Novena to the Saints


Novena to the Saints

 Day One

St Joan of Arc, we ask you to walk alongside us in our battle against the evil that is spreading daily throughout the world God gave us to live in and protect.

Pray we will have strength to walk forward in God’s Holy War leading lost souls towards the light of salvation.

Maid of Orleans, please pray for us. (Repeat this part three times)

Day Two

St Margaret of Hungary, please help guide us in our prayers. Pray our love for God will be kept strong and that we may guide others, through our actions towards His divine Healing light. We ask they will walk away from the temptations of false gods and spirits sent by Satan in order to deceive and we join our prayers with yours in hope they are brought back to our Almighty Father.

Jesus, help strengthen God’s people against all temptations taking them further from you and our Heavenly Father.

Lord hear our prayer (repeat three times)

Day Three

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, through your lifetime here on earth, your prayers helped save Holy Souls from Satan’s clutches. So many of the living too are now ensnared by him, as he steals what belongs to God. We beseech you to pray for not just the souls of those departed from this world, but also the souls of those still living that they too may turn from evil and repent of their sins.

Saint Pio, pray for us. (Repeat this last part three times)

Day Four

St Francis of Assisi, so much badness and cruelty is shown towards our beloved animal friends at the hands of man. We pray constantly for these dear creatures that God loves. He created them to share this world with us and yet their sufferings are often greater than anything we could know. Please help us as we pray for this cruelty to stop and that man may see the error of his ways.

St Francis of Assisi, help and protect all living creatures of our world (repeat this three times)

Day Five

St. Philomena, Patroness of the Living Rosary, help the rosary to be prayed each day, as asked by Our Holy Mother. We are asked to pray without ceasing and she asks of us to say the rosary each day to help against the spread of godlessness in our world.

Saint Philomena please pray for us (repeat three times)

Day Six

St Michael – Archangel, we ask you to stand beside us in our battles against badness in the world. Help lend us your strength, as we ask to be given courage to stand firm and strong against all who would try to stop us in our work.

Glorious Saint Michael please pray for us as we march forward in our work against Satan. (Repeat three times)

copyright© 31st October 2014 Lorraine Holloway-White

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