When Spiritual Guidance Isn’t Spiritual Guidance at All

So many fake mediums, spiritual advisors and the like are spending their days now giving inane ‘words of wisdom and inspiration’ to all and sundry in their quest to be seen as wonderful spiritual leaders. It is laughable watching the attempts  and lengths they all go to in order to be the best and most popular. Some of the things they come out with are so funny and yet thousands take it all so seriously. The reason they do? Because it is all aimed at making you feel better. Everything is aimed at you as an individual. How you can make life better for you and how you can improve your life. None of it is ever aimed at showing where maybe you can make life better for others and that’s where the clue lies that they aren’t genuine leaders at all.

A proper spiritual leader will help you feel better about yourself,  but to also look at the faults within you, the world and in others. They encourage you to open your eyes to not only all that is good in life, but to all that is bad rather than pretending none of it is happening as most of these ‘leaders’ do. Nobody every grew by only focusing on what is good about themselves or life, but by redressing those things that weren’t. Look inside yourself so that whatever you do in the future will improve things for, and be most beneficial to, others.

Life is not about self, it is about everything and everyone. To encourage people to become so wrapped up in themselves is not at all inspirational, it is making people selfish and self-important. Maybe this is why so many so-called spiritual leaders and advisors are always talking about the word ego. It’s probably because all they do and their advice is about that very thing. “Look inside yourself” or, “Come to our wonderful classes and become more positive about yourself'”. “Forget what is wrong in the world and learn how to feel good instead”.

Everything they do is aimed at pretending the world isn’t full of what it is. It’s also aimed at making you think you are special, you are wonderful and you are perfect. Well I hate to burst a bubble here, but yes, you might well be special, we all are, every single person in this world is to someone and as God created us all, there has to have been a purpose to each of us good or bad. As for being wonderful, you might be a pretty nice person, but I’ve yet to meet a soul who is perfect and if any of us was, we wouldn’t be here any more.

If you want to grow spiritually or just as a decent human being (both the same), then you need good old honest truths. You need to look hard at the world, the people in it and most of all yourself. Stop closing your eyes to things you don’t want to see and look at all that is bad as well as all that is good in everything. It is only when you can be honest about all of those things, that you can start to look at yourself just as honestly to see not just your good points, but more importantly, what your bad ones are. After all, the world is full of badness and angst because of people and their actions no matter how big or small.

The world itself is a wonderful and beautiful place, it is people who ruin it by their behaviour and that means every single one of us. Each person is responsible in his or her own way for how others feel and how the planet and all life on it is looked after or respected. None of us is pure or free from having done something to upset any of this at some point in our lives no matter how much we’d like to think we haven’t. It might only be something small you do wrong from time to time, but all the small things done by so many add up to make something far bigger. It is only by looking deeply into oneself we can see what we may have contributed to the bigger picture as an individual – how we might still be doing so.

By being totally honest with yourself in this way, is how you might then start to change those things about you as a person. Your thoughts are just as important as your deeds, for it’s by our thoughts our true person actually is found. It is no good being kind to someone whilst your heart and mind begrudge that kindness. Nor is it any good pretending a tolerance for people or situations you don’t truly feel that tolerance for, just so you can be seen by others to be so.  If it isn’t in your heart, then it isn’t real.

It is acceptable to say you don’t like a person, place, situation or anything else you feel that way about, what isn’t right is to then be nasty about it or them, disrespectful or anything else without due cause. Just acknowledge the dislike and walk away. Look inside yourself and if you’re brave enough, ask others to tell you your faults. Ask them to be brutally honest as you want to do something about changing them. How many of you are really able to do that? To hear the truth of what others think of you?

Some of what you hear might be the truth, some might not be, as not all people will be honest and will say things deliberately to hurt, but even those remarks will make you look inside yourself more and question if they might be right. Ask someone you trust if the other person was justified in saying it. This is only a start, but is how to improve and grow. Not by pretending everything is lovely and by thinking you are too. Too many people today are more concerned with what others do that is wrong rather than looking at their own faults. Never mind what others do, if we all looked within ourselves and put right our own faults instead of trying to focus on others, the world would be a better place for everyone.

It’s all very well joining places and listening to people who say, ‘Talk to your angels and we’ll help you connect to them’ and all such fluffy stuff, but none of us needs their help for that. Angels are with us every day anyway and we don’t need to pay anyone for the privilege. Nor do we need to wrap ourselves up in cotton wool and pretend all the sweet, gentle, peaceful, loving and very cloying brand of spirituality offered in the modern world is doing any of us any good. It isn’t. Well, it is if all you want is all the above, but if you really want to grow spiritually or as a person to become a better human being, then you need to be doing something about it and not just pretend or kid yourself you are, which is all the above helps you do. Have that too by all means if that’s your thing, but get real and do a reality check every so often as well, or else you’ll stay stuck as you are with no growth at all.

I wonder how many of you have already undergone that true cleansing process, are doing it now, or will think about doing so? For those of you who say you’ve already done it think again, because this is something we need to do every day of our lives and not just as a temporary measure or as a one-off. This is something we should all be doing daily as no matter how long we live, we will not reach perfection or true happiness until we leave this world and enter the next one. Personal growth is a not a one time thing that can be learned at a workshop or have a certificate given for, it is something you need to do every day of your lives. Not many manage it, but at least some of us are trying – are you?

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