Is God Forgiving, Punishing or Both?

It would appear as though everyone today who ‘says’ they believe in God has their own fantasy world of what He is meant to be like. None of us knows for sure whether He is real or not, but many of us believe wholeheartedly in Him whilst others mock and ridicule that belief. Each person has their own path to follow and will be on one that is right for them, but why do some pretend things that have no standing in any teachings ever seen or heard?

Those who truly believe in God, believe the words in the Bible or other Holy books that tell us He is a kind, loving Father of us all, but who is also like any other good parent who will also punish us when we do wrong. We are also taught if He is angered enough He’ll wreak His vengeance and wrath on us all.

Those who say they believe in God but who don’t really, make Him into an all-loving, all-peaceful gentle soul who doesn’t care what any of us does as He loves us anyway. I say this as my latest book has brought a mixture of reactions from people due to its variety of messages. Some are gentle as to a naughty child and others are harsh and direct showing there is no room for discussion about those things that are really bad.

I suppose the reaction people have is very dependent on their own path, journey or belief system. Those who really believe recognise the words as being very similar to those in the Holy Books and other works from history while others will bury their head in the sand and say it is all nonsense as it means they can’t do anything they please. Then we have the, ‘isn’t life wonderful’ brigade who pretend all is marvellous and nothing anyone does or believes in is wrong. They act all ‘nice nice’ about everything and everyone (till you disagree with them) making things up to suit them as they go along.

Everyone is called, sweetie, hun or hunni (yes, always spelled that way) and love and light’s or Namaste’s (don’t ask) are thrown out liberally. These people are annoyed at the book as they say God to them is hearts, flowers, and all things nice and that He’d never get angry with anyone whether they repent or not. Oh to live in their world of fantasy and make believe – how wonderful would that be apart from the fact it won’t help us to grow as people and nor will it help when people do bad or wrong. I have to say her that not all using words of endearment to strangers are like that, but sadly most are.

Whatever the reaction, it has done exactly what it said it would. It has made people angry, sad, confused, scared and talking about whether it is from my mind or genuinely channelled to me from elsewhere. I have even been told it is a scam to make money from people as a truly spiritual person wouldn’t write books to make money. This is always said by those who read as many books on spiritual matters as they can lay their hands on, but who hate the ones that don’t give them what they want to hear; hearts, flowers, forced mediums and fantasy so they can pretend they are very spiritual beings.

The best reactions I have heard of so far and that please me most, are the ones from people who have contacted me privately and told me it scared them enough to make them re-think their lives, all they’ve done in the past, how they behave now and will do in the future. They are the people who have recognised each is to blame for their own deeds or what happens to the planet and cannot pretend otherwise. They also recognise the gentleness in the book aimed at those who have only done smaller things wrong in life and that the real anger is aimed at those who do far worse things and who refuse to listen or change their ways.

People are worried about the talk of things to come and how innocent lives will also be lost, but think about it, doesn’t this always happen anyway? Look at 9/11. Are we saying they were all bad people? Of course they weren’t. The Boxing day Tsunami is another thing again where many innocent lives were lost. Earthquakes is another of those things that can kill innocent people, so you see, disasters happen and we ordinary every day people can be involved in them if it is meant to be. It is pointless putting our heads in the sand and saying it is too difficult to read and so we don’t want to believe any of it. The proof is already there in life and all we are asked to do is re-think how we live, change our ways if needs be and to live as good a life as possible. Is that really such a terrible thing to be asked to do?

This is a book for modern day times with some answers given that have until now remained a mystery. Some are not happy with what is said within the pages as it doesn’t tie in with their own beliefs, but does that mean it is wrong? Which or whose belief system is right? Are they all correct or none of them?

Who knows – I don’t. None of us will whilst of this world and although I truly believe those words were given to me, I cannot prove it, but maybe if any of what they have predicted for me happens in the way they say it will, that will give us proof we need to think maybe the rest too is correct. This is the reason the parts about me were given for others to read as it is one way the words can be shown to be correct and will give validation for those who need it in order to believe.

I have my doubts also as I question everything and am always wary when any medium says big things are to happen to us as individuals, but at the same time, I also believe the rest to be true. Only time will tell. I’ll leave you with words taken from Mark 9:24

‘My God I believe, forgive thou my unbelief’.


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