Wealth Isn’t Always Wrong – Nor is it Unspiritual

This is a slightly different subject, but one I felt inclined to write after hearing the Catholic Church being torn to shreds for having what others see as obscene wealth without them bothering to think what it could (and is) used for. I hear these same people being nasty about others with wealth they haven’t got themselves who also say no one with that much money can be spiritual. Well actually, yes they can. How can another decide how good or bad spiritually a person is unless they know all that person or organisation does with the money  If you slam one, then you have to slam all, because the Catholic church isn’t the only one with that much, it’s just they are the ones always talked about for it – usually by those who don’t believe in God or religion anyway.

There are people in this world who have more money than they’ll ever be able to spend and there are others with nothing. It doesn’t always appear fair in our eyes, but if we have read The Spirit World Speaks, we can understand why this can be. Is wealth to that degree always wrong though? No it isn’t, as it depends what people do with it and what is in their hearts and souls. Jealousy of a person’s wealth is something that can make otherwise gentle people turn angry and judgmental without knowing all the facts about others just because they live in a way we don’t. Frankly, I have found it is rarely just about the money though and there is usually another reason for their anger.

If someone has worked hard all their lives and earned it, good for them. Let them enjoy the fruits of their labour so long as they have come by it honestly and not just for materialism and to show off. Even if it is for that reason, it’s their life and they can do as they please. I am poor as a church mouse by monetary standards, but can be thought of as rich in the eyes of some due to how I live.  If my books ever took off and I made lots of money from any or all of them, I wouldn’t feel a bit guilty if it meant I could have more to spend. I would possibly buy myself things denied me and my family presently if I could and would be able to do much more for others also. Why shouldn’t I spend on me as well though and why shouldn’t anyone else?

In my heart, I am a good person and a generous one. There are many more people in the world who are as well and it doesn’t mean none should be allowed to have money earned ( inherited due to someone else’s hard work) or won. Nor does it mean they shouldn’t buy a much larger house, bigger or better car or even buy more expensive clothes or food. Can you all honestly say you wouldn’t do the same if you suddenly got that much money and could afford to? How many of you do the lottery and what would you do with the money if you won the top prize? Give it back and state you don’t believe in people having more than others? I’ll bet not.

Churches, heads of state, royalty, the gentry and all manner of people come under attack for enjoying a lifestyle others don’t.  This is unjustified and inverted snobbery. People are also called snobs when they aren’t all because they lead a different lifestyle to others. A snob is a person with delusions of grandeur and who look down at all other people and are usually those without much but like to pretend they have.  Not all with more money are snobs as some are used to it, have been born to it and are just really pleasant people. I have met many in my time with not much money who are the biggest snobs walking and who pretend they have more than they do because stature and materialism means more to them than people do.

Decrying another for their way of life, their wealth, possessions or anything else if they are genuinely pleasant and good people, says more about you than it does them. It shows you as being insecure and unhappy with your lot. If you are comfortable with who you are and your lifestyle, why would you be so concerned about others who are not harming you or others in any way?

Footballer’s wives who do nothing but marry a man who kick a ball around a field spend money like it is going out of fashion and yet that is classed as being acceptable because they are celebrities and for some reason that makes it acceptable. Film stars, pop stars and the like are all looked at in awe for some weird reason and yet others with money, and less flash with it, are berated – why? Celebrity culture in the world is obscene to behold and yet people can’t get enough of it. They watch women known for nothing else but their manner of spending £5,000 plus on handbags and £100,000 on a dresses for a red carpet affair and yet this is deemed acceptable by those decrying Heads of State or heads of churches.

Good for them I say, if you have it enjoy it just so long as you don’t abuse it and also do good to help others less fortunate as well. Spend and enjoy life as it isn’t about what you spend or what you have, it’s about what is inside. Those who judge others for having great wealth need to look inside themselves and wonder why they feel such hatred or anger towards these people and organisations. Is it what they have that you are angry at or what they stand for maybe? Most times it’s nothing to do with the money, it’s because what they stand for doesn’t fit in with your way of life or beliefs and that makes it a very different matter.

Jealousy and intolerance is everywhere we look. Greed is everywhere we look and so is materialism, but to be angry at the world because they have more than you or because they believe in or stand for something you don’t approve of is not acceptable. Most complaining about the imbalance of wealth distribution would never turn it down if given to them. Look at lottery winners – have you ever seen any of them hand it back and say no thanks as I’ll now be able to afford things others can’t? Of course not. Before we judge others for the money they have, for where they live or the clothes they wear, look at their deeds. Are they selfish and is their wealth just for them or do they do good for others as well? What else do they use it for? If you don’t know all the facts, then don’t judge them, for it is often those things done behind closed doors you don’t see that mean the most.

Funnily enough, the people who protest the most are the ones who would think nothing of paying hundreds of pounds or dollars for a private reading by a ‘celebrity’ medium (yes, ‘celebrity’  – the two words don’t really go together do they?) and yet say they can’t afford to pay their bills, buy their children clothes they need or put proper food on a table. They are also often the ones who only eat expensive junk food, have computers in every room in the house, the latest ipods, phones and the rest and yet moan they have no money. Maybe it’s about priorities and accepting everyone is different in life and that those differences are what makes the world go around keeping the balance needed for us all to survive.

The ones who moan and complain the most and yet who believe themselves to be spiritual need to look at their behaviour and words. Their anger and jealousy towards others makes them very unspiritual indeed. Why should it matter to anyone what another person has or doesn’t have? Before looking at others and sneeringly saying they are not good people due to their wealth, look inside yourself and see if this is the behaviour, words or feelings of a truly spiritual being.

If people have money and you don’t, it doesn’t make them bad or wrong, it just means they are more fortunate and have either worked hard for it in whatever way that may be, been lucky enough to win it, inherited it or had it given by others. Don’t begrudge someone wealth when it has been come by honestly, save that anger for those who steal and deceive to get it. Save the anger for those who use it for bad deeds instead of good, because who knows, maybe one day your lottery ticket will come up and others might just call you the same names you now call others because you too will spend on the things you can’t afford now.

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