A Sceptical Medium 2

Product Description

Mediumship, healing, natural born mediums, forced mediumship, fakes, and entertainment style mediumship that compromises standards and makes a mockery of what mediumship is meant to be used for are all discussed within these pages. Book 2 is the follow up book to A Sceptical Medium and also has excerpts from two other books penned by the same author together with poems that may have been inspired by the spirit world.

Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars (2 customer reviews)
Of Lorraine Holloway-White’s “A Sceptical Medium 2”, for any sceptical of
mediumship – and I have been – there can be no doubting the sheer candour
and vibrancy of a book which spring in part from its blog/diary form and
its author’s empathy. Even in what I read ‘between the lines’ I felt drawn
to new thought by LH-W’s open and spontaneous treatment of the spirit world
which is too often shrugged aside as taboo.
In-depth follow up to A Sceptical Medium
This is the second in the series and as in-depth as the first book which came first in the book category in Twitter’s Shorty Awards.
Proving popular across the world, Lorraine is becoming well known for her forthright manner and no-nonsense approach to all things to do with mediumship and healing. She is fast becoming known as the medium to contact for advice when common sense is being sought by those on their spiritual journey.
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