Lorraine Holloway White’s Poppy Army

Unless people are in the Poppy Army, they don’t know why it is called by that name or what it is we’re about. It was a group I initially set up for people who thought they might be natural born mediums so they would have somewhere to talk to like-minded people who don’t want (or need) man made teachings, classes or rituals. Everywhere we look or ask for help it is all based on things to force mediumship. Ninety percent of forced mediums don’t (or wont) even accept or acknowledge people with real ability naturally even exist and that is why somewhere for us all was desperately needed. It is also why I write this blog and all my books.

The group was called by a totally different name at first – I can’t even now remember what it was – until one day one of the members made a comment on our Facebook Group page saying they were one of my poppies. I asked what they meant and the answer was that they thought of all the people who follow me as poppies springing up all over the world. The reason for this is because the logo on my books (also seen on the home page of this blog) is of a closed poppy with my initials beneath it. After they made this comment, others then joined in the conversation saying they liked that thought and would also call themselves one of my poppies. This is when the conversation changed as another two people came on saying they’d had a dream about me and both had seen me on a horse as Joan of Arc leading the way forward with what I was teaching about natural mediumship and the need to clear up so-called spirituality.

This was one of the longest threads we’ve ever had on the group and is going way back to near the start of when I set it up. The ‘poppies’ all loved the dreams about me being like Joan of Arc and said they could be my army helping to lead the way forward in teaching about who and what we are so people will learn the differences and it could be called The Poppy Army – hence the name was born. I tried changing things recently and no one seemed very keen. As soon as I opened a new group, they all started chatting freely happy to be ‘home’.

Our group is a closed one as we keep it very small and exclusive. The reason for this is upset caused in the past by people who came for help and didn’t like the fact we won’t accept any talk of man made teachings in our group, or who walk the spiritualist path, but cannot accept natural teachings and so sometimes became nasty before leaving affecting the dynamics just out of spite. We have a happy group now and intend to keep it that way so no more people are being accepted. Those who didn’t move with us in time have now been left behind and cannot now be accepted back in. It is about natural mediums and nothing to do with man made rituals, third eyes, chakra’s or anything else remotely connected to man made things. We’d love to see you if you care to join us. If you like what we have to say and are doing or think you might be a natural medium, then become a poppy today and come to ‘like’ our new page set up just for you.

POPPY ARMY – Natural Mediums and Sensitives Page


One response to “Lorraine Holloway White’s Poppy Army

  1. “The Spiritualist stands upon firm ground—the impregnable rock of
    ascertained fact. He knows that intercourse between the two worlds is
    real, continuous; therefore he is proof against all speculations,
    denunciations, and adverse theories.

    Dogmatic condemnations, ‘bogey’ cries, charges of fraud against mediums, fail to move or frighten him. He can ‘speak what he knows and testify to what he has seen’; his positive and affirmative experience and testimony outweigh all the opposition of ‘doubting Thomases’ who do not know.”

    Im not to comfortable with Spiritualist word as we are much more than that, but for middle ground there we go. What is important here is when they wrote their articles and books.

    Love this site.


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