Pray Without Ceasing


The world is in dire need of prayers. Anyone who believes in prayer, in God and the fact we are in a spiritual battle, needs to be praying as hard as they can. The battle started some time ago and is now increasing in intensity.

For those of you who doubt this, take a look at the world today compared to the world of even 50 years ago. See how much has changed and it is not what some would call ‘moving with the times’.

There is badness on scales as never seen before from most people and not just the minority is used to be. There is debauchery everywhere we look, as morals and modesty are seen as relics of the past. The church has seen sins within its walls such as should never be seen and has seats filled with people who are not as they believe themselves to be – good people.

Badness, aggression and sin – yes, sin, a word most people today laugh at, is seen everywhere we look. People have been warned time and again to repent, to come back to God and to pray without ceasing to prevent God’s wrath being shown to the world. So few have listened.

Instead, we see people going to places of worship who are in power struggles for supremacy as never seen before. They spew their filth and vitriol at others of different beliefs or unbeliefs and even at those sitting alongside them and those leading them. Their heads and hearts swell with pride at their imagined holiness, yet they are the often biggest sinners of all.

It is getting so close now to God showing his wrath in much bigger ways. Already He has been showing the world how angry He is with the severe extremes of weather, temperature and climate reversals and fires have been sweeping out of control ever larger than before. Earthquakes are coming closer together and in higher numbers than usually seen and in places not usually seen to happen.

Volcanoes that were thought to be dormant are awakening, land is appearing and disappearing, new diseases man can’t control and so much more has been seen to happen – just as predicted would four years ago in Predictions and Prophecies.

People always want drama in order for their attention to be held. It is only when such drama happens that they listen and watch. Once that drama is over, they quickly forget again and life goes back to normal.

It is getting close to the time they won’t be able to ignore what’s happening and go back to life as it was before. The time is coming where disasters will be so big and so close together that many thousands of innocent people will be killed causing people to question why it’s happening. Already this has been seen to happen, yet is now ignored. This will happen again and again where people least expect and when.

Man cannot keep living as he is and thinking there will be no repercussions. God has been patient, He has given chance after chance and yet people of today mock Him, just as they did Jesus two thousand years ago. It is time, it is getting very close. The smaller warnings and signs have been given to show His words and warnings to be true and accurate, but still they are ignored.

Far too many people think these are words set to frighten – and they are. God wants you to listen, He wants to save you from such things happening by changing the ways you live, yet you choose to ignore Him.

It is due to this the rest has to follow. Our Lady asked us to pray, pray without ceasing for what was to come. She asked those who believe in such things to pray the rosary, have masses said and to pray for the world and what is to befall it. Pray for those innocents who will be affected when such things happen.

We were told our prayers and changing how we live could help prevent some of what is to come, but no one listened, only a handful. Now, it is too late and soon, we are to see the results of those pleas being ignored.

We can still pray and do as asked of us, but now, we have to pray for the souls of all those poor people who will be affected when the time comes. We know it is close, we can see the escalation of evil spreading through the world. We can also see proof of how many natural disasters there have already been; of weather abnormalities and extremtities, animals becoming extinct due to man and the planet starting to fail for the same reason.

Look at the news, search the internet to see just how much the predictions have come true already and see how much it is escalating – just as we were told it would. When you see the results of your searches about the vastness of such disasters and changes coming ever closer together, maybe you will start to take it more seriously and start praying. Maybe then your eyes will be oepened to what is happening and why.

For those who have heeded Our Blessed Mother’s warnings, heaven thanks you and asks you to continue to pray, but pray harder and as much as you can. For the time is close when your prayers will be needed for those who ignored their warnings and pleas.

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Chapter One – Predictions and Prophecies

We have come today, as the world needs to hear some of what is to come, what has passed and how the people of the world live today. So much distresses us, as we watch what it is they do to each other and to themselves. They know not what it is they are doing and it saddens us to have to sit and watch all that is befalling many due to their actions and deeds.

Worse is still to come for them, as what they do brings it upon them and yet they do not accept this. We have sent some to teach them and guide them on their spiritual journeys and yet they do not listen.

There are those from our world of spirit who are with them daily and who try to guide them gently on the path of righteousness and yet they listen not, as they prefer the words man has for them. They are more pleasing to their ears and because of this they are being led on a path of destruction. This destruction is not just for them though; it is to bring about destruction of much that is known to you today in the world you inhabit now.

Man has only himself to blame for things that are to befall him and the world now. These things are upon you all already and yet you ignore much of what you see happen.

You believe it to be disasters of the world that happen for no reason other than Nature. This is not right. These things are happening now more and more and we have to show you

what it is that you all do wrong. The way you live and behave needs to be changed and many warnings have been given to you hoping to help you change your ways.

We knew this could not happen before the time was right, but now this time is here. The reign of one who has led the world into this bad state is now over and it is another who takes over.

It is because of man listening to what is bad in the world that disasters are now to befall many and thousands are to be hurt or killed in them when they happen. More and more will occur and they will be closer together than ever before.

Already some have started to recognise these events for what they are. Some are to be at the hands of man and yet are God’s Holy will for what man has done to the world He gave you all to live in.

He is saddened and angered by much of what He has seen in the behaviour of some who wish to say they are truly spiritual beings. These are the ones who have angered Him and His anger is now to be unleashed on the world to clear that which man has done to destroy it.

Mankind has destroyed and abused what he was given and now what they have done is to be destroyed completely as the tables turn and God takes back His power over your world.

Many do not believe He exists and watches over you all, but He has sat and watched all that happens and misses nothing. Those who are innocent will sadly have to also suffer, alongside those who have done these wrongs and misdeeds. This cannot be helped and He is sorry for this, but their rewards shall be great when they come to Him.

We are to give you words now to tell of some of the things man ponders over. We are to give some information to

you for you to know, but there is still much more that is to be kept from you, as not all is to be revealed until the time is right for you as individuals.

Some of the things we are to reveal are already known to some of you – some much more than others and this is due to the fact they have lived many times in your world. They are now on their last lifetime and are, therefore, able to have more revealed in order that they can teach others.

Many ridicule these people who have reached this point in their learning, whilst others belittle and call them names. Be assured my friends, we know who these people are who do this and their punishments shall be equal to their deeds when they too reach the spirit world.

Many of you today teach there is no punishment for anyone when they leave the world you inhabit, but they would be wrong to teach this, as it is untrue.

There are many ways to be punished and each is according to their own deeds. How they behaved and treated people whilst of your world is to be taken into account. So too is the way they treated and behaved towards animals and the planet you were given to live on.

Many have abused one or all of these things and they will be punished. Those who ridicule others for their beliefs will also have to pay for abusing them and ridiculing them.

Many today believe there is no such one as God the Holy Father and yet He does exist. It may not be in the way you all envisage Him to be, but be assured my friends, He is real and is saddened by what He sees and hears of those who believe in nothing but where you are now.

Secrets never before revealed are now to be given for you all to read and learn from. Many will not understand some of

what they see, but others will, and when they do, their hearts will race as they see what they believe to be as real.

The one we use to give these words has been used before by us to help guide and steer you in the right direction. She has been chosen as she is on a last lifetime if she so chooses. Her growth has been great and sudden as we use those we need only when the time is right. Her time is now and many doors are to open for her to reveal our truth, as God wants it revealed.

It has already started and her work and diligence have pleased us. She has been tried and tested by many and has stood strong and firm. Her rewards too will be great when she comes home finally to her resting place, but this is not to be for some time yet as she has much work to do ahead of her yet.

We are to use her for much work and she is now to be heard and listened to. Many have been ignoring her, ridiculing and casting aspersions on her work. They are to be repaid for this at another time, but for now, they will see her rise beyond anything they could dare hope to obtain in this lifetime.

They will have to learn by what they see happen to her as she does this work for us in earnest. It begins in the way she has long awaited in order for people to hear the words we have given her.

The words in this book we write with her will shock many. Others will heed our warnings while others again will deny it is from us and will accuse her of saying it herself.

It matters not as those who are ready to hear and understand will. Of those who already have their eyes firmly shut, some will be opened to see at last, whilst others will keep them firmly closed. All will happen as it is meant to and

those who are ready will move forwards as their eyes are opened. The others will remain as they are now.

Some of them will ponder on our words though and even though they are not ready yet to accept them, it will make them change some of their ways for the better even if not completely.

Now my friends we start. We will tell things to you that will help you understand more of life after you have left the world you are now in. We will also tell you of mysteries of your world and why these things have to happen.

Be ready, for not all you read will be pleasant and some will hurt those of you who have long held beliefs that are not of what truly happens. Here is where it starts.

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