Which Sort of Mediumship do You Prefer?

The heading asked which sort of mediumship people prefer and the reason I ask this is because anyone watching theatres, spiritualist churches, groups teaching mediumship development or Facebook groups would all appear to want one thing. They want entertainment and someone to tell them everything in life is lovely, they are lovely and can believe whatever they like no matter how far-fetched. Just don’t say anything that might make them see the truth about who or what they might be like, or what needs changing. None of us is perfect, yet to listen to these people you’d think we all were.

Each to their own and all that, but at least let people know what it is they are actually being given for their money – because let’s face it, money is what it’s all about for the majority. It is my aim to expose, teach and educate about how to tell the difference in people who are genuine mediums or psychics and those pretending or believing themselves to be.

I am currently in the process of editing The Spirit World Speaks as it was done in such a rush, no time was given to me to do that properly. They were determined that book had to be out immediately. I can see why, because some parts are already being fulfilled and this will become more apparent later to you. The prophecies and messages in there are quite astounding and for those who are ready to see and hear what is being said in those pages, you will recognise some has already started. There will be others whose eyes and ears will remain closed, but I wonder which you are and if you are brave enough to read what the spirit world are saying to you?

The Spirit World Speaks isn’t a book with words you most often see from mediums, as those who have been man taught usually only ever say how wonderful you, life and everything else is. They need to be popular – I don’t. This is a book with words destined to change you and the way you live, behave and look at the world in general and how we can all make a difference to it. It will only do this though for those prepared to listen and heed their words.

For those who only want someone to pretend the spirit world and God think you’re all wonderful and whatever you do is acceptable, then walk away now. If you only want a medium who tells you what you want to hear, I am not for you and nor are my books. My work is not as the majority of other mediums as I’m not out to make friends,  have you say how wonderful I am, or let you wallow in a make believe world of your own fantasies thinking this is all wonderfully entertaining. Real mediumship isn’t like that as it is done to not only bring comfort to those in desperate need – privately – but also to help make us grow as individuals. It is this side most either can’t or won’t do as in their eyes, it won’t make them popular or fill theatres.

A medium working purely for the good of others does so in a quiet way, privately and for those who are in genuine need. Some theatre work of demonstrations might be done by genuine mediums, but it is not how the gifts are to be used unless done in a much smaller way than we usually see. Small venues can be acceptable as this shows people there may well be something for us all after this life, but done on the scale it is seen today, and in the way it is,  is not proper mediumship. It is pure entertainment and why they have to now show a disclaimer saying it is.

I refuse to work that way even though I have been asked to many a time as it is not respectful to God or the spirit world. They do not ask people to work in that way, to do so is mans choice and one all forced mediums are told they must do by man who teaches them – not spirit. That doesn’t mean all the people we see doing this are not genuine natural mediums as a few are, but they have chosen to walk that path and a handful might even have been guided to.

The work they have given me to do is one to help spread their messages to people in order that they look within themselves and change those things that need changing in order to improve ourselves and to help the planet we live on. After all, that’s why we’re here, to learn and grow and this is what mediumship should be used for – to help others in that way as well as bringing comfort to those in genuine need.

How To Know if You’re a Medium is by far the best seller overall and this just shows how many people in the world today feel they are a medium, think they can become a medium or should go to one. Again, I wonder how many will accept what is in those pages and how may will walk away because it doesn’t tell them what they want to hear.

Mediums are born not made and yet the majority we see or hear of are man taught and forced. Over the years doing this, I have now come to recognise there are nowhere near as many genuinely natural mediums as I thought there may be and of those who are, some still choose to walk the path of money-making for themselves treating it as a business, rather than using it for that which it was intended; helping those genuinely in need and not just for a fun evening out of magical entertainment which is what we mainly see now.

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3 responses to “Which Sort of Mediumship do You Prefer?

  1. Please forgive the editing errors Pearl. Such a rush and I am now going through it and will update. I’d love to know your thoughts afterwards and you can come to the page to discuss it if you would like? xxx


  2. I prefer the truth. I’ve just bought “The Spirit World Speaks” for my Kindle, can’t wait to read it.


  3. which do I prefer.. Honest! A true medium will always be truthful.. rather than giving ‘information’ they deem is relevant from their point of view. Not all of them – do that x


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