Sensitives – v – Mediums

The above heading is something I saw had been put into a search engine and was found on my blog. Natural mediums are Sensitives. Sensitives aren’t just mediums and healers though as they can be found in all walks of life. Natural born mediums call themselves Sensitives just to show that they are not spiritualists – that is the only difference on the mediumship side of things, so there is no competition going on if that’s what some think.

Maybe you meant it as natural born mediums versus man taught and if you did then that is a different thing entirely, but the mediums I know and mix with are all very sensitive people and so are many of the man taught ones too and as I say, we naturals only use that word to show we aren’t of spiritualist teachings or man taught but act independently.

If, however, someone put that into a search engine because they believe mediums don’t have a true compassionate side and are not sensitive to others, then that is very sad and it makes me unhappy to think they may believe that. We are very aware of other people and their feelings and our life work is to put others before ourselves and to help wherever possible. Nor is it just people though as we also have an affinity with animals, the world we live in and all God created. It could be the one seeking answers has had very bad experiences with some of the charlatans that sadly do exist out there and is looking for reassurance. Whatever the reason, I can honestly say we are compassionate and sensitive people.

I might despise spiders and be petrified of them, but I could never kill one. I shake like a leaf trying to cajole them out of the house and over the doorstep with a strategically placed mat for them to crawl over, but I’d never kill one. I even save any ants that have ever come in the house and place them back outside somewhere safe. I am not alone in this as most people I meet who are natural mediums are the same and so are most true Sensitives. We are people who feel for others deeply and who are hurt by the simplest of things said or done against us.

There might be people who laugh at both Sensitives and mediums who have that trait, but we are coming from the same place as far as emotions are concerned and I wouldn’t change who or what we are for the world. We might be able to be hurt more easily than others or be too soft in lots of ways, but we aren’t daft either and as we get older and more used to the ways of the world can often also hold our own in most situations. Sadly, people will deliberately use and abuse us because they know they can, but that is their path and not one that anyone sensible or spiritually aware person would ever want to be on. So no, there is no competition and whoever put in medium versus sensitive , I hope you now realise, we are one and the same. We are part of the same family of people, but just do different jobs to each other.

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2 responses to “Sensitives – v – Mediums

  1. I am delighted to say others are starting to realise that too AJ. So thrilled you came to join our group and looking forward to having many chats with you xx


  2. I like this post a lot. There are so many labels out there and I have to agree, we’re all part of the same group. I just watched your video on trained mediums. It’s so funny, I have had similar situations. Although, I come from the naive viewpoint of “Why does anybody need training, why don’t you just tell people who you see?” All she saw were the back of her eyelids. I’m starting to realize that this isn’t something everyone is called to do.


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