Seeing Aura’s

One thing people often ask about is seeing aura’s and what they actually look like. How do we see them and what should they do to be able to see them? Each aura seen is different to another as  it is very dependent on the person it surrounds and where they are in their lives at that time. Are they happy, sad, good-natured, angry, depressed, spiritual, very spiritual, teachers of spiritual matters or just developing their natural awareness. Are they open people or closed; givers or takers in life. Humble or egotistical? There are all manner of things to take into account about what makes our aura so unique to us and what can change it all the time. It changes from day- to-day as it will throughout our lives and despite all you might hear or read, not everyone will be able to see them no matter how hard they try.

The other day during my workshop when I was asked about this, one person argued quite strongly, and at length, that my teaching was wrong as he believed all people could see them and due to his trying to discredit my teaching so forcibly people walked out and we never did finish that section. He wasn’t attending the workshop, but had joined us for a short while at the request of a friend of his and I agreed to let him briefly. It is now obvious what he was trying to do. At the level of ability and awareness he has presently, it might well be true to him, as it is to those who attend man-made lessons, that we all do the same things at the same levels. Funnily enough, after that came up in the workshop, this same question was asked by someone else in my group on Facebook and they too wanted to know if others could see aura and if so how they did. Because of these two things, I decided to do this post to help others who’d like to know.

It isn’t just people who have an energy field around them though, animals and all things to do with Nature have as well as inanimate objects, which is why psychics can read energy on most things and people if using their psychic ability (very different to mediumship). Many people who are just psychic, often mistake themselves to be natural mediums when all they are doing is using a psychic ability as aura’s, like certain visions and ‘knowings’, can be seen or felt by some with a high level of psychic awareness too. This is why so many mistakenly believe themselves mediums or that they can become one.

Aura’s also vary in width as people of little or no ability or those with closed personalities will have very tight ones close to their bodies. People of a very high level of awareness and ability will have an aura that extends very far out away from them and this is why many people remark how they felt ‘touched’ by that person or by something when in their presence. It is also why developing mediums can raise to higher levels when sitting with an experienced medium of high awareness. Every time I sat with a medium I knew many years ago, my work would raise to much higher levels just because she was there.

Like all man-made teachings, people are taught they can all see an aura if they try. They are told to screw up their eyes and concentrate until their focus becomes hazy and this will allow them to see an aura. Another one is to look at them as you would the old 3-D puzzles we used to look at hard until we could see clearly what was in them. Unlike the puzzles, doing all of this is nothing more than fooling yourself into thinking you are seeing a person’s aura when in fact it is nothing of the sort. They may believe themselves to be seeing the real thing, but in fact, it is trickery and nothing more.

Those of us who do see aura’s without needing to try hard and do all sorts of rituals to make it happen (as above) will not necessarily always see them either. Every single person is different and we don’t all have the same ways of working. The same can be said of aura’s. If colours are seen, these can mean different things to different people. Usually, gold and pure white are the highest levels and if seen around someone would indicate the higher levels of awareness and spiritual knowledge. Purple and lilacs are often just thought of as a person being spiritual, green for healing and so on. But, is this always the case? No, it isn’t. I see a green aura around people when they are receiving healing or in need of it, whereas when I’m being shown they are healers, their hands go green and the stronger their gift and ability, the higher this goes up their arms. A friend of mine sees the same things about healing only to her, it is blue. Others will see something very different.

You see, it isn’t just us at work here and this is why nothing about it can be put into little boxes and made to fit all. We are not robots programmed to do all things the same ways with no deviation and yet man-made teachings try to do just that. The person who told me I was wrong was not only trying to discredit me as a teacher in front of the others for some reason, but their behaviour was typical of that often seen of many who have low levels of awareness yet believe themselves more knowing. I have no doubt if we were all to attain the very highest levels of awareness and ability possible to mankind, then we would all have exactly the same gifts as each other and to the same level, but this will never happen, just as it doesn’t happen in any other walk of life.

We are all individuals and have our own helpers. As such, we’ll have our own ways of working together, which means we won’t have the same ways of doing anything and we certainly don’t all have the same gifts just because we are mediums or believe ourselves to be. I have met many talented true natural mediums of very high standards and awareness over the years and this discussion has come up often and we are of the same opinion – as with all things in mediumship or healing, if you have to try that hard (or at all) it means you haven’t got it anyway.

PS  A person’s aura is also nothing to do with their ability as a medium – although that can be a part of it – it is to do with how truly spiritual they truly are. The purer the heart, the larger the aura

6 responses to “Seeing Aura’s

  1. Thanks so much and I’m glad it’s helping. I have put the link to your blog on my Sensitives page n Facebook as it is one I’m sure many of the group would enjoy. All credit to you and God Bless xxx Please come and join us if you haven’t already? xxxx Link at bottom of posts.


  2. Thanks Lorraine…I always enjoy your posts…thought provoking for sure and I commend you on your willingness to approach this subject and all its misconceptions….I don’t see auras at all but instead have always “felt” things and it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve begun to trust those feelings a bit….your blog is helping me put some definition to this….


  3. And I yours Blair as I feel yours would be the same. Maybe one day hey? Looking forward to your next article!! xx Actuallly, it would be interesting to see mine – I’d like to know what it looked like too! xx


  4. Fascinating subject. Thanks for putting it up. I would love to see your aura Lorraine. Must be massive.


  5. Yes, it can be mediumship or just plain old psychic ability that we all possess. Interesting subject though isn’t it?


  6. Very interesting lorraine , having seen a few auras I didnt ever connect it with mediumship and thought it was just me being extra sensitive with what others were giving out . I dont see auras all the time and dont try looking for them , these are just experiences that just happened.


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