Sensitives and How To Cope

Do you ever feel you’ve been born ‘out of your time’? It’s as though everything and everyone in the world around you is out of touch with who you are and what you like or believe in. This is how I feel most days for certain reasons. All around me I see people who walk around seemingly without a care in the world and yet I know they must have many worries as life is a cruel place to be a part of and it certainly isn’t easy surviving in today’s world. The sad thing is, most of them have become cold, greedy and materialistic. Only worried about themselves and what money can buy them, never bothered about others unless good deeds can be seen to be done by as many people as possible and praise given.

All around me I see people who say they are highly sensitive and caring people, yet many of them are as those described above or who have escaped into a fantasy world where they make up all sorts of weird and wonderful things to pretend everything is peace and love. It is like watching people live life in a childrens’ fairy story book. More and more I see their stories and claims of wondrous things so fantastic it defies logic and a sane mind, yet these people are gathering together in hoards to encourage each other in their wild fantasies as though it is all quite normal. These are the people who hide from reality and think the world revolves around them and find if they say they are sensitive people it will excuse them.

If anyone talks sense, talks honestly and with reality, they run away and hide; they can’t face life, so they have to make up their own world to live in whether it is real or not. This is all very well if it makes people cope and feel better, but it isn’t reality and it certainly isn’t helping them cope with life or helping others around them as all they do is offer a false reality that does nothing long lasting for anyone. The ones doing this and claiming to be highly sensitive people often aren’t and are usually the most intolerant of others as it means their having to face a reality they can’t cope with.

A true Sensitive is more worried about what they can do for others and their pain or suffering rather than their own. They might feel things for others so deeply inside it hurts them, but they will still put themselves forward to help and make the world a better place whilst keeping in touch with reality. Even when life is treating them harshly and they are feeling deep hurt at things said or done to them, they still give of themselves for others. There are so many people out there who are successful, very bright, intelligent and logical who are so highly sensitive you wouldn’t believe what’s going on inside them as they exude such confidence and strength. The world, and even people they work alongside, often only see the strong character in front of them and never  the churning that is often going on inside as they hide it so well.

Strength of character and achievement doesn’t always mean the person is cold, uncaring and aggressive as they can be very sensitive people who have learned to cope and who have achieved their success because of their very sensitivity rather than despite it. Their manner and behaviour will tell you which they are. Are they money grabbing, materialistic people aiming for the top regardless of how they have to treat others, or are they people who remain kind, caring and giving on their way to the top and stay that way once there? The latter are the ones people will like and respond to. Princes Diana is a classic example of that. She was a true Sensitive in all ways despite her treatment at the hands of some around her, and even though she was the most well known woman in the world, she remained kind and caring to others at all times and this is why the world loved her.

Take me, I am a classic example of someone who acts and talks as though I am totally confident assured and capable of turning my hand to most things and yet when I am verbally attacked (which has happened over many years and still does) it hurts like a knife cutting deep inside me – others often wouldn’t know that though. The sad fact of life is, it’s usually the ones you have done most for who turn their backs and attack in this way for some reason. Because I stand up and not allow them to intimidate me, I have often been called the aggressor instead of them just because I won’t allow them to do it to me. I see this happening to others. They are verbally attacked and yet if they defend themselves, they are seen to be the aggressor for some reason. If I had sat back for all of these years and allowed these people to keep affecting me without standing tall, I would be in a dreadful mess now – and I was many years ago.

Today in this work many still do it to me as what I do seems to threaten them and yes, it hurts, but I am getting stronger and more able to cope and walk away from them and their behaviour. Harsh words said build up and stay with me often never to be forgotten. Past hurts and deeds will remain with me for life and yet I have used those to strengthen myself and I continue to try to help others and believe the best of people where I can. No more will I be intimidated, bullied or treated in that way as some have done just because they knew I was so sensitive and caring.  They played on that seeing it as a weakness in me as it gave them some sense of imagined control in their own lives and I won’t allow them that any more and nor must you. Stand up and be seen.

I hear stories about animals or people being hurt and I can’t get it out of my mind for days, weeks, months and in severe cases many years. People have hurt me for many years and I pretend it doesn’t matter when the truth is inside the pain has now affected who I am as a person and how I behave. I know many other people who feel the same and who have been treated the same way as I have. Weaker people often treat us badly as it makes them feel better and as though they are more important than they really are. They use us as their battering rams and although they can be very hurtful and cruel, they are to be pitied as they are empty shells of worthlessness who need our prayers.

Sensitivity isn’t a weakness and those of us who are Sensitives must stop thinking it is. A true Sensitive can either go through life allowing bullies and their own sensitivity to rule their lives telling everyone how hard it is to live, or they can use it to make something of themselves and to help others. By helping others, we forget about ourselves and it makes us stronger and more giving people who try to make the world a better place. Which Sensitive are you? The one who gives up and thinks the world revolves around them or the one who tries hard to put their feelings aside and give of themselves to others thereby gaining strength for themselves anyway? We can’t always manage this every day and will have days when we can’t cope well at all, but with practice it does get easier.

As a true Sensitive, you are the most special and treasured of all people on this planet as you will be the givers of life and not the takers. What you really needs is help and encouragement to know it is alright to be a Sensitive and still be part of the real world. To know that you can be successful and even a leader. A true Sensitive can be more successful than others at times because of their very sensitivity, as it means they can relate to others with a better understanding, are more approachable and have had to ‘toughen up’ on the exterior just to be able to cope with being in today’s harsh world of greed and materialism. Princess Diana, Gandhi and Mother Theresa are all examples of true Sensitives who still achieved and became well known. Jesus was the greatest Sensitive the world has ever seen and is still talked of 2,000 years after His death. So you see, being a Sensitive does not hold anyone back, we do that to ourselves.

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  1. Definitely one of your best entries Lorraine. Many thanks for that.


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