will become a more satisfied and whole person because you did. While you live your life only ever seeking and yearning for those gifts given to another, you will continue to search for many years and never find true peace or happiness.

Be true to yourself, cherish the gifts God chose especially for you in His wisdom and nurture them, work on them and make yourself the person He wanted you to be, not the person you think you want or think you should be. Only by doing this will you find your true self. By copying another person you are living their life rather than your own and this is why you continue for many years searching, seeking and never finding what it is you’re after. You are special, give yourself permission to believe that and start living your life from today and not someone else’s.

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4 responses to “Can Anyone be a Psychic – or Medium?

  1. No, you DON’T appreciate my comments at all as you’re coming our with the usual rubbish of all trained spiritualists and yet mixing it with pagan beliefs too. Very confusing path you’re on it would appear.
    We are not all equal and only someone with man made teachings would say so. Common sense and and just taking a look at life would show we aren’t. I laugh each time someone says that as it is such a ludicrous statement made by every spiritualist or person basing their beliefs on something that has only been in existence for 100 years! So as we are all equal, we are all A class students, we are all rich and there are no poor. The reason being, we’re all bosses with no staff, because if we’re all equal we work at the same level with the same ability and earn the same money as each other in the same trade and so the world basically has just ceased to exist because there are no opposites – according to the law of spiritualist teachings. How silly all of us who can see beyond this narrow brainwashing thought pattern are. Thanks for enlightening us all. I wonder what did happen to all those people who survived so well BEFORE the spiritualist movement came on the scene and how they were mediums with no training and how they survived without all being “equal”?


  2. I appreciate your opinions and your explanations – I do have a couple of concerns though, first this thing about psychics not being able to talk with spirit – working with Spirit does not require one to be either a Medium or Physic – second is all things are energy, including spirit – anyone who works with energy is capable of working with Spirit – not all use Tarot cards, yet they are a tool, not all use smoke and mirrors, yet they are tools, not all work with spirit guides and angels, yet they are also tools, not all pray, yet that also is a tool – whatever tool is chosen to connect with Source, Oneness, God/Goddess, Great Spirit is a valid media, just as any other tool – just as you said, “Learn to find what your own gifts are and develop and use them to the best of your ability without feeling you need to take someone else’s as your own.” is really all the evidence needed to prove that making a distinction between a tool chosen or this Psychic vs Medium concept is invalid. We are all equal and not only entitled to communicate with Spirit our own way, it is also our responsibility to do so. Thanks for your blog and posts <3


  3. Thank you. I felt I could almost hear you reading the article out loud. I learned alot.


  4. you are right, everyone is psychic as that is just one’s sixth sense and this can be built on and developed. Again as you rightly say, there are many different levels of ability and awareness though so all will vary immensely


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