If You Think You’re Very Spiritual Chances Are You Aren’t

What is a spiritual being or person? It is someone who never thinks or says they are spiritual as they are too busy trying to lead as good a life they can rather than trying to convince others and themselves of how good they are. They walk a path where they can recognise the realities of life, yet distance themselves from them if  likely to make them sin their soul.

I remember when I was a child, my mother saying about things and people making us sin our soul and I never knew what she meant until growing up. It is when we allow others’ deeds or behaviour to affect us and make us behave as they do in a bad way against others.

A truly spiritual person sees all that goes on around them and yet doesn’t allow themselves to become sullied by it. Those believing themselves to be spiritual are always heard to be saying one must not be judgmental, yet spend their days condemning others who believe in things they don’t – especially God and various religions.

Good people walk away from trouble, are kind and generous to others and are intent on only trying their hardest to become as good a person as they can, whilst also doing what is good and kind towards others. They respect others’ beliefs and unbelief’s, working quietly and diligently and even when in the public eye, they work in ways that are to help others as a whole rather than picking on individuals to attack and gang up against.

They also don’t tell everyone how honest, good or spiritual they are, as those who do so, are often the very opposite of those things. Good people are not spiteful, bullying, cheats or liars and tend to walk away from people who behave in that fashion. They never pick out individuals to talk about and be nasty to, and yet all the so-called spiritual groups I’ve ever seen, have this nastiness underlying. Spitefulness and hatred is rife about anyone not on the same path as them.

People on a path of goodness don’t have or need a vocabulary all of their own that makes them stand out from the rest of the world. There is no need to constantly chant, Bless You’s, Namaste’s or Love and Lights at people as though to say, ‘look at us, see how spiritual we are. They use these words and say they’re not judgmental and that we’re all equal, but call everyone else not doing these things nasty names. They shout ‘ego’ at those on different paths to their own as their own insecurities makes them jealous of all others. This behaviour proves they are not secure in their own beliefs and is most probably because they don’t have any firm ones of their own.  They let everyone believe what they want to believe, real or fantasy just so long as it doesn’t contain anything Orthodox, and think this makes them more aware, enlightened and spiritual than anyone else.

The above behaviour can be seen everywhere you look in their own circles. How many priests, religious or church goers do you hear talking like that or even believing such nonsense? How many atheists or agnostics not trying to be oh so spiritual speak that way? How many people in everyday walks of life do you hear speaking in anything other than normal language? None; it is a quirk of ‘spiritual people’ as they wish to stand out from everyone else and be recognised as being ‘good’. Those busy working so hard at showing the world they’re very spiritual are usually too busy doing that to actually be spiritual at all. They are constantly competing against others they believe to have more knowledge, wisdom or awareness than they do, often resulting in an obsession. They are so busy working on being top dog or displaying themselves as spiritual beings, that they have no time for actually working on being a good person.

To those who live this life and behave in a gentle, peaceful and kind way, we respect them and wish them well as they have every right to follow their own path. To those who pretend to be spiritual and yet bully others and behave in ways I’ve mentioned above, I have no respect for at all and they are the ones who have made the word spiritual a dirty and laughable name. It is because of this cultish behaviour that spirituality is now in dire need of a clean up. I’m glad to say more and more people are now opening their eyes to this ‘spiritual’ bullying and are walking away from it.

Only those with eyes and ears still closed are not able to see the truth in their behaviour and will probably join them. For those of you on a true spiritual journey, you’ll have the awareness to see them for what they are. It is only those who aren’t who join forces with them and become as them. These are the people the spirit world loathe and talk of in The Spirit World Speaks and have vowed to cleanse the world of. It has gone too far and I for one can’t wait to see the clean up begin.

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