Christians Serving Satan

Christianity is dead on its knees and we are allowing it to happen. Worse still? Those professing to be the leaders within various Christian religions are encouraging it in their desperation to please man rather than God and have been for far too long.

I believe in plain speaking and this subject is something deserving of it. The LGBT community demanding gay marriages in churches, feminists demanding to be vicars and bishops, divorcees with multiple church weddings and anything else going against God’s laws is not to be tolerated at all.

It doesn’t bother me how much hatred is aimed in my direction for saying this, but the LGBT brigade is not anything about genuine hemaphrodites or gay people. What it is about is debauched, depraved behaviour that shows how Satan has infiltrated this world and had free rein for far too long.

We were told he would have free rein and for anyone in doubt this has been happening, just look at the state of the world and the state of Christianity.

When it comes to sex today, it seems anything goes and the weirder the better. Genuine gay people live lives like the rest of us. They are accepted in the church as part of the community, serve on altars and have even gone into the priesthood or religious life. Like any other person, their life, their deeds, actions and behaviour is between them and God and no one else.

What is not accepted, is when someone decides to make demands that go against Christ, His teachings and the Church. The church accepts people with no discrimination at all if they’re there for the right reasons. However, as leaders in God’s teachings and laws, those who attend such places, or profess to follow such religions, do so knowing full well what God’s laws are.

The moment anyone wants to go against them or cause disruption is the moment they need to accept they have stopped being a follower of God or of wanting to learn about Him. The Protestant churches started the trend of going against parts of God’s teachings they didn’t like, that were too hard to live by or that didn’t pander to their lives and man’s modern day ever changing demands.

There is only so far one can go to cause mayhem and disruption and we’ve now seen Satan enter the church in every way he can in all but offering satanic masses. However, we have so called Christian spiritualist churches where they do precicely what God forbids, calling up spirits of Satan then leaving them free to roam the world attaching themselves to people at leisure in order to lure them from God.

We have women feminists who demanded they take over in what is man’s role, because they found being a nun didn’t wield enough power and glory for them and there was no other male domain left for them to push their way into but this one. We had weak leaders who allowed that invasion to happen.

Then we’ve seen divorced people marrying in church willy nilly with white weddings one after the other, no matter how many divorces they’ve had. This is yet another thing the Protestant churches ignore and go against God with. Why pretend to even be a follower of God any more when all they do is go against most of His teachings and laws?

The church is in a total mess and the reason for this is due to weak, bad leaders who are doing man’s bidding rather than God’s. The only religion staying true to God’s teachings in Christianity is the Catholic Church, but even they need a good clean up and the pope is doing just that. It is angering so many people, but at least only the true followers of God will be left in Christianity.

The Christian church is dying and I hope it happens quickly, so this badness, debauchery and satanic influence can be halted before it gets even worse – if it can get any worse. The church leaders have to stand up and say enough is enough. It has gone on for too long and has gone too far.

You can shout, stomp your feet and throw names and ridicule or scorn at me and others saying these truths, but none will even touch or bother me or anyone else truly doing God’s works, so you can save your energy and breath.

If anyone is divorced and demanding they get married in a church – in white no less – they should admit they are no longer Christians. If any person officiating at such a marriage allows them those marriages, they too should admit and recognise they have stopped working for God and instead, now work for man.

I have the utmost respect for atheists, agnostics and anyone being honest about who and what they are and what they do or don’t believe in. What I have no time or respect for at all is people pretending to be something they aren’t and who are killing off and destroying something meant to be pure and about God, for their own satisfaction.

There is badness in all religions, because where man is, there will be bad things happen and bad people. There is badness where there is not religion for exactly the same reasons. If we were all perfect the world would end. That doesn’t mean everyone within or without the churches or religions should be tarred with the same brush and nor does it mean people can come in and demand the church changes to suit them.

We are here to learn, to grow and to make mistakes we can then repair and learn from. We are not here to kill off, destroy and deliberately go against all God’s teachings while pretending to love and serve Him. Or at least we shouldn’t be and yet so many today are doing just that very thing. I would love to see all churches with vicars going against God’s laws closed down for good and those vicars ousted from the Church as a whole.

It is time Christians were under one banner and doing all God asks of us and not just the bits they find easy. Be honest and walk away if you can’t do it properly. Give up your women’s clerical collars that wreak of Satan, give up your same sex marriages in churches, give up your divorcees marrying in churches and give up anything you feel a need to change to suit you, your ego and individual life styles.

A church filled to the brim isn’t a good church if all inside are hypocrites disobeying most of God’s laws. Instead, it has become a church of Satan, not a Church of God. It’s just those in it refuse to recognise that’s what they’ve turned it into.

A church with only a few people in it who are obedient to God is far more pleasing to Him and the only ones He acknowledges as being for Him. Remember how He became so angered that Jesus went into the Temples and cleaned them out? Well that time is coming again, so be ready for the cleansing to begin. It’s already started and hopefully, it’ll soon be coming to a church near you.

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