Do You Ask, ‘Why Me?’

Today I saw a comment made on one of our group pages and it set me to thinking others might be asking the same question my friend did. That questions is, ‘Why me?’ I’m sure he won’t mind me showing you on here what he wrote.

Today I was reminiscing why some of us are afflicted by hardships or why life becomes unbearable sometimes. Unable to sleep anxiety took its toll. I’ve wondered at the time why me, how can I help others when I couldn’t help myself. Well today I got my answer. While at work got the feeling to look at Lorraine Holloway – White’s book ” A Guides Guide to Mediumship and Healing” I was directed to a specific paragraph …!

“…Each problem or upset that has to be faced in life will be recreated differently. Some will be far easier to handle or cope with than others. There are some which will affect those close to you and will, therefore, be very difficult for you to accept or even understand at times. Life is not meant to be easy and the easier it is the younger the soul experiencing it. The harder life becomes, then the older and more advanced the soul who experiences it probably is. Each and every living soul is given experiences that they need to face up to. Some have far more than others and the older the soul the more they have to cope with. They are able to bear more as they have a deeper understanding of all things spiritual and the necessity of what they go through. It is they who have the greatest responsibility of all….”

Again, these are not my words but the words of spirit that Lorraine has channelled thru her book. Now I understand that I’m been prepared for something grand and marvelous, which can only be accomplished with compassion, understanding, caring and a desire to give as much of yourself to help another human being.

The above question made me think about what he had said and I realised I have never asked, ‘Why me’ in anything bad that’s ever happened in my own life. It doesn’t matter whether it was when I was seriously ill or just suffering lots of very unpleasant things in life. In fact, people have said to me that I must ask why so much happens to me and I honestly answer, ‘No, I haven’t – after all, why not me? These things happen and why should they happen to someone else and not me? It’s part of life. We have to take the bad with the good’. I really meant that and still do.

I might never have asked that question about bad things that happen to me, but I do ask it (in fact, daily) about my spiritual work. I am astounded so much responsibility has been entrusted to me and wonder why I should have been chosen to help spread the words given to me to help change the way people look at spirituality in today’s world and to hopefully change much of how they delve into, and play games with, their so-called mediumship.

We all have things to go through that we’d rather not, but let’s face it, if life was that wonderful, there would be no Heaven would there? How else can we learn and grow as people if we don’t suffer? It is that very suffering that shows what we are made of. Will we become stronger and more compassionate towards others and use what we’ve learned to help them, or will we become hard and bitter, so we’re seen as selfish and out for only what people can do for us?

Which are you? Are you a person who thinks the world owes you something just because you’ve gone through hard times and maybe because people have been nasty to you or has that made you think more about others? Do you think God must be bad if He makes you go through all of this, or are you someone who thanks Him for the lessons He sent in order for you to become a better person? The fact you’re reading this to the end makes me think you’re all the ones who say ‘thank you’.

Next time you’re tempted to ask,’Why me?’ stop and think about it for a minute, because if you’re asking why you should be the one to suffer, it means without realising it, you’re wishing it was happening to someone else. Who knows, once you’ve recognised this, you might even turn that thought around and thank God it is you going through it as it could mean you’re saving someone else from suffering instead.

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