A Sad Day in My Spiritual Work

There is only one reason for today’s post and that is because I am about to change the way I work due to things that have been going on for some time. It is a very sad day for me as I have to change things from how I would like them to be and how they always have been. I won’t bore you with too many details, but it has come to a point where I need to do something about protecting myself and my work whilst commanding a respect that has been very much absent from certain people. They have increasingly abused my trust and generosity meaning things now have to change for everyone else in the future to prevent this happening again by others.

It is out of total respect for anyone following me or who comes to me for help that I am explaining why these changes must now happen. Someone recently told me I must do this as it was long overdue and he was right – he’ll be pleased to see I’m doing it properly now and not in the half-baked way I was as I fought against making charges for so long. It’s just sad someone I liked enormously and trusted so much is also one of the people who has brought about this change for the wrong reasons.

By not charging and being so easily accessible to everyone who contacted me, it means I’ve had many people either using and abusing me after having had their fill, trying to pretend they are me by copying my name on their blogs and elsewhere or even using chunks from my books and passing it off as their own work. Then there are those who ask me innumerable questions and on receiving the answers write them up as their own advice for others and charge them for it!

I now recognise things cannot continue as they are as it’s happening increasingly the more I seem to be getting known (albeit it in a small way). It is for this reason I have now put a list of minimum charges on here and have based them on a level seen by most acting with good intent. Many people over the years used to paying very large amounts for various services in this field have told me I should be charging in the higher bracket, but I won’t be doing that as it goes against everything I stand for and believe in. I am sorry this had to happen as it’s not how Id like it to be, but these changes will take effect immediately. Healing is still free and always will be.

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11 responses to “A Sad Day in My Spiritual Work

  1. I am so sorry to read have been treated like this. You can not put a price on trust, your not alone. There are sensitives like yourself also feeling these leeches, but how else can they survive, chin up..


  2. I know those of us who are loyal to you Lorraine completely understand and agree with you that this is the right thing to do. Do not beat yourself up about this! You HAVE to protect yourself and you should have the respect from all who come to you as you are the one putting yourself out there and taking the abuse from a few lost souls. Stand by your convictions, stand in your truth, and we will stand by you!


  3. I am very touched by everyone’s support and thank you all so much xx


  4. As sad and as shocked by what others have done to you Lorraine, I stand by your decision. You need to protect yourself. And like Joanie said there will always be users and abusers, but in time people will see past the trickery of thouse who steal your words and charge greedily for them. No matter what the haters may now say, we know you are not out to flease and decieve and will never do so. We understand, and stand by you in this. <3


  5. I meant to say their actions…


  6. I am so sorry Lorraine. It is shameful what those people are doing. It is a truly sad statement about the perpetrators that they are so devoid of inspiration and knowledge. These actions assure that these things will not be forthcoming to them.


  7. Toni Thomas

    I agree with what you are doing. I totally understand why you have done this. I stand beside you in this decision. People have used and abused you far too long.


  8. This is the saddest thing I’ve had to do, but it’s gone on for too long. Besides, everyone else charges and as long as I don;t get greedy – which I never will – then it is ok. Besides, it’ll show who is truly genuine and I do still have the choice to say no charge. Thanks for your loyal support xx


  9. A sad day indeed. There will always be users/abusers in every walk of life and they always find the good people. Lorraine you must do what needs to be done to protect yourself, and those who love you want only whats best for you and understand. I only know that whatever you do or where ever you go I will be there… As a friend wanting nothing more. <3 <3


  10. It is a shame but given some of the above examples (which I’m sure are the ‘tamer’ ones by comparison to others you may have!) then I’m not the slightest bit surprised. You haven’t betrayed or let anyone down Lorraine. On the contrary you yourself have been the one who’s been betrayed and let down. You do what you need to do as I totally understand your reasons for doing so. xxx


  11. What a shame you have had to change things because of other people. :(


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