Messages From The Spirit World

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Looks like this book might be available on Amazon Kindle this weekend (paperback to follow). Not as big as my others, but still around 40,000 words and they have said all that needs saying. (29th August)

Coming very soon now is a book where every word is given to me by the spirit world. I am not permitted to read it until it’s finished, but from snippets I’ve seen, it is hard-hitting and will shock many, anger others, but delight more again. This is not like most other channelled books where the person sits and asks the spirit world to talk to them as I didn’t try to make it happen and I certainly don’t ask any questions.

Yawning madly is always a sign I get when the spirit world are going to work with me when I least expect them to. This is how it started three days ago. I was doing something very different when the yawning stated. I had just finished writing another book and was having a well deserved break before settling down to editing it. That book will now have to wait as the spirit world have other ideas. I was urged to come back upstairs to my study and open a new Word document and the words poured forth. Within three days, they have given me over half a book and I have no doubt the book will be finished by this weekend.

I have no idea how much more there is to write, but know they haven’t finished yet. It is hard-hitting, they are angry at what is happening in the world, there is talk of destruction to come, the afterlife and what we can expect (that will shock many), animals, God, religion, black magic, mediums and so much more.  They have already covered so much that I fail to see what else they can cover, but I know they will.

There appears to be an urgency about it as though this is the time it now needs to be written and their words heard. I can barely type quickly enough to get their words down as they come full force. I am embarrassed about one chapter as it mentions me. I was going to cut it, but have been told it must stay in there as it is also about others like me and the work we do. Not one word of what they say is to be changed and as I agreed to do this work, I have to do as asked.

Above is the new book cover already done by Terri Rogers in Canada. The words of the title and the picture of the key were also given to me. They say the answers to what everyone in the world needs to know lie within those pages – take note need not want. Sadly, most people today only like to hear things they want to and hardly ever what they need. Are you ready for this book and what they call the truth about life in our world and the afterlife? Am I ready? They have warned me many will hate me when this book is released, but many more will be delighted. As I haven’t yet read it either and can only remember tiny bits, I am very nervous about it, but also immensely excited, as it is something I too feel the world needs to hear.

This book should be available for purchase within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can see my other books at the links below. The one other book channelled was, A Guide’s Guide to Mediumship and Healing.

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One response to “Messages From The Spirit World

  1. I can’t wait!! Hopefully i will be one of the delighted ones!


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