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Angels Don’t Do Readings!!

There seems to be a huge craze going on of people offering angel readings left right and centre. Well first off, angels do not do readings – never have and never will – people do readings. However, some people offering them are reading angel cards – very different and nothing to do with angels talking to them, but I’m sure this is where the misapprehension comes from. At least I hope it is. Angels are pure spirit and were created by God for very different reasons and certainly nothing as mundane as sitting waiting to tell you your fortune.

Angels can come to us and are around us all day every day and each of us has at least one with us from the moment we enter this life and who stays with us till our last breath. I know thousands of people now say they do connect with angels when doing readings, but they don’t. Angels can guide us and protect us and they only appear to us on the rarest of occasions. It is always something so magnificent, special and humbling, that anyone who has genuinely had an encounter with or seen an angel always behaves and speaks in a very different way than those claiming to be in touch with them regularly.

For one thing, it is such a magnificent event that it leaves us speechless and overawed so we keep it to ourselves as talking about it seems to demean it somehow. Eventually, when it is tentatively talked of many years after the event, it is still spoken about with an awe and a reverence never seen in those saying they work with them. Only people who have seen a genuine angel can understand this feeling and this is one of the reasons I know what people are claiming to see is not what they think it is and all who have truly seen an angel are of the same opinion. The other reason is because of what was channelled through me years ago teaching on this subject.

I do believe people think they really are connecting with angels and in their minds they might be, but it isn’t what they believe it to be. Some are given great knowledge about the different angels and their roles and this could well be genuine and because they are being given this information, I think they are under the impression it is angels doing it. In some rare – and I mean rare instances – it might even be, but they still wouldn’t be doing readings – even for the ones they do talk to in order to impart this knowledge.

Most people who claim to be in daily contact with and who do ‘angelic reiki or readings (God forbid) don’t even have any belief in God or what angels actually are, so what does that say? When did God ever charge when sending His angels to give messages in the Bible stories we read of? What angels we know have stepped in and saved people from death or who appear to give a message or warning from time to time have ever gone again leaving behind them a bill to be paid? If you don’t believe in God, how can you believe in His angels? If you do believe in angels and truly think they are passing messages to people then this would always be free as angels don’t charge.

Angels are not spirit guides as people call them (helpers) – ever. To say they are is an insult to them and to God. Watching some of the nonsense on Facebook with some groups talking about angels is sad and quite shocking. Thousands and thousands are claiming to be in touch with them every day just to give one sentence of meaningless drivel they call a reading. Yet these inane sentences that mean nothing are always grabbed at hungrily as the ever-increasing need for escape from reality increases on a daily basis.

There is a woman I have heard of charging almost £200 for readings that she says come from Archangel Gabriel – and she’s not alone in this sordid practice. For God’s sake! Who in their right mind would believe this? Yet many are taken in and it is always those with no belief in God. This angel Gabriel now doing readings is meant to be the same angel Gabriel who spoke to Mary and told her she was to conceive and the baby was to be named Jesus. Now this woman, and many like her, expects us to believe he’s been relegated to giving daft fortune-telling readings like a fairground party piece just for her and only at the right price ? The ones who may have stood guard over Jesus are now giving readings on Facebook?

Please, do not confuse an angel card reading as being something coming direct from angels or that the person giving it has a direct line to them as this isn’t what it means at all. What you believe is up to you obviously, but to see the desperation of some people who others throw worthless crumbs to in the name of something very special, humbling and that should be treated with the utmost reverence at all times, saddens me to the core of my being.

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Angels do Not do readings Part Two

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