Is This the Emotion of a Truly Spiritual Person?

Jealousy is one of the ugliest emotions I have seen during my life and especially when seen in spiritual work as it is an emotion spiritual people never possess. Jealousy turns people into the most disgusting humans one could ever hope to come across. Take note I did say one of the ugliest. I’m sure you’ve all met people through life who can seem quite ordinary, pleasant human beings that you get on with well, until the green-eyed monster takes hold and then they can change beyond all recognition.

The hatred and venom that pours forth from them can be quite evil to watch if they take it to extremes, as they are eaten up inside with a lust and want for what they cannot have that another does. Some have this emotion very slightly whilst others have it to a degree where it takes hold of their whole life and dominates it to the extreme where it can end up changing their personality. When really bad, it can even break up homes and relationships.

Any emotion that cannot be controlled in not very pleasant to watch and luckily, most of us keep them (whatever they are) under control. The time jealousy is at its ugliest though, is when it is from those who believe themselves spiritual beings and who profess to work in that field. The more work I do, The more I’m seeing quite a bit of this emotion from tiny groups of people who all cling together hoping it’ll give them strength, or from certain individuals who then seek out others like them. One of the sins of the spirit is to envy another’s spirituality or spiritual gifts and yet so many do these days.

To see what they do and how they speak to others they are jealous of  is quite sad to watch. Even sadder, is that some have allowed it to take over their lives to extremes. I even have some stalkers obsessed with all I do. They are so eaten up by jealousy that they cannot get on with their own lives. It cannot be healthy or good for them. It doesn’t affect me in the slightest, but how sad for their families to have to live with someone who is so obsessed with another person to the point they are ignored.

So what do we do about people who we come across in life who act in such a way? Unless they are dangerous, we ignore them and pray for them. Nothing they do affects anyone but themselves and those they live with. We should feel sad for these people as their minds are not as stable as ours.  To be unable to have a life because you live someone else’s life through them all the time, must be an awful thing to suffer. Imagine if every day all you did from the moment you woke till going to bed at night was watching another person to see what they did, said or how they behaved so you could either copy it or pretend they were bad people. It makes me shudder to think about it and must be a nightmare for those who suffer from this illness, for that’s what it must be, as no normal person would behave in such a way..

Truly spiritual people see this strange behaviour by a select few here and there for what it is, that of a deluded soul who is crying out to be noticed at whatever cost. Some will be openly hostile, others will lie, cheat or pretend to be scarily nice. Remember Judas? He betrayed Jesus with a kiss, so don’t be deceived by a jealous person’s lies. Look at their deeds and see what they wish for as the outcome instead. Are they offering and wishing love, peace and goodwill to others genuinely, or are they out to hurt them in some way? What do the results of their deeds show?

Do not be envious of another’s spirituality no matter in what way theirs may be. Instead, work on your own with purity instead of hatred in your heart and rejoice for them and be glad you met them. Use their knowledge and awareness to help you progress. After all, that is why they have probably been put in your path and you in theirs; to help each other and rejoice in what you can share. We can all wish we could be as knowledgeable or wise as another in all things – not just spiritually, but wishing for and being jealous of are very different.

No extreme behaviour is ever pleasant to see if it is a negative one, but spiritual jealousy is one of the ugliest things to possess and needs to be worked on. If you are guilty of it and you want to progress at all, you need to work on this as soon as possible. Remember, all your behaviour does, is show what you are to the rest of the world and just how far a path you have yet to travel – whether you can recognise it or not, the rest of us can.

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