Are World Disasters Happening More Frequently?

If we look at the news, read papers or listen to the radio, it would appear they are – and of greater magnitude than before in some places. My latest book talks of and foretells of much more to come in our lifetime and of the years when we have left this world. If you would like to discuss things you’ve seen or heard about that concern you, come and join in discussion by CLICKING HERE and tell us about things you’ve heard or seen.

Feel free to post links to where we can read about it for ourselves or see it on videos you share with us all. Newly set up for this purpose, it is hope more and more of you will come to join in these discussions. Only factual events to be discussed – no conspiracy theories thank you, just fears you may have about yours or your children’s futures. Here is something just shown on our page yesterday.

Yangtze River Runs Mysteriously Red

If you have seen the above story and would like to chat about it, or if you have any others you’ve heard about equally strange that you’d like to share with us, just CLICK HERE to join us at Prophecies – The Spirit World Speaks 

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One response to “Are World Disasters Happening More Frequently?

  1. Thanks for your comment Jane. I was in touch with Peter at the Society of Psychical Research in London last year, but nothing came of it sadly. I try to check everything I can as much as possible, but there are some things we just can’t explain and nor can any scientists.

    The day we stop questioning and doubting ourselves is the day we should stop working in this field as it means we have got too cocky and believe it is all about us which it isn’t. We, as you know, are just instruments used and if they decide to take it away from us again tomorrow they can.

    I just hope people come to the page set up for discussion and take part in some. It would be good to see what others think. xx


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