God and Goodness Isn’t JUST About Christians

So many people seem to think Christianity is the only thing in the world that brings people to God – it isn’t – nor is religion. It isn’t just Christians who say this though, there are religions of all beliefs that do the same thing by saying only their ways are the right ones. I understand why so many Christians believe it is only they who are right, it’s because of what is said in the Bible. Many read it though and make it fit what they want to believe, but remember one thing, Jesus was a Jew, He wasn’t a Christian was He? So how come people believe He is seated at the right hand of His Father and yet would turn us away from that same right to be with Him if we too were Jews and not Christian – or any other faith?

I know people from all faiths (and of none) who are truly good people within their hearts as well as their minds and cannot believe for one moment that God would turn them away because they weren’t Christians. Besides, He says there are many paths by which they come – doesn’t that indicate something many seem to be missing the point of? Goodness to me is God. Purity of heart, mind and soul is God. Generosity of spirit, charity, compassion, love – all of that is God.

It is wonderful to see so many people today trying their hardest to make this world a better place for others to live in and to see them all trying to make what is a Godless society turn back from all that is materialism and secularism, but we have to remember when we do it, that everyone has their own way of doing this and not only Christians. I am a Christian and proud to be so. I will stand up for my beliefs, but many others feel the same way about theirs too. Surely, if we are all travelling the same journey, but just on different paths, that can’t be wrong. After all, those different paths are all leading to one final destination. For those who are walking it as well as they can and who are of pure intent, then it doesn’t matter by which route they come.

Some may come direct on a path that is straight and narrow, but these are few and far between. Some step off the path only to return to it at a later date, whilst most will walk off and back onto it many times throughout their lives.  Anyone on a path leading to that same final destination is entitled to be there as is the person they walk alongside. It doesn’t matter if you stayed there all along, left once, or left many times, the fact you are still on it and come back to it is enough. Nor does it matter what side road brought you to the main one.

We aren’t perfect, none of us is perfect – if we were, we wouldn’t be here as all our learning would be done. The fact is, we make mistakes and we do this so we can learn from them and grow. Everyone has their own mistakes to make and their own lessons to learn. We are all recognisable as human beings no matter what size, shape or colour we are and to God we are all the same. Why then should it matter if we have some differences not just in our appearances, but in our path and beliefs as well? It doesn’t matter – people just say it does. The important thing is to help all people find their way to the path that leads them to salvation if we can and help them see they can do it their own way as long as all the requirements are fulfilled as mentioned above.

The only time we have a right to judge or condemn is when others deceive or are not being honest in what they say or do, or if it is likely to mislead or offend others. I am known for decrying some spiritualists, some of their teachings and fake mediums who prey on the vulnerable, but this is because they are doing harm and leading people into things that can also be dangerous. There are many good people within the spiritualist movement, but many more aren’t. I personally don’t like forced mediumship, but for those who are doing it with pure intent and a pure heart, it is their path and journey and is right for them – I have some as my friends as you know. They are people I respect. It’s the ones who aren’t honest, who use many silken words to boost their own popularity and to appear good, but who have darkness in their hearts I don’t like.

I have heard Christians (and people of other religions) who are so closed-minded and bigoted that their deeds are not pure despite their shouts and protests at what they believe to be wrong in the world. They are busy preaching to others about how they follow God’s word to the law and are right. They speak of how we are all wrong if we don’t do it their way. These zealots don’t look at each person’s deeds as individuals, they just judge as a whole. This is not God’s work they’re doing, it is for their own self-glorification and self-righteousness. Their very closed-minded behaviour and manner drives more people from God rather than to Him.

Mediums are no different from all the above. We can be of a religion or no religion, but all real natural mediums believe in God and use their gifts for His glory not their own. I might be classed as a medium, but this is a tiny part of me in the way people think of mediums as being. Natural mediums don’t go out trying to do readings all over the place or demonstrations for entertainment, we use the gifts God gave us for the purpose they were intended. Most of us are confused what to do with them at first because so many man-made teachings tell us we have to do it their way or no way. Once we realise this is wrong and listen to God not man, we find our way with how it should really be done.

No matter what path anyone is taking, be it religious, pagan, new age, spiritualist, Natural Sensitive Medium, Buddhist or any other path, the important thing is what is in their hearts, minds and souls. It is not what people see on the outside that they want to show, it is what their deeds show that matter and God knows them by their deeds and what is in their hearts. It is not what they say or show for the world to hear and see so they appear holier than though and popular that matters, it is the hearts, minds and soul by which they will one day be judged by Him. Even if you don’t know Him, He knows you and loves you. He is not interested in how popular you are or what religion you did or didn’t follow, so nor should we be.

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  2. Fab…let me no as I’m not on any on your sites so may not see….ive got the same email address…wayne x


  3. Books.
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  5. That is a fantastic post…and my sentiments as well….they are lovely words…same most don’t lesson. To them. Wayne x


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