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Christmas – Time of Birth and Re-Birth


“Look within to see the beauty of each and every one of you. Rebirth is taking place. You are surrounded by love. As the leaves decay, so the seasons change and in the Spring, new life takes place and all is renewed as a new year unfolds.” 

Christmas is a time we celebrate the birth of Christ. It is also a time for putting our minds to thinking of what that birth meant to us all.  It isn’t just about presents, it is about what our life and the world is all about.

The above words give us all hope. I know much has been said by many about change to come, to me, that change is also about spiritual changes to be seen in the world. Today, I’d like to share words that some of you may have seen before.

They may seem strange ones to share at Christmas when all is filled with hope and goodwill, but they actually are words to bring us hope if read and recognised for the message within them.

The words below indicate the start of cleansing all that has been bad for far too long now. It means much still has to be gone through and suffered, but it shows us we need to retain hope, faith and trust in God, as we recognise this has to happen in order for Him to re-claim His world.

Some of the words may be familiar to some of you, but I feel now is the time for them to be seen again. In the meantime, may I wish all of you a very Happy and Blessed Christmas and may it be one filled with health, happiness and joy for you and all your families and loved ones. 

Thank you so much for your loyalty and support in my work and in what I, and others like me, are trying to achieve. It is so much appreciated and I thank those of you who are working hard to help spread love, kindness and words given to me to share with you all. Thank you also to those of you who tell others about this site and my books. Thank you all.

Words given from heaven.

“Those who have put in the hard work building up what it is they are to do, are to see doors being opened for them and their way forward is to be made clearer for them. The others will find doors being shut firmly and those who once followed will start to drop away as they see the fruits of what it is they truly do.

Eyes will be opened and truth will be revealed to those who are ready to hear and see it all. There is to be a reversal of roles. Those who were once mocked will now be listened to and those who were once revered will be scorned and shunned as their real purpose is exposed to all who have eyes to see it for what it truly is.

This my friends is what changes we are to bring about for you all. Be ready and prepared, for now it starts and work has been underway for some time, as we have prepared those who are to work with us to help bring these changes about.

It is to take many years indeed for this work to be completed and may not be seen to be finalised in your lifetime, but you are to be instrumental in bringing those changes about. Be ready, for many will be lost at the wayside”.

From Me

There are many people today within all belief systems who are not doing good works and yet do them in the name of whatever religion or faith they profess to uphold. There is much greed, hatred, spite and envy in the world today and it is this where I hope we are to see the changes brought about.

Already we are seeing a huge increase in spiritual envy and spite amongst those professing to be godly people and yet on the other side of it, we are also seeing a growth of people such as myself who are now standing up against them and speaking our truth as we see it.

Gifts some have been using are to be dimmed or taken away and others are to have their gifts strengthened as they go about God’s work. These are some of the changes I believe we are to see in the coming year. It has already started in a small way, but I feel much is to happen to open eyes and make people think in the coming year.

Badness has been at the forefront for too long now, but more people are coming forward to shine their light of goodness amongst it all. To you, may God bless you and keep your light shining in this dim world. Let your brightness and goodness be shown things can and will get better.

It doesn’t matter if you are of a faith or not, whether you believe in God or not, because goodness, love and kindness is what matters. It is those things and your purity of heart that show  others there is hope in the world. It is YOU who help others through their darkest times and hours. It is YOU who will help make the changes for the better that the world needs. Thank you and God bless you all.

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