Pride Comes Before a Fall

There is a very great danger that people becoming so obsessed with not just self, but with fame and attention will find themselves losing all of it as they start to lose sight of reality. Put their often mediocre attempts at mediumship into the equation as well and it gets ten times worse as they seek to be ‘different’ and elevate themselves above all others as they do with all else in their lives. As their minds become more filled with their own sense of worth, they see themselves as invincible, almost as though they are superhuman and they cannot for the life of them see just how silly they are looking nor how much any gifts they might have had bestowed on them have completely flown. Sadly, those they draw in are usually the last to see this happening and will often be lost with them as they too take the road to darkness.

When it is seen they have no ability by those not easily duped, they will quickly try to discredit others while covering themselves by saying they have asked for their gifts to be taken from them temporarily. It is clear for all to see they have been taken from them (if they had any n the first place) and not the other way around. They become obsessive about most things, not just themselves, and these are the people I worry most about as it is easy to see their lives starting to crumble around them. We read things about people like this in our papers every day as their ego becomes so huge and their claims more wild, that they often eventually get themselves into trouble.

This constant craving for attention and glory is what will often bring about their downfall. Their obsessive behaviour is what will sometimes lead to a breakdown as they strive to be seen and get attention diverted to themselves at every opportunity and when it goes wrong they can’t cope with the lack of attention. Talk of how wonderful they are, gifted, in demand with highly inflated prices put on their work is all aiming towards one mighty fall from glory. There is only one thing that can happen, they will end up broken as they start to recognise what the majority of people around them can already see – they are actually not as gifted or talented as they believe themselves to be and one day they are going to be caught out, named and shamed.

Their constant seeking and craving for attention, telling people how wonderful they are and how they’re sought after and gifted is like a child looking to be patted on the head all the time and told they are a good boy or girl. Everyone else sees their behaviour as very sad or needy. They’ll often latch onto someone they think they can feed off; others who actually are doing something and they’ll often try to gain attention by association. This is why so many try to work with celebrities hoping that will lift them into their circles and gain them notoriety also. Anyone who is truly busy, talented or sought after is far too busy to be able to stand around talking about how wonderful they are every day and doesn’t need to cling to others to make it happen.

It is sad enough when we see people who need to constantly seek attention, but when they are messing around with things such as mediumship they then move onto dangerous ground. They aren’t in control properly of their emotions and these are the ones most likely to get into deep water. They have lost their way and are on a path to destruction. Many people messing with this have lost not only all they have like family, job and home, but also their minds and anyone copying thei path is likely to end up the same way.

These are the dangerous people, the ones you need to be very wary of as they often have a way that sucks people in as we see all too often in the papers. People claiming all sorts of wondrous gifts and talents and who seem credible because all else in their life appears normal. They fill heads with stories of how in demand they are and some actually fall for it and get swept along not realising they too are being dragged into a bog where there is often no way back out.

Some of these people are genuinely nice people who mean well but who have just lost their way through being so self obsessed whilst others know exactly what they are doing. Either one is a danger as they suck people into their own little world of fantasy. Anyone making big claims, telling everyone how wonderful they are and having to proclaim their own glory are the ones to watch out for. Humility is what is needed at all times – especially in these special works and anyone not possessing that in any way within their lives is one to be very wary of as they are not working with God through them. They have their own agenda – just make sure you aren’t part of it.

Their behaviour will eventually become even more erratic and unreliable as they start to behave in strange ways that are bordering on almost manic and others can only stand by and watch waiting for the fall they know is bound to follow. Be careful of people such as this and watch you aren’t sucked into their games and role playing or you just might get taken down with them when they eventually do fall from grace – because fall from grace  they will. It doesn’t matter whether it is this week, month or year, as it will happen one day.

Remember what it says in the Bible, ‘He who exalts himself shall be humbled and he who humbles himself shall be exalted.’  Another saying many don’t realise comes from the Bible is, ‘Pride comes before a fall.’

Just watch for the signs and watch you don’t fall with them.

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