Spiritualists do NOT prove life after death

The writing in italics below was a comment put on one of my groups and it sums up to me all that is wrong with forced mediumship and spiritualist teachings. The person who heard it gave me their permission to use it here to show you the different attitude of natural mediums to that of those who believe themselves taught to be.

I thought I’d share something which I was listening to yesterday evening. It was a conversation between a very traditional spiritualist medium and a member of the public.

The subject they were discussing between them was the answer to the question, what is a medium’s primary purpose?

The spiritualist medium was adamant that her only purpose was to “prove evidence of life after death” whilst the other person was equally adamant that a medium’s purpose is to bring comfort to people which was not necessarily the same thing.
Very interesting discussion to listen to though it did get quite heated at times!”

First of all, no one of this world can prove life after death – no one. All they can show, is they are getting information given to them from somewhere. If they had proved life after death in the 100 years they’ve been established, there wouldn’t be the debates, discussions and sceptics there are.

The most important part of the above discussion that stands out most though is the huge difference in the answers given. The spiritualist didn’t think bringing comfort was the main part of using these gifts. That show me straight away why forced mediums are so wrong for the job and haven’ been chosen by God to have the ability given to them naturally. They are of the wrong attitude and character for this lifetime.

Someone commented one day (a forced medium) they were fed up with me talking about the differences between natural mediums and forced ones. I will continue to do it until every person in the world who has heard of mediums knows the difference. Spiritualists have gone on about spiritualism for 100 years and had it all their own way as they try to make everyone believe their way was the only way and that man taught are real mediums. Well it isn’t the only way and the majority aren’t real mediums. They are a poor second for the real thing and now it is the turn of Sensitives to be heard and talked about with the differences between us shown.

The above heated discussion between a spiritualist and a member of the public is a classic example of just one of the differences in attitude and until that stops, I will continue talking about it and teaching those who don’t know what the very big differences are. Let’s face it, if someone’s only concern was not to give you comfort but to prove life after death knowing they can’t do such a thing and to perform as entertainment all the time, is that what you’d want to go to if you knew there was a better choice?

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6 responses to “Spiritualists do NOT prove life after death

  1. I am going out now, but one thing I would answer is, I do readings ONLY for people who are in real need and NEVER for those who just want one, which is why I no longer offer them. I find if someone is in need, they always appear in my path or I theirs, so I do keep my ‘hand in’, but have no need to prove myself to anyone or entertain as it is not for this purpose. I too am happy to speak with you at any time and have sent details to you. Always happy to speak with people who can debate or discuss in a healthy way. Best wishes


  2. Hello Lorraine

    Thank you for your reply, on reflection this morning I realised I had written too much yesterday and now too much again. We writers can put pen to paper with ease!

    The books i talk of were initially written by skeptics (academics) but on each occasion they have found surprising results that has changed their opinion of continued life.

    Two examples:

    The Afterlife Experiments – Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death – Gary E Schwartz

    Mediumship and Survival – Alan Gauld

    To say some books are too heavy for individuals is not an assumption. As a lecturer for many years I know how difficult it is to get people to read. In my latter years i have been a business adviser and once again i find most people don’t want to read they want need to know now information and preferably sourced and related to them by someone else. Few check information out and that is why so many poor souls have the wool pulled over their eyes from spirit to double glazing to finding the right doctor. Fortunately there are a great many books out there and if it means suggesting an easy read to get someone interested then why not. Life is not about making it as hard a possible.

    i do find you contradict yourself in some of your blogs. And I know this is easy to do and why I am wary of blogs. My blog is not locked it is not active it was suggested by another party and set up by same. I also find it interesting that you edit your own books. This is always considered a no no and something I am pondering at the moment. True it is expensive to use an editor but I don’t feel sufficiently proficient to edit my own.

    To say spiritualists do not prove life after death is a good header to prompt discussion. Because that is what they do aim to do. That is what all these books are looking at and of course it is true that until we come to the end of our life we can never really know.

    Anyone witnessing a catholic in a spiritualist church looking uncomfortable knows they are there because they want to know if a loved one really is still out there somewhere.

    Catholicism is known for putting fear into its flock as a control mechanism. And all religions have doctrines that are out dated. But only you really know whether deep down your catholic religion is making you link the spiritualist churches to the devil as many others seem to do. I am not backing the spiritualist churches but I have come across your thoughts before and usually by very religious individuals.

    I have bought and read one of your books ‘How to Know if you’re a Medium’ an interesting read. And I have read extracts from your latest book that was channelled. This last book is one step too far for me. It reads as a method to get a lot of thoughts off your chest. What I have read states only what most people believe in many instances, particularly people of our age group. The world is a difficult place and many older civilisations talked of our age and the strife it would bring. There are a lot of older works that too were channelled some on my book shelves.

    It seems sad that you no longer give readings but choose only to teach. There is an old saying ‘those that can do and those that can’t teach’. Now before that sounds so rude remember I too have been a lecturer, adviser, coach and mentor, lots of hats throughout my life and that saying has a point. Most teachers today go back into industry every couple of years if only for a fortnight to keep abreast of changes and to be able to say hand on heart they too can do the job.

    I know your heart is in the right place and your thoughts are needed for many out there so keep up the good work. And I hope you view this as a discussion that presses buttons at your end just as some of your blogs have pressed buttons at my end.

    Take care and always happy to talk to you


  3. Hello Lorraine

    if you would like to send me your phone number i will ring you today.

    In the meantime I will attempt to answer your last reply.

    Kind regards


  4. You speak some common sense, but although mentioning mediums are an argumentative lot (I agree ALL the fakes and wannabees are and spiteful too) you are challenging in your opening comment about the title of one of my books almost as though inciting argument. Seems you’re not averse to causing dissent either:). I do dislike the term medium and think of myself as a Sensitive, but most people in the world don’t and I used that title as it is one of the most used phrases put into search engines when people are seeking the truth – or hoping to. You also state books you read are too heavy for others – quite an assumption.

    You have obviously done a lot of research into this field and I agree with what you say about not knowing who to recommend as almost everyone I’ve met calling themselves a medium is far from it which is why I am trying so hard to expose it all. However, during my work, I have met three people who are very highly gifted and not one of them uses their gift in the way most do. Tests made by man are aimed to fail. This is because they not only want to say they’ve proved it’s all rubbish, but also as they have no understanding of it. They never will have even if they did find one of the true mediums of the world. I am also interested in how you say a man of science knows more about the afterlife than someone genuinely believing themselves to be in contact with the spirit world. Maybe we could discuss this at some point.

    I see for some reason your own blog is private? I wonder why that is. I also wonder if you are willing to allow me to see it. I have found in lie that if people close things to others, they usually have something to hide. If they have courage of their convictions they are happy to lead the way and help guide others.

    I know some doctors who are now more open to believing some of us are naturally gifted and was myself ‘tested’ by a doctor a few years ago about ‘finding’ problem areas (NOT diagnosing). I got all correct and even found two he hadn’t been aware of himself that later proved correct.

    As for your comment of walking into a spiritualist church – just the very thought makes me cringe as they are a breeding ground for all that is wrong in this field and what I hoe to educate others about. People need to stop messing around with what they don’t understand. Have YOU read my latest book that was channelled I wonder? Whatever, I would be interested in speaking with you if you are with me at some point?


  5. Nothing more than semantics – medium or sensitive. You have written a book ‘How to know if you are a Medium’? Yet you prefer to be called a sensitive and dislike being referred to as a medium so the title is a selling tool I assume.

    There is no one answer but my own research has shown me that mediums are an argumentative lot each thinking they know more than the other and most knowing very little at all.

    There are some amazing 20th/21st C books based on indepth research around continued survival of the soul. These books are academic and possibly too heavy going for most individuals but the research is impressive to say the least as is the evidence.

    Science is not as skeptical as it used to be. In fact in many quarters it never was – a good example is Sir Oliver Lodge – Rupert or Life After Death written by the worlds leading physicist in his day. Obviously this particular book is now historical (eight editions printed between Nov 1916 and May1917) but it succinctly says much more more than a dozen mediums will ever be able to say about the spirit world and provides evidence of the ability of mediumship. Although fascinating and knowledgeable things really have moved on in science and it is sad to see and listen to others sounding authoritative when simply repeating what has been passed down.

    Sadly there are fewer mediums and/or sensitives today than there were 20 years ago when I carried out a study. And 20 years ago I was told that there were far fewer than the 20 years previously.

    Entering a Spiritualism Church is like entering a Victorian time bubble where not only the buildings have stood still but so have the people within. Older mediums, now gone, told me that in the early days the churches were much different, open to different thoughts and more challenging.

    Every dog has its day and it is time to move on into the 21st Century. If people want comfort it is out there based on sound knowledge and research and not fanciful ideas. When someone I know loses a loved one I will buy them a book, choosing carefully to suit the individual, and there are a lot to choose from, and I am always told the book has been helpful and provided comfort. There are too few mediums and far too many charlatans. Although I have met with many mediums, sensitives and psychics i don’t at present personally know of one that I would refer to a recently bereaved person.


  6. I totally agree with you Lorraine. The interesting point to note is that the member of the public didn’t go to see a medium for proof of life after death. They went to try and get comfort. So someone isn’t connecting with the very people they should be connecting with. x


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