Are Your Spiritual Books Safe?

The other day, I discovered something quite disturbing about downloading books onto reading devices – especially Kindle’s. Were you aware that the books you buy can be removed at any time without you knowing about it or being able to prevent it? No, nor did I until recently. Here’s a little of what I’ve seen online, on writing sites or groups that stunned me.

‘…on Kindle, you do not ‘buy and own’ the book. You license the digital copy of the book for use on your Kindle.  Amazon can, and has, yanked books that you have paid for right off your Kindle. They have that right under the set up…

…it can disappear from your Kindle. If you bought the printed copy, they can’t come to your home and take it away from you because you own a physical piece of property. The Kindle form is a digital license to access, and they have the technical ability to make it disappear…’RG – Authors Helping Authors

Amazon Removes Kindle Versions of IPG Books After Distributor Declines to Change Selling Terms

 ‘I read a bitter complaint on another site – that a reader had been banned from buying ebooks, and what’s more, could no longer access books that she’d previously bought. She thought it was because she’d made too many returns, but was irate that she’d also lost the old books. (reason for banning not confirmed)…

…There is something saying that ebooks are not ‘bought’ but ‘hired…’ MM – Authors helping Authors

Just those little bits give you an idea of what I’ve seen being talked about by writers, and readers, worried their books are disappearing from Kindle’s for no apparent reason. So how safe are the books you’ve downloaded and will they be there next time you go to read them?

I have always favoured books over reading on an electronic device and probably always will. There is something about holding it, looking at the cover and turning pages that Kindle doesn’t offer. Besides, if a book is used for reference, you can’t beat a book on a shelf that you can go and pick up at any time – sometimes years later. How awful if you’re enjoying what you’re reading only to go back later and find the rest of the book has disappeared with no way of retrieving it?

Most of my book sales are downloads, but quite a few people also tell me that having read them, they’ll also later buy the paperback to keep for reference purposes. I was considering buying a kindle as they’re brilliant for taking on holiday, but for books I want to know will be there next time I want to read it, I’ll stick to the ones with pages.

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One response to “Are Your Spiritual Books Safe?

  1. i had read something similar but that aside like yourself I prefer to have a copy on the bookshelf mainly because I buy non-fiction and like to refer to easily. Plus if I am honest the site of all those books is somehow almost as exciting as a bookshop or a library.

    My grandaughter is just starting out with her reading and at the struggling stage. I told her my most favourite hobby in the whole world was reading and hopefully one day she would feel the same. She certainly loves to be read stories.

    I do have a Kindle that I received as a present and I would certainly not be without it. It is excellent for sitting on the train, in doctors and dentists surgeries and when travelling on holiday.

    My favourite pastime with the Kindle is using it to find and read samples and then paying a visit to the PC to buy the solid copy. Some books are so cheap especially novels that the Kindle seems ideal and there is a way to loan or pass them onto others.

    However, I am in the process of writing two books of very different genres and realise the ebook publishing route is initially easier and definitely more lucrative for the author.

    Like many passionate readers I will pick up and read a passing flyer, or a cornflake packet if nothing else is handy whilst having breakfast and only wish my father was alive to see how easy it is to access so many books that we could only dream of 35 years ago. He bought one of the very first Sinclair computers with a flat keyboard (still sitting in my loft) and a slow tortorous nightmare to use. I recall at the time myself and my siblings wondering what the ‘silly old fool’ was now up to! A man ahead of his time who took time to not only teach me how to read but to understand the pleasures to be had from reading.


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