God’s Words and Work or Man’s?

More and more people today are being inspired to spread words of wisdom they say comes from the spirit world and who also claim to be doing God’s work – but are they? Quite a few are, but many others aren’t and are either deceiving or being deceived by what they perceive to be either words given to them from the spirit world or wondrous deeds they claim to be able to do.

The words that are truly inspired and channelled coming from the spirit world and words that come from someone’s own mind or higher self are very different, yet also similar enough for many reading them to be confused which are real and which aren’t. I see people claiming daily on Facebook and elsewhere that they are giving words that come from God or the spirit world, which are so obviously from themselves. Sometimes they don’t make that claim but will deliberately word it in ways to make people think that’s where they come from.

Thousands upon thousands believe it is all coming from spirit and genuine, even though it is meaningless words of platitudes to make those reading them feel good about themselves and the world they live in.  Sometimes, those giving words cannot always tell from whence they come and so truly believe they are teaching the world things spirit is asking them to spread. This confusion will usually only lie with those starting to channel and not yet disciplined enough to stop their own mind from intruding. This is very different from those deliberately elevating themselves in order to gain huge followings for their own glory rather than to bring people back to God.

The content and how it is worded is often a clue to where it truly comes from. Are they allowing you to believe in whatever you like or are they guiding you and showing where you are going wrong – putting you on the straight and narrow?  The spirit world always talk of ‘we’ and never ‘I’.  Their words are said in a way that is not as we would talk in today’s world, but are worded differently even if their content is to rebuke as it so often is. They talk of how they are saddened by what they see today in our behaviour and most certainly don’t tell everyone man-made ways are good.

“But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies…

…Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up…” (2 Peter NIV).

Yet so many we see doing this ‘inspired talking’ give words as though those ways are all acceptable to God – they aren’t.  They offer up their often daily so-called words of wisdom only to gain more followers and appease those with no structured belief system. Many try to copy the style of spirit, but it ends up slightly disjointed and very obviously of themselves to those who are more discerning.

When it comes from mankind it is always kind words set to encourage and say well done, so everyone reading it feels good about themselves and the world. Whereas true words from God or spirit doesn’t do this. The spirit world speak the truth at all times and warns of man’s failure to listen and heed God’s warnings. They talk of the need to change one’s ways and how people live today. They warn of false prophets who try to deceive with words they’ve written in order to lead others into a sense of  false comfort saying all is well in the world when it isn’t.

The First Epistle of John warns those of the Christian faith to test every spirit because of these false prophets:

“Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3 but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus, that spirit is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world” (1 John NIV).

The spirit world speaks of things we need to know and not always what we want to hear. Man’s words done to sound like inspired words from spirit always give soothing, comforting and lovely words that are not how things really are. They talk as though there is no badness in today’s world when it is rife. When Jesus came to our world He came to save those who sinned, not those who were already saved. To do this He had to speak home truths to people. His words were not always gentle by any means even though He was a gentle soul. He swept thieves and gamblers out of Temples if you recall saying they were abusing His Father’s House. He didn’t do that gently so as not to upset people and make them all think He was a lovely man, He spoke words of truth in the harsh ways often needed to make people sit up and listen to what was being said.

The truth hurts, it is not always gentle and is not always kind. In the New Jerusalem Bible it is said, ‘Spare the rod and rue the child’ and that is so true. The book where this is said has been removed from Protestant Bibles for some reason. We do not help our children by not disciplining them and teaching right from wrong. The best parents, the ones who truly love their children are the ones who take the time to teach them the basics that will make them into decent human beings. That will mean not being their best friend who is always nice. It means having to sometimes hurt them by what they say or by punishing them.

It is no different with God and the spirit world. Their words are often harsh as their wish is to save us from ourselves and lead us onto a path where we will eventually find our salvation. The true spirits of God are the ones who speak the truth and that truth is often harsh. The ones who deceive are always gentle and kind. They sooth with their words and give a false sense of security making everyone believe their way is the right way. This cannot be so. It might be right for them, but that doesn’t mean it is right overall. A murderer, thief, liar or cheat will excuse why he behaves the way he does and for them their way of life might be right, it doesn’t mean it is in the bigger picture though does it?

Next time you see someone writing words they claim to be from spirit or God, look at them properly. What are they truly saying? Are they trying to be all things to all people so they are loved and well liked or are they giving you the truth no matter what you think of them as a person? So many today are easily deceived as they want all in their world to be nice, gentle, kind and soft. Reality isn’t like that and anyone trying to fit into that mould is not giving you words truly from spirit. Some of spirit’s words are gentle, but they are always gently coaxing and admonishing us as though we were little children. If the words are not teaching us how we need to be better people or what is wrong with today’s living and behaviour , they are not of God. For no one in this world is perfect and to pretend they are by giving what people want to hear to make them feel all warm soft and fluffy is not truth, it is done only to elevate themselves  in the eyes of this world and make themselves look wise teachers when the opposite is true.

Jesus never came here to be popular, He came here to teach the truth and the ways of His Father. He may have had many followers, but He also had many who hated Him and all He stood for.  He took away their comfort zone and made them face up to the truths of what they were, how they behaved and to deceptions they were all too ready to accept as it felt more comfortable and meant they didn’t have to change their ways. Even those who followed Him denied Him at the end in case they weren’t seen to be popular. This is not a popularity contest; the ways of God, spirit and their teachings is about truth – not who is more popular.

“Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets” (Luke NIV).

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  1. Beautiful words.


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