The Word ‘Medium’ Makes Me Cringe

One thing I can’t stand being called, or calling myself, is a medium. It conjures up all sorts of weird things and people and I don’t want to be a part of that. So many people today calling themselves by that name are nothing of the kind. Some might be to a certain degree, others haven’t a thing even in their little fingernails let alone their whole body and others are very gifted naturally. The problem is, go to Facebook, look at all the books written on the subject surrounding mediums, or just look around you in the towns where you live and you’ll find so much mumbo-jumbo and nonsense that it is unbelievable.

There is no way in the world I want to be lumped in with all of that and no other genuine medium working quietly would either. In fact, I don’t even think of myself as a medium as such. Padre Pio is a saint of our times and died in the 1960’s. He was able to look at people and know things about them, he could just touch them with a finger and they could be healed and he had the gift of bi-location yet he was not called a medium.

He may be a saint, but this is still a good comparison in some ways, because most of the saints we hear of have been capable of doing the same things genuine natural mediums can. They have a knowing about people others don’t, they can be aware of things others have no understanding of and yet saints were never referred to as mediums, so why should those of us who can do the same things be called that?

This is why I would rather be called a Sensitive if I have to be called anything. First off I think of myself as an author and spiritual advisor and secondly a Sensitive. Mediums to me are man made and the ones who go to everything they can that’s available trying to acquire the gifts given to others naturally. They then spend their lives trying to tell people they have them and show them off to anyone interested in paying money to watch or go to them.

There are many who try to deceive those who are naturally gifted and have no realisation we are very aware of what they’re doing. The reason they have no idea we know what they’re up to is because being forced, they don’t understand how real mediums work or what we’re capable of so think they can fool us. They don’t – ever. The only time we are fooled is when we forget to listen to our gut feelings. When we listen to that, we are never fooled and never wrong. I ignored a strong gut feeling I had not so long ago, but now listen to mine all the time and know far more about what’s going on than some think.

Forewarned is forearmed as they say so I now don’t act, but watch and wait quietly and am rarely surprised when a move is made. You may wonder why I mention this. It’s because there is much jealousy in this field and is another reason I don’t wish to be classed as one of them. What happens behind the scenes by some is so un-spiritual you wouldn’t believe and yet they call themselves enlightened. It is one of the biggest growing things seen today in the spiritual field as some are so eaten up by jealousy, greed, fear of the word God or just a burning need to be noticed. I am attacked daily by many because of what I do and shrug it off unperturbed. In the early days it hurt and confused me, now I recognise it for what it is – a desperate cry for attention or fear in those who know their days are numbered as more are learning what to watch for.

I initially called myself A Sceptical Medium because I am just that and it was one way people would take notice of what I had to say – and it worked. The world is obsessed with all things to do with this subject and in some ways I wish the name of my blog didn’t have the word medium in it, but too many people know it by that and it serves its purpose, which is what matters. Besides, it is quite apt I suppose as I do have the gifts and am very sceptical about most claiming to have them – including myself as I always test them as much as humanly possible and question where information comes from.

Think about what I’ve said if you will about the saints with the same gifts we lay people sometimes have and ask yourself the same question I did. Why are the saints not called mediums? What is it about their gifts that are so different from the people you see standing on stages entertaining the crowds? Humility is the answer, that and a need to serve God rather than man. Those born with the gifts use them when guided to when genuinely needed rather than just wanted. Those who have acquired them (or think they have)  use them anywhere and everywhere to gain attention and for anyone who just ‘wants’ them.

Please, if ever you think of my work or mention my name to anyone, don’t refer to me as a medium, refer to me as an author, spiritual advisor or Sensitive – but never a medium. I have even bought the Trademark of the name Sensitive in the UK and the US so people can tell the difference in man made and naturally gifted people and it is something I would love to see become recognised and used daily. Who knows, maybe you can start spreading that name and explaining the differences to people.

Already people are putting Sensitive Mediums into search engines and the word Sensitive, so maybe it is starting to become recognised what the differences are at last.  Funnily, I have seen a group for pagans and their founder member used to be in my group and read my blog. She has now set up her own group calling it by the same name as one of mine, Natural Mediums and Sensitives. Another girl set herself up as, A Sceptical Medium even though I also have that name Trademarked in the UK and US.

So many now are copying my names and what I’m doing so they can carry on deceiving people and pretending they are genuine.They come to learn what natural mediums are all about then pretend the same has happened to them so they can continue to deceive. That is what you are all wasting your money on, people who will lie to you and pretend to be something they’re not. The fact they are copying us and are going to such lengths to be able to do so must mean they believe we are making an impact. They are getting increasingly worried that they will be exposed for being nothing more than sad people who use others for their own gain. By using the names I do, they hope to hide behind them as a cover for what it is they’re really doing.

Remember, there is an easy way to tell who is likely to be genuine and who isn’t. The genuine ones only work quietly behind the scenes for those desperately in need and only use their gifts when guided to. They often don’t charge or their prices are minimal. They don’t belong to classes, groups and gatherings in their own areas as they are busy getting on with normal lives and they most certainly aren’t spiteful, mean or disrespectful of various religions or God as we aren’t threatened by them.

The rest show off what they do to the world, often charging exorbitant sums of money by making claims of giving readings direct from angels or other excuses. They rarely work quietly, have to belong to loads of groups in their home towns where they all ‘learn’ and ‘work’ for anyone and everyone regardless. They smirk about religion and are disrespectful to anyone with different beliefs to their own as they struggle to use the word God. Even if people don’t believe in God or religion, unless they are frightened by it, they have no need to be nasty to others who do.

These people are not to be confused with psychics who work a totally different way, but by calling themselves psychic mediums they even confuse themselves what it is they do. A genuine psychic can be good, very helpful and beneficial to those in dire need as well, but when it comes to those allegedly working with the spirit world – who would you rather have, someone calling themselves a Medium who thinks they’ve learned to do it or Sensitive born that way? I know which I’d rather choose.

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