Spiritual Leaders – Are They What They Seem?

Pictures of  staring or snarling skulls, sometimes strangely lit from within and even some seen to put a finger up to the world whilst leering. Angels with black wings and images as from horror movies that are creepy with dark mists containing scary creatures coming out from it.  Howling wolves with eerily white staring eyes or dark images of scantily clad women with piercing strange-looking eyes, often on all fours and provocative, looking as though they’ve just crawled out of a Dracula film.

What do the above images speak of or portray to you? What would you think was the subject matter if you went to a group, forum or club with anything like the things mentioned above? It all sounds like something from a horror or fantasy movie doesn’t it and yet these are all images seen daily on Facebook in various groups where those leading the people on them profess to be doing God’s work. The God I know doesn’t have any of these things – does yours?

The two just don’t go together at all. I am constantly stunned that those joining groups such as these cannot see what is glaringly obvious. How can anyone believe black, dark and creepy images such as those described above would be a part of God or His work? The words given on these groups or pages that profess to be inspired words given from Him are also very obviously not inspired, but just from the person running these groups and aimed to make people feel good about themselves.

Have any of you noticed how many people profess to believe in God, to be spreading His words and yet whose actions appear to do the very opposite? There are never words saying to live a better way, be kinder, more loving or to look inside oneself to correct what it is we do that’s wrong and yet God always tells us to do these things. Look in the Bible or other holy books of your choice and you’ll see we are always told to look to improving ourselves. Never are we told we’re perfect just as we are. He guides us and teaches us right from wrong, so how come these people with their black angels don’t get any of that?

I have seen certain group pages on Facebook and been horrified at the images often displayed on them as being in the name of God. It doesn’t matter what these images are meant to portray, all I know is, God would never have anything so horrific associated with Him and nor would people who work for or believe in Him. Even more amazing is how many people follow these groups and don’t seem perturbed by, or even aware of, the contradictions they see once there. I go and look when told about them and have to come away immediately as they make my skin crawl and I feel very uncomfortable indeed.

Many of the people professing to believe in God and follow him are also members of groups to do with pagans, witches, wiccans and various spiritualist groups who talk against God.  How can they walk so many different paths yet pretend they are remotely connected in any way? I can understand people being confused and joining different groups to see what it is they believe in or feel comfortable with, but those who pretend to be on a path guiding others to God and yet still doing all of the above,  is something very different indeed.

There are those who have words in the titles they give themselves that show total lack of humility. Why would anyone call themselves an angel when they aren’t one? Why would people call themselves Archangels when they aren’t? Doesn’t the fact so many of these people do this tell any of their followers they are not what they profess to be and are probably not actually having God work through them as they proclaim? Would someone working with God elevate themselves in such a way or would they be humbling themselves instead I wonder?

Maybe others feel differently about this, but whenever I see dark images such as those mentioned above with words underneath them such as The Lord’s Prayer or other prayers made up and said only to pander to vanities, it makes me feel physically sick. When seeing these things I have to admit to feeling  a shudder of revulsion as something dark goes through me; a feeling that something bad and disturbing  is at work only to entice and deceive. There is such sadness within me that so many are being led into something that is possibly not as real as they believe it to be.

Whatever path you choose to walk in life will be right for you, but to deceive others and entice those who are searching and lost into something that is full of contradictions only in order to boost one’s own following and sense of self-worth is not a path of a true leader. A good leader boosts their followers and helps them to grow whilst guiding and steering them on a path that is right for them. It is not a person whose main aim is to have others adore them and think of them as something as wondrous as an angel or archangel in order to please and catch as many unsuspecting souls as possible.

Next time you go to groups or pages on Facebook or elsewhere, don’t just listen to words spoken as platitudes to make you feel good, look deeper and see if there is one message or a confusion of messages there. Is it a path that will help you grow and stretch yourself, or one that encourages you just to be as you are now? Is there one straight path or a confusion of paths all contradicting each other?

Whatever path you are on or choose to go on, you deserve for it to be an honest and true one and not one made to suit all who come there regardless just to boost the person heading it. Whether you believe in God or not – that is up to each individual, but if any leader professes to, they will give all credit and glory back to Him for what they do and not keep it for themselves as so many are seen to do today.

I wish you well on your path and journey in life whichever one or ones you end up taking, but ask you to think more about what it is you’re doing and who you’re following. Are they what you think them to be and are they really taking you on the path you think they are, or is it something entirely different? Only you can decide, but maybe if any of you had eyes closed to some of the above, you might now have them opened to look more carefully at what is really on offer.

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