A Sceptical Medium™

Product Description

Lorraine is a natural born medium taught by the world of spirit, but she is also a sceptic. Why? The reason for her scepticism is due to the many frauds, charlatans and those who profess to be ‘taught’ by mankind. The spirit world have chosen her to teach their ways to the world. They are hoping to put a stop to the theatrics, drama and sub standard mediumship they see practised by many today due to the teaching methods presently used.
5/5 stars – This book is a warm and engaging series of stories and discussions of the author’s experiences as a practicing natural born medium and healer. If you have ever wondered what these things are all about and how they are done, then this is the book for you. At the same time, if you think you already know what these things are all about, then you will discover there is so much more that you do not know.
The author writes with great humility and compassion. Her writing is honest and straight forward without any embellishments. I recommend it most highly.
5/5 stars – A wonderful read, even for those who aren’t that experienced in mediumship. Light and understandable, easy approach to a topic that often is misunderstood. Lorraine manages to reach out to everyone, explaining without talking down to people. Absolutely recommended.
By Nicole Scheller5/5 stars – A realistic insight to mediumship and healing, Lorraine Holloway-White presents her natural-given abilities. This easy-to-read profile covers spirituality, mediumship and healing, and outlines Lorraine’s refreshing approach in her connection with the people she meets and the spirit world we all wish to understand.
By C. Condie

5/5 stars – This book is a refreshing outlook on todays mediumship. If you’re one like me that has been from pillar to post looking for answers or training upon training and getting nowhere fast I think you will find the answer in this book. You might like the answer and then again you might not , but wouldn’t you rather know where you stand instead of being told nonsense all the time and in many cases paying cash out for courses that just don’t work?
This book is a black and white honest approach which has been a long time coming and with luck will do its job in balancing the playing field and getting rid of all the dead wood amongst this industry. I am not going to go into detail why you should take this book seriously as that is a journey you need to make for yourself but I would say this is a hidden treasure which is yet to be fully recognised. A lovely read and a book best purchased in paperbook…. why? because you will keeping going back to it all the time and it’s a keeper. My view shortly the publishing world is going to wake up to this author in a big way.
Regards Michael Thorpe
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