Judge Not Lest you be Judged

There are lots of ways to look at the above statement seen in the Bible and it doesn’t mean we cannot see people for what they are if their deeds, words and actions show them to be wrong. It is amazing how many people who want to be seen to be overtly spiritual say we should not judge others and are quick to come and accuse others of being judgemental when they point out something that is wrong and to be watched out for. The funny thing about them doing that is though, they don’t recognise they have just been as judgemental themselves.

Someone came onto a thread on Facebook and after seeing comments above – that actually went away from the original post – said,  ‘aren’t you lot judgemental’. I had to laugh to myself inwardly, because her very comment showed that is exactly what she was being by judging those in the thread and what they were talking about. Even funnier is when people say it and have no belief in God, slate all religion and the Bible yet love to quote from it when it suits them.

When Jesus said the title of this post to us, He wasn’t saying we had to pretend bad people were good, bad deeds were acceptable and let’s all walk around with blindfolds on and pretend we live in a happy little world full of fairies and pretty little people all being nice to each other. Of course he didn’t, so why do the fairy carrying brigade think we have to do just that? It is because they have no understanding of the realities of the world they are trying to inhabit – the spiritual world.

I would adore to live in a world that was all good, all loving and kindness and light, but I don’t and nor do any of the rest of you, so why are so many people walking around wearing blinkers and pretending it is acceptable to be a con merchant who is out to rip off the vulnerable and unsuspecting of their money just because they call it spiritual works? It isn’t acceptable and never will be and if anyone was a truly spiritual person they too would be deeply saddened to see this and would expose it rather than cover it up or hide it under the carpet and say it is judgemental to say their behaviour is wrong. Bull! Call them out, expose them and show them for what they are – con merchants of the lowest order who prey on people when at the very depth of despair.

I have had so many people come to me who were suicidal and they said,  much of their depression was brought on by not just their grief, but at the amount of people they said they had been to, paid a lot of money to only to find they were being conned by people calling themselves mediums and who weren’t. Even worse are the ones who really were, but using it for their own ends rather than those coming to them for help. This is mediumship gone bad and mediums like that do exist whether we like it or not.

These poor souls have afterwards told me I was their last resort and they were going to take their lives as they couldn’t live any longer due to the mix of grief and the many people who had preyed on that just to take their money.

It drove them into a deeper despair and depression. And we have so-called spiritual people saying these scum of the earth shouldn’t be exposed or judged! Do you know what I find so sad about some of these goody two shoes ‘nice’ people? Half of them have a  picture of a man charged with murder and a noose around his neck which says, ‘Bring Back Hanging’. Now, how spiritual are they when they have that on their own pages yet say others shouldn’t judge; how hypocritical are they?

Just think, if I have had a lot of people say about being suicidal to me who have found me or others like me who are genuine, then how many more weren’t so lucky – just ask yourself that and then say we shouldn’t judge people. We might all have our own path and it might be right for us in this lifetime, but that doesn’t mean our actions will be right for the people we come across and hurt in the process. It might well be all in the order of things, but why should we sit back and watch and be all ‘nice’ about these dreadful people? Who’s to say it isn’t our path that we are to expose them and change the way they are? It might well be our exposing them, warning people what to watch for and what is acceptable and not in spiritual work that might just make the wrong ones re-think their behaviour. Maybe it is a lesson they are here to learn.

No, Jesus did not come out with that comment the way so many want to twist it to mean so they can appear very spiritual and all things to all people, He meant it in the way He used it Himself. If anyone wants to use words from the Bible at another person without understanding their meaning, or without any belief in God, Jesus or the Bible, then I suggest they go and read it properly so they start to understand what  way the quotes they throw around so easily actually mean. If they think spirituality is not judging people like the ones above that can and do drive people to suicide, then their spirituality isn’t the sort I want anything to do with.

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