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Is This Prediction One I Should Tell?

Automatic writing is something that I used to do a lot and was a way the spirit world communicated with me when they wanted me to know anything. There is something I have been pondering for a while now and am not sure whether to mention it or not. It is something they told me would happen and I have a feeling I know where and when it might be. The thing is, it could cause mayhem and worry, so do I say anything or not?

We have a responsibility as mediums to act responsibly and not be overly dramatic or sensationalist. There are those who do behave in those ways, but I am not one of them and so feel a little torn as to what I should do. All they have told me in the past has come true – even down to a couple of things about me. It is usually things to do with the world and event to happen though, but it is always given in a cryptic way so there is never enough detail to prevent what is meant to happen, but is always very clear afterwards that what occurred is the event they told of.

This time is no different, it is cryptic and was given to me about two years ago. I have a strong feeling that the time is coming and will be next year. No, it isn’t anything about the nonsense we hear about the end of the world in 2012! I wouldn’t be that daft or dramatic. So, what do I do? What would you do? Should I say anything or keep quiet? I have plenty of time ahead of me to ponder on this one, but your thoughts would be interesting to hear – if you have any.

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A Guide’s Guide to Mediumship and Healing

Yesterday I made a decision about the above named book I wrote  over a year ago. It was the first book I wrote and is inspired by the world of spirit. It has been with my literary agents for the last year and they were to send it to publishing houses hoping for traditional publishing. Our contract expires next month and I won’t be renewing it as I hear nothing from them ever and have no idea what is happening with my work. It is for this reason, I have made the decision to self-publish it.

I will be finishing some editing to it in the next couple of weeks and then it will be published and available to buy. Those who have read my other books will see a huge difference in the style of writing and will see it is not me speaking. It starts off with an introduction written in my style and then the wording changes totally. It is what some have called ‘more flowery’ in its manner and the most obvious thing about it for me, is their gentleness in how they teach and admonish. I could never be that tactful. No matter how much I want to be, the words never come out as gently as they manage and I do tend to shoot from the hip – as you’ll have noticed!

One of the reasons I have made this decision, is not just because I don’t see anything much at all having been done with it in the last year, but because the publishing world is notoriously slow. Even if I got a deal tomorrow, it would be at least 15 months before my book saw the light of day. I have so many people asking question about mediumship and healing, how it should be done and by whom and this book answers most of those questions. It is, therefore, time it was available to buy.

I am of the opinion these days that self-publishing doesn’t have the stigma attached to it as it did years ago. It is totally different from vanity publishing and people often get confused by the two. Vanity Publishing you pay extortionate sums of money up front and often get maybe twenty books if you’re lucky for sometimes thousands of pounds. With self publishing and print on demand, you don’t pay a penny. The only time money is paid to the one who prints it is when an order is placed and paid for. They take their percentage out before they send you your royalty cheque – no different than any agent or publisher then.

It will probably be about a month before the book is available for purchase and in the meantime, you can see a couple of sample excerpts from it in both of my other books, A Sceptical Medium and A Sceptical Medium 2. There is no doubt in my mind that self-publishing will only be the first step to this book being read around the world as publishing houses do now ‘pick up’ books that sell well and take them on. I hope this will be the case with mine. Time will tell, but in the meantime these words need to be out there and I now intend to make sure they are.

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Why Are Spirit Messages Cryptic?

I have been asked this question quite a lot and so thought it time to give an answer. It is a good question and most frustrating when it happens. It isn’t always the case that messages given are very cryptic, but a few are. It is due to this fact that so many genuine mediums are often open to ridicule, disbelief or told what they said was good guessing. This is only ever usually said by hard bitten sceptics, but it is a fact it happens and in the case of cryptic messages, they have a legitimate cause for saying and thinking it. No medium should work this way at all times. The only way it is acceptable is in the sort of examples I shall give below.

Luckily, most of my readings are not that cryptic and are usually very evidential with things being mentioned I couldn’t possibly have known anything about. An example I shall give is part of a reading I did for a lady one day. At one point during the reading and giving a message from someone for her, I was told to ask why she had moved their photograph that morning from the French dresser to a sideboard. Before she spoke, I described the photo frame, the colour and size of it. Told her the approximate size, height and colour of the dresser and where it was positioned in the room. Also of two other things that were on the dresser next to the picture that she had re-positioned after removing it. I then went on to describe where the sideboard was placed in the room and the colour and size of that and what else was on there.

She had done exactly as I had said only that morning and told me the descriptions were spot on. That was the first reading I had ever done for her. A couple of years later I bumped into her at a supermarket and she asked me for another reading, this time at her house. When I arrived and entered her room, I looked and immediately recognised the dresser, the sideboard and their positions in the room. It confirmed to me, she hadn’t just agreed with what i had said to her during my last reading with her and that I had been accurate.

One example of me getting very cryptic messages is during automatic writing. I went through a phase of receiving it very often. I only do it when I get a tremendous urge to sit and write. On those occasions, I will always be told future events, never the present or the past. During a certain phase a few years ago there were so many things forecast about national and international events, that I started to keep a record of them. The fact I typed the notes up on my laptop afterwards was evidence enough of the date I had said these things and so all that is written in the books (I still have) and typed up afterwards can be verified.

I have been told of accidents to happen and great disruption to occur. I will be told whether there will be deaths and lots of injuries, no deaths or just a couple, but with far more injured and all manner of pertinent information that adds up to make a whole picture. The information about whatever I am being told always turns out to be extremely accurate. I will also be told very cryptically where the event is likely to happen. Here are a couple of examples of how they may tell me; that it is to be further up the country, not too near to where I live or that it will occur in the city where my son lives, but it will not affect him.

At one time I was told of events that were to happen in the country where one of my stepsons live and that is was to cause disruption to travel. Very soon after, we heard of the Madrid bombing at the main railway station. You see, enough to say something, but no where near enough to do anything about it. I am told far more than that at times and all sorts of other details – here is another example, this one with far more detail, but still not enough to help: I was told of lots of ‘incidents’ to happen in the city where my son lived. It was to cause major disruption in the city and in the transport system. There were not to be many deaths, but huge impact would be made and felt with many people affected. The writing went on to say that the people responsible where of our country and were infiltrated throughout and just waiting for their instructions.

Now, from all of the above, you can see it gives quite a lot of details, but not enough to do anything about it as it is all very cryptic. Not long afterwards, the London underground bombings happened and the bus-load of people was blown up. My writings (as I call them) were again accurate. Not many deaths, but many people were affected and it did cause major disruption to the transport system. It also later turned out that the people responsible were of our own country as foretold.

What it doesn’t tell me is what part of the town or city, date, exact place or anything else that could help me prevent it from happening. Why? What is the point of being told if I can’t do anything about it? What is the point of any cryptic message that is passed on to other people during a reading? I think I know the answer to that now. It is because some things in life are not meant to be changed for whatever reason. There are some things we can be told that have to be allowed to happen naturally and this is why it is given cryptically. If we knew full details we would do our best to prevent these things from happening. Things that are not meant to be changed are given in a way to make sure no one can alter what is meant to be for the future. After the event has happened, it is always more than obvious the details I was given were correct without a doubt.

For the sceptics no, it isn’t a case of making things fit to make it appear we were right. Even you must surely see tha above accounts are pretty clear after the event? I don’t receive those writings now I’m glad to say as they were rather disturbing. It isn’t very nice to be given information of that kind and be completely unable to prevent people dying or suffering.

I have no idea what the point is of giving cryptic information really. If we are not meant to know it all, why tell us that much? I think a possible answer, is to show the medium receiving these things that the information she is receiving is accurate even though not able to be understood at the time. There are stories of mediums always giving very cryptic messages in all of their readings. If this is the case, go to a different medium. The samples I have given above are how readings should work and the cryptic messages should usually only be as those given as examples. It shouldn’t happen in general readings except on a very odd occasion. If any medium is known for continually working that way, then they are not working properly – go elsewhere.

Hope that helps a bit.