The Spirit World Speaks

This book has just hit NUMBER ONE in only two days on Amazons UK best seller list for prophecy, 5 for channelling and 11 for divination. Stunned and overawed. Thank you all

Also, already number three in Amazon US prophecy list and no 8 in channelling. Chosen as a Hot Pick to buy already!!

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What This Book Is About

Prophecies, messages about the way we live today; badness, darkness, light, spirit world, spirituality, religion, governments, paedophilia, bestiality, black magic and more is talked of within these pages. The spirit world came to the writer of their own accord to give these words to be shared with the world as they say time is running out. Such is their urgency that we hear their words, just six days in total is all it took from the first word given till publication. It will anger many, others will rejoice that something is now to be done and more will be undecided about what to think. One thing is for sure, it will definitely make many readers re-assess their lives. To discuss the book please click on the title link  The Spirit World Speaks  and meet others who have also read it on the new ‘like’ page set up for that purpose.

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What Some are Saying

  I finished reading the book and feel that some questions were answered but that there was a lot of info to digest. I am a bit overwhelmed……All of my beliefs that I felt comfortable with are turned upside down. It’s a bit unnerving.  L. O’H   I’m only on Chapter 7 and already my belief system has been turned inside out. Much of what I’ve formerly been taught has been contradicted. It’s all very surprising! The future does frighten me and has for some time, but even more so now. I just started having children (a 16 month old and one will be here in early November) and I’m nervous for the world they are going to live in. I’m also wondering how much longer our families and friends have here anyway. It seems there will be a lot of devastation soon and my first instinct is to protect those I love. I also know that with devastation comes lack of supplies and I cannot live without insulin, so if my family and I survive, will I even be able to protect them? I know that everything will happen for a reason and according to God’s will regardless if we want it to or not and the world obviously needs to be changed…this is, like you said, a lot to digest. KSE   If you’re worried about the state of the world and mankind then this book will not calm your fears! Hopefully it will make you think about and reconsider your own life and the role you play in what we see happening around us. Even if you don’t believe in prophecy or of the spirit world it takes you back to what are really the essentials to life – God, love, morality, God, love once again and finally love! It’s a scary book and impossible to read without reconsidering the choices you have made in your own life! NP   This book made me think about many aspect of my life and the world as a whole, The Guides, spoke of destruction beyond what we’ve ever seen on a biblical scale, if you wish to see how to right your wrongs and are not of the faint hearted then read, but buckle your seat belts its a bumpy ride. One thing, its repetitive in areas but that is purely to reiterate certain points for those not willing to listen to how man is and has destroyed so much and will continue to do so purely for his own again, not many areas of life are left untouched. Will you listen? JD

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