How To Make Money in Spiritualism

The heading of this blog post is a bit of a shocker for me isn’t it? If any of you have come here hoping to find out how to do just that, you’re in for a shock, because I will tell you that you’re a disgrace to mediumship and the spirit world. This is not what we do or how we behave. There are a few people (not many by any means) who ask me why I talk about this subject from time to time. It is because not all people who read my blog are regular viewers by any means as hundreds of new readers come each day and week, so have no idea what has been said before.

The above title is something I saw had been put in a search engine yet again and somehow, many of these people end up coming to my site. Maybe they have to be taught this is not what mediumship is about and that’s why they’re sent here – I have no idea. It could even be I have many new viewers who are of this attitude and need to be taught how wrong it is. Maybe it’s because some of you go to them for readings and need to be shown that isn’t real mediumship or how real mediums behave, believe or think. Whatever the reason, I felt compelled to write about it and I always do what I am now guided or compelled to write about.

This is the sort of thing we see all too often these days and is why I say one of the reasons many saying they are ‘learning’ to be mediums are doing it. It doesn’t mean all of them by any means before you jump on me, but sadly, it is a big reason they are as my statistics show. The above wording seen in the title is put into search engines daily by a huge amount of people. It may be worded differently (one regular comment seen is, ‘how soon can I start making money from it?’), but the fact remains, this is why many want to be mediums.

This is one of the reasons why I use the word Sensitive to describe mediums who are born and not taught by man. It differentiates between us and those who are spiritualists or man taught in other ways. A true sensitive is someone who would never think about it as a money making exercise and most Sensitives aren’t mediums anyway. It saddens me to see such greed, but I am glad to say that every true Sensitive I have met, whether a medium or not, never has greed or self-gain in their lives. They are all about other people and what they can do for them without ever thinking what they’ll get out of it – far from it. As we all know is said in the Bible, ‘To give and not count the cost’. If only we could all be like that what a lovely world it would be, but if we were, the world would be very unbalanced as we’d all be givers with no takers.

Sensitives are wonderful people and make the world a better place for all. Not only do they put others before themselves, but they also feel for animals and the world in general. They are never hurtful or cruel, but are often the ones who suffer at the hands of others as their very sensitivity towards others means they feel everything thrown at them far more deeply and can be ridiculed because of their kindly ways and told to ‘toughen up’.

The world isn’t about money and nor is life. We might need it to live, but not at the expense of using others for our own personal gain. The saying, ‘Money is the root of  all evil’ is so true and mediumship based on that attitude is no different. That is not mediumship done for the good of another, it is done for the person receiving your money. If God isn’t in their heart – who is? Do you really want someone like that doing a reading for you? By going to a person with that attitude and who charges you loads, you are not only encouraging huge costs and ego, but are allowing what works through them to touch your life as well. If it isn’t God working through them (and it isn’t if greed is there), then I most surely wouldn’t want what works through them to come anywhere near me and nor should you.

For any working mediums who are genuine and true Sensitives, the spirit world say (in my book A Guide’s Guide to Mediumship and Healing) charges are acceptable if kept reasonable. as they are aware we have bills to pay and need to live. They say it is the attitudes of people like the heading above and greed or high charges they are very against and tell us those people are not working for spirit or God but for themselves – no matter what they say!

3 responses to “How To Make Money in Spiritualism

  1. Not a bit the same – no and no one born with the gifts and using them as God intended would even think so. Charging is never acceptable for spiritual healing, but God gave us all free will and it is up to each person if they wish to use it as a money making business, which would mean taking credit for it themselves, or in a more humble way giving credit to the real healer – God. No one I have ever met sing them privately and humbly is a bit “floaty” , but I have met many new age and ‘trained’ healers who would fit the image you describe. You see, those born with the gifts don’t use them all day every day, only those making it a business and trying to force things and willing to work with anything do. The rest get on with real work and jobs to pay the bills and use their gifts ONLY when God decides, not themselves.

  2. Just hear me out here. Isn’t it the same when an artists asks money for a painting? Isn’t it the same as a singer asking money for a performance? Isn’t it the same as a baker asking money for bread?
    What is the difference in asking money for any of these gifts? Helping people and being all floaty is allright and dandy, but isn’t it nice to help people and yourself all at the same time?

  3. gharries962

    such true words, i feel sometimes that ‘mediumship’ etc is turned into ‘entertainment’ value rather than its true value of helping mankind towards their ultimate goal of enlightenment through helping others to live their lives in a positive way.

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