Are You Really A Natural Medium?

Are you really a natural medium or do you just think you are because you’re confused? There are different paths to be taken in life and one is that of mediumship. We all know about the mediums seen in groups or churches set up all over the world and most of these are being taught by man with many man-made teachings that are nothing resembling how natural mediums behave or work. Since starting my groups, writing my books and doing talks, I am seeing far more people now becoming aware there are two different types of medium; those made by man who wish to develop to a certain level and those born that way and who God made.

There can be excellent man-made mediums, but the majority seen waving certificates around are absolutely dire and it is this the spirit world wish to see changed. They want the standards of mediumship raised and to have natural mediums brought to the fore and recognised with teachings suited to help their development. Instead, they are presently pushed into man-made teachings that often curb their full ability and potential as limitations are put in place on what man says they can and can’t do in order to be given a certificate.

For a start, no natural medium needs a certificate to work, That is a man-made rule and there is no earthly (or unearthly) reason for it, but people not born with the gifts cannot understand there are those who do it all naturally and in far more ways than they are teaching about. For those given the gifts by God it is an insult to not just the mediums and healers concerned, but against God as man says he is better than Him. The man made’s often refuse to acknowledge we exist, but we do and there are many of us.

Some who are joining my groups, reading my books or this blog often find themselves confused at first wondering which they are. Are they natural mediums or man-made or are they just supporters of what we are and do? There is quite an easy way to tell if one is a natural medium or not though. If by reading my books everything falls into place and you know 100% they are describing you, then most likely you are a Sensitive or natural medium. If they leave you feeling confused, then you aren’t, as what we experience, often others cannot understand at all as it is beyond their comprehension.

Consider it like an autistic child who is highly gifted. A box containing thousands of tiny items can be dropped on the floor and at a glance the autistic child or adult can say exactly how many items there are without counting them. How do they do it? We have no idea as it is beyond our comprehension, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen as it does. It is no different with natural mediumship. We cannot explain it, but things happen to us than man cannot explain no matter how much he tries.

All of us is born psychic and some use the ability, some ignore it totally saying it’s rubbish and others will have a very developed use of it and this is where more confusion can lie with those who have been to many classes, workshops or the like for developing mediumship in man-made classes and who are told they are now mediums. Having read all I write, they will be able to recall experiences they had growing up that are purely psychic and confuse some of it with natural mediumistic experiences as some can be similar or even the same. Because they have developed their mediumship abilities to a certain degree with rituals, this can lead them to believe they too must be Sensitives.

They then try to walk two paths by sticking with their man-made classes, but also trying to walk the natural route and eventually find they can’t – none of us can walk two different paths at once and we will one day realise we have to make a choice which of the two we take. Natural mediums go through a very confusing time when developing as they realise no books, classes or churches understand them or what they experience. When they find my books and groups they feel they have come ‘home’ as suddenly everything fits. I make sure we keep the talk and teachings pure mediumship in all I do as it helps them to unlearn all the man-made things they have been taught and their mind is cleared. If the two ways are mixed, they cannot be helped properly so I am very strict with this part of my work.

My duty as a teacher chosen to do this work is to the people the spirit world want me to help. There is plenty of help for those who just decide one day they want to be mediums and there is none for the others except for what I’m doing. One day the media will wake up to the fact that all they show on their screens now isn’t the whole picture and there is a far more exciting group of people out there they could be talking about and showing to the world. I hope to see these much needed changes as what I am teaching and doing becomes better known, so that more people can receive the real help they deserve in order for their unique gifts to be recognised.

All are welcome in my groups as long as they respect the guidelines which are set out for them to read at the start. It is their choice after seeing this whether they stay or go. During the infant stage of showing the world there are natural mediums, there will be people who come and go and I’m sure this will continue as people dip their toes in the water and out again. Some will be fascinated and enjoy watching what we do or discuss amongst ourselves. Maybe they too are Sensitives but working in other ways that aren’t mediumistic but equally as important. Others will believe themselves natural mediums and hope to learn more by being with us only to eventually find they really aren’t and there will be some who truly are the real deal. Each of these people will have benefited from passing through our family in whatever way was suited to them at the time they were with us. Even if it is just to teach and show them the path they really need to be on isn’t the natural way it means they have been helped.

If you have recognised yourself in the books I write as being you without any doubt in your mind, if you feel all the guidance given in the strict way I do it (because it’s aimed purely at true mediumship) resonates with you and you are happy with it, then you are probably a natural born medium or healer. If any of what I do causes unrest or doubt in your mind, then it isn’t your path just as your path isn’t ours. If no matter what people say against us you stay and stick to the path then you are obviously meant to be there. If however, you are swayed by what others say and teach and it causes doubt in your mind then you most probably aren’t suited to natural mediumship in its pure form.

No way is wrong as each path a person takes is right for them, we just have to find our own and not try to take any of the paths others are meant to tread. If we try a different route and find their way isn’t for us, then we should leave quietly allowing those who do enjoy it to their own way. Respect at all times is what is important. I didn’t go to the groups I did years ago when I was developing and cause upset because I didn’t like the way they did things. If I found it didn’t suit me I left and didn’t go back again but had the manners to thank them for welcoming me and allowing me to be there while I was.

I walked in the door from choice and if I didn’t like what they did then I chose to walk out again. The rest were happy with what they were receiving from it so why would I leave with a fuss and cause unrest to them in my wake just to make myself the centre of attention? I wouldn’t, what would be the point and nor would anyone else who is solely searching in hope of finding their own path. I might say afterwards to friends it wasn’t for me and why and we might do that on the group pages I have now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t right for others and to make a fuss drawing attention to myself on departure would have said far more about where I was on the spiritual path than it ever would about the people in the groups I attended and left..

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One response to “Are You Really A Natural Medium?

  1. I agree their so many fakes out there! I have had this gift as long as I can remember it scared me as a child I hear someone whispering in my ear or I dream people I have never met or seen before (very rarely I dream of loved ones) they asked me to relay a message but more often its like I’m seeing someone’s life I can’t explain it.. I smell things that on one else does and I never feel alone. I can tell who someone is from the first time I met them its just a feeling I get. my great grandmother, grandmother, mother, myself and now my 5 year old has this but I don’t people about it because of all the fakes out there.


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