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What My Books Are About

It’s in Their Eyes

This is the story of girl who starts off life as Gemma, becomes known as Chloe and then ends up as CeeCee.

It is a subject matter hard to write and read about, but is touched upon only to give necessary background for it to be real. Sadly, this is the sort of childhood for many in today’s world who know of nothing different. In real life, many will never escape it – but Gemma did.

Follow this amazing girl’s journey from childhood to woman. Read how she, with her three friends Angel, Rose and Maisie, change things around in ways never thought possible.

Everyone who has read this book (first of the series of four), said they were unable to put it down and the story has stayed with them. Beta readers have said book two is even better than the first and the two should be made into a film.

Gemma and Chloe is the child who will touch your lives, CeeCee is the woman you’ll be glad you met and will never forget.

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The Spirit World Speaks

Prophecies, messages about the way we live today; badness, darkness, light, spirit world, spirituality, religion, governments, paedophilia, bestiality, black magic and more is talked of within these pages. The spirit world came to the writer of their own accord to give these words to be shared with the world as they say time is running out. Such is their urgency that we hear their words, just six days in total is all it took from the first word given till publication. Already these predictions are coming true. To see what is happening already, visit my page on Facebook  

Let’s Talk Natural Mediumship

Is there such a thing as a natural medium or healer? Most spiritualists would have you believe you all are, but this book tells a different story.

Sensitives from around the world share their experiences with you (in their own words) from their earliest memories through to present day telling you about visions, smells, voices and other strange phenomena they experience often on a daily basis.

These are people who are taught purely by the spirit world almost from birth without the need for classes, workshops or man made teachings and definitely without a penny being spent to anyone. There are no chakras, third eyes, protection rituals, certificates or any other man made teachings in these pages as this is pure mediumship only as the spirit world intended and as rarely acknowledged by most who profess to be spiritual beings or are man taught.

How To Know If You’re a Medium

 This book is for anyone who thinks they might be a natural born medium or healer. It answers questions I have received from all over the world, including questions I had when I was developing many years ago. A must have for anyone who wants to know what might be happening to them or for those interested in what happens to natural born mediums and healers. This book will also leave you in no doubt why natural mediums are totally different than those who believe they can learn these gifts.

A Guide’s Guide to Mediumship and Healing

An insightful, and gentle book of instruction about mediumship and healing for all to read in words as given by the spirit world.

One person who has purchased the above book from Lulu wrote to me today. This is part of the letter:

…I have been sneaking time at work to read bits and pieces of the book. Holy crap; it’s awesome! I wish I could find time to sit down and read it in one sitting cover to cover. My head is spinning. This is just what I needed. Thank you so much for creating this book…

A Sceptical Medium

A compilation of small articles with instruction, musings about spiritual matters and excerpts from 2 of my other books.

A Sceptical Medium 2

A continuation of yet more articles discussing angels, mediumship and all manner of things together with an as yet unseen excerpt from another of my books and some poems which might have been inspired from the spirit world.

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