Magazine Articles Wanted

My new Magazine will be available online from next Thursday 28th June. Would you like to be a part of it and can you help with any of the following articles?

1) Do you have an interesting job?
2) Do you have a haunted house?
3) How does being a Sensitive person affect your life – has it enhanced it or hindered things?
4) Do you have an unusual hobby or collection?
5) Do you have an unusual pet?
6) Are you disabled or is your child or parent? How do you cope?
7) Are you a volunteer or a foster carer?
8) Have you overcome or survived a tragedy in your life
9) Are you the survivor of a horrific accident or illness
10) Have you met any celebrities, if so who and do you have a picture of yourself with them?                                                                                                                                                                 11) do you have a funny story to share with others?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     12) True Life Stories: bravery, outstanding achievement, life as a Sensitive person and anything you think others would like to read about.

If you can offer an article or contribution to any of the above please leave a comment on here with details and I will contact you. Also, if you know anyone else who has something to offer.

No payment will be made for anything shared at this point, but there is a prize draw and names of all contributors will be entered into it for a period of six months. There are two separate prizes – one for contributors and another for those who promote the magazine when the time comes.

2 responses to “Magazine Articles Wanted

  1. mayb i cn try..


  2. Do you remember reading a long tale about WWI trenches … written colloquially and in verse? … I wrote that … and, no, I don’t offer it for your magazine. I disappeared as fast as I had appeared because my hubby’s health deteriorated. He eventually went Home and I then had a long bout of illness … needed the rest, probably.
    I write prolifically, at the drop of a hat, and have lots of material about being a natural medium, living with my ma-in-law’s dementia and the humor of it all, including the help Spirit gave me at the time …
    oh, masses of stuff … and NONE of it as long as that monologue you found and commented on, LOL. (nor is it written colloquially).
    It would be nice to be able to share it … gets dusty sitting abandoned in my hard drive files.
    My email is


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