Spiritualist Churches Brainwashing UK

Got to love the above title – it is something put into a search engine that brought the person to my site. It isn’t the first time this has happened either. At last, people are starting to use their heads and think about the state of madness we’re seeing all around us. For those who don’t believe in religion – fine, but you have to admit, religion talks far more common sense on things than we see all over Facebook and the internet in general these days about man made gods, idols and angels.

Thanks to spiritualism, everyone in the world is thinking they are mediums and can become one. Of those who do, the majority we see are nothing of the sort and are talking total madness half the time of whatever new trend is the latest thing to pretend they can do. People now calling themselves Archangel Michael and Raphael are in abundance, saying they are here again to help people  – mainly by doing readings for set prices. It is sick, twisted and wrong.

The damage spiritualism has done to people has been seen to be growing at a rapid pace as practically everywhere you look now, people are claiming the most ridiculous things and making up imagined gods and heavens that have nothing to do with the real God. Where do their god, heaven and angels come from then and why do they all charge so much for everything?

My dearest wish is to see Orthodox churches start to acknowledge there are people here and there within their congregations who appear to have supernatural gifts of God. By ignoring this and saying it all comes from the devil, they have been just as guilty by pushing people away and into the spiritualist churches to be taught how to do God’s work in the way forced mediums do with their man made rules; all for entertainment, self glorification or money – maybe even all three.

The churches need to wake up, face facts and do something about this. They say how much their churches are emptying and vocations have gone down drastically and yet this craziness that people pretend is spirituality is growing at a very unhealthy rate of knots. Church leaders need to start standing up and leading instead of sitting back hoping it will all go away. Listen to people properly, be stricter in what guidelines are laid down for people. Stand firm like they did years ago when churches were filled to the rafters and seminaries were full.

I might come down very heavily on spiritualists and their teachings, but I am also now going to come down on the churches who are letting people such as me down by pretending we don’t exist. I was pushed towards spiritualism as no one else would listen. I was strong enough to see it for what it was and walk away, how many others aren’t that strong?

How I would love to go to Orthodox churches and talk to them. Say how those whom God has chosen actually do His work and show the differences between us and man made mediums. Teach them that this madness of forced mediumship is not only wrong but can be dangerous as well as not giving the true comfort people seek. So many of us have worked in the wrong ways for years as all we had to guide us was man made teachings who brainwashed us into believing we couldn’t do it without their permission, whilst our own churches said we couldn’t do it at all.

Times are changing as we see more people like me now standing up and being heard and very pro-active in denouncing the fakes, wannabe’s and deluded, whilst teaching what are the right and wrong ways, what are Gods and what are from His opposite. We need help, we need support and most of all, we need to be acknowledged for this work we do in bringing more people back to God by using the gifts He gave us. I intend to do as much as I am able to bring about these changes for as long as my health holds up to it.

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4 responses to “Spiritualist Churches Brainwashing UK

  1. October 19, 2013 at 10:06 am
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  2. Hello Jim and thanks for commenting and taking the time to read my blog. There are many true, good people within the spiritualist movement who work properly and for the right reasons – you sound like one of them. Sadly, many more aren’t as you are though as I’m sure you realise.
    I have always said we need to respect the path others take in life, but the ones I try to expose are those who do it the wrong ways and for the wrong reasons. The only reason I come down hard on the spiritualist movement in general is their lack of accepting natural mediums and the fact they have allowed so many people to be led into believing they too can do it. It is this that’s bred the mentality today of the ones we see today spouting things that aren’t even what spiritualists believe, but they all go to their classes etc. If they turned people away as being unsuitable, it would give them more credibility.
    As you can see, I am a Catholic, but my church let me down too and all Orthodox churches are letting down natural mediums as they also refuse to acknowledge natural ability. We can but hope to make small changes in our lifetime, but it has to start somewhere. xxxxxx


  3. Having read some of your blogs I feel the need to make a comment/contribution.
    I have been a spiritualist for 70yrs (age 70 and brought up as a spiritualist) I regret that I do not attend any churches, however, I have always maintained my beliefs, primarily because I obtained personal proofs when I was a young person – I have seen a spirit being, I have felt spirit beings, I have been given many very accurate messages from the spirit world when sitting in circles (for which no charge whatsoever was made), I have asked for help throughout my life and it was forthcoming, and pray twice daily without fail.
    Having reached 70, I am now taking an interest in the bible and other religions, NOT because I have doubts about my own religion, but to gain a wider knowledge and appreciate other peoples points of view etc.
    It is strange how as you get older and wiser, getting nearer to death concentrates the mind, and stimulates the thirst for enlightenment.
    I just hope that God gives me enough extra time (over three score years and ten) to achieve my objectives.


  4. As you know, I’ve always felt that the SNU way is a very toxic way. Christian Spiritualism isn’t much better. The only way is to find your own relationship to God, and work on that. God is the creative force, not a few mindless idiots who spend too much time congratulating each other and making money out of vulnerable people.


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