Psychic or Mediumistic Readings

Psychic readings will often see people using cards whether tarot, angel, ordinary packs or others of their choice, but are they really needed to conduct a reading? Not usually no. If someone is very psychically aware, they shouldn’t need to use a thing in order to do a reading for you. They can just look at you and read you using your energy. Mediumistic readings usually don’t see anyone using anything at all as they just sit with you and they’re off and running. Psychic readings should and could be exactly the same but there is often a difference in the people who do the two different ways and in the people who come to them.

If someone is just a psychic (which means reading from energy and never connecting with spirit) then they might not be able to read you as they aren’t very psychically aware and so will need cards to tell them things. I have seen some pretty dire card readings from those who have been taught by others who were not very gifted at all. They say the strangest things when reading cards and often pick out all the colours they can see in it and tell you the colours mean something individual to you. These are the worst types of reading I have ever seen in my life and are done by people with little or no ability but who are setting themselves up as ‘fortune tellers’ because they want to be, not because they are.

There are others though who do excellent readings using cards and these are the ones who most probably don’t need to use them at all and only have them for one of two reasons.The first is they use them as a focus – something just to help them focus their mind onto the task at hand and often, the cards they pick will be nothing like what they tell you. The time taken to shuffle them and look at them is all it takes to link into your energy and then they can read you and often say things totally different from the cards they pull. These are the people who are truly gifted and who should be working in this field. The other reason some use them is because people coming to us expect to see us use something.

Because they are so used to seeing fortune tellers (clairvoyants) use crystal balls or cards for a reading they think that’s the only way it can be done. They used to think I couldn’t do a proper reading because I wasn’t using anything and so I bought angel cards just to appease future people coming to me and was seen to look like I was using them. It can help to put their energy on the cards or whatever else you use, but a good psychic shouldn’t need that to work so don’t be surprised if you go to one and find they use nothing or don’t ask you to hold or handle what they do use. They are probably the most gifted of the lot. Everyone works a different way to another and as long as you don’t get the slow, methodical, ‘you have blue on this card so that must mean…type of reading chances are it’s a proper good psychic – just make sure it is pertinent to you and not generalised and do not talk during or before the reading or you’ll give them things to work on.

Psychometry is when the psychic or medium holds an object and reads the energy from it. This is a totally different way of working psychically again and needs a pretty good psychic to do it well and accurately as those with little ability will often struggle with this. There can be things wrapped up for them to hold to work from and not visible to the eye, this can often be a real test as some will be able to tell you what is in there even though they can’t see or feel a shape to get a clue.

Mediumistic readings are different as we are working with the spirit world and not energy as psychics do. A psychic isn’t a medium, but mediums are always very highly tuned psychics. We often read both ways when people come to us or even when doing them online as we are able to connect with your energy just because you’ve made contact with us. The way a medium works will mainly be mediumistically as we give information about those in spirit, but at times through the reading we will often work psychically as well picking up on your energy as we read for you. A truly good mediumistic reading will often consist of both, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. I only ever work online now from photographs sent to me – that way no one can feed me any information and this way they get a true reading. From time to time a medium will do purely psychic readings as well for those who need help in other ways and not just to hear from loved ones.

There are other ways people need comfort and a good psychic reading can help with this. One thing most of us will never do though, is the fortune telling style readings. These are done for those who just love going to fortune tellers and who go from one to the other hoping you’ll tell them how to live their lives and who want to hear what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. They keep going all the time as they are not content with their lives and are constantly searching. A reputable psychic or medium would refuse to do a reading for anyone who has had one in the last six months as those going more often are not living their lives, they’re hoping you’ll tell them how to and what decisions to make and they will make everything fit.

As you all know, no reading is ever guaranteed and there are times we come across people we just cannot read for. It doesn’t happen often but it can be for a variety of reasons. It could be the medium or psychic is over working or ill and so they are shut down in order to make them rest and this does happen, believe me. Or, it could be you are not meant to have a reading that day for whatever reason. It could even be that medium cannot read for you and we have no idea why this happens but it can and has done to me. There is one lady in particular who always wants me to read for her and I have never managed it to this day. Everyone else can read her, but I can’t. Don’t ask me why, it’s one of those mysteries we aren’t meant to know.

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5 responses to “Psychic or Mediumistic Readings

  1. Hi Lorraine. I really enjoyed reading this and I can totally relate to what you say. I collect tarot and oracle decks simply because I like the different imagery and now have maybe about 30 decks. I do mediumistic readings but occasionally I’ll get out a tarot or oracle deck if a friend feels more comfortable having something visual for them to focus on and feel at ease. But as you say I’m not giving a reading based on the cards but from what I am told by spirit.


  2. If it is a really good highly developed psychic or medium then no, they don’t need anything to do a reading.


  3. Medium Online

    So most of the time, what the card shows doesn’t actually mean anything? It’s all your own interpretation?


  4. Selenah Awrin

    Erg I mean they don’t realize I’m not really using them (the cards). Sorry I dunno why that was typed and not what I had meant.


  5. Selenah Awrin

    Most of the time I’m more accurate if I don’t really pay attention to cards but I have them because people always want them. They don’t always realize I’m not going after them. Probably the reason why I do oracle and not tarot cus tarot confuses me.


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