Mary is not appearing in Medjugorje

Local bishop says again Mary is not appearing in Medjugorje

I agree with this bishop totally and am just waiting to hear if the Vatican says this too. He is a man of discernment and is looking at the alleged visions and what is said and done by testing of the spirits in how it SHOULD be done. It is exactly how I have suggested you all look at the claims by breaking them down, EVERY time something happens, not just once.

I have posted about this a lot saying I believe Medjugorje to be one of the biggest deceptions of our time due to NO ONE testing the spirits. I just wish that man and I could talk and he could see my work.

The one thing I disagree with is that there is no supernatural event happening – there is, but it isn’t of God or heaven and this is why people NEED to be taught about the differences between spirits of God and spirits of Satan, but the church won’t – hence I do.

I am positive there is soon to be an announcement from the Vatican saying they don;t approve the alleged visions. Remember I said all had to be in place to tend to everyone once an announcement was made? Look what recently happened too. Pope Francis has sent a Polish archbishop to study the pastoral needs of the townspeople and the thousands of pilgrims who flock to Medjugorje each year.

Why would he have done that if not ready for an announcement that will leave thousands confused and not knowing what to do? It is because their needs will have to be met and this archbishop will be preparing priests and religious locally to handle the fallout when the time comes.

Remember the words and vision I was given with the note I wrote underneath it?

4th January 2017. 

     I can see a man sitting, in fact, I am as him, as I sit here head bowed. As I look out ahead of me from under lowered face and lids, I can see a floor that is marble or similar – pale coloured with some sort of lines or design on it. I am sitting on a chair – or should I say he is – I am alone and in deep thought and meditative state of wondering what to do and how to do it. It is here and now cannot be put off any longer.

     I feel it is the pope sitting with his head bowed and hands on forehead rubbing it. In between, his clasped hands are lying on his legs by his stomach, clasping and unclasping. He knows he has to say something and it has to be done, but he also knows what the result and ensuing mayhem will be like when it is announced. It has to be done, but it saddens him to have to do so.

     What does he do, for he knows they’re all waiting? It is time and cannot be put off any longer.

     It is the right time now, as this cannot be put off any longer.

God help him when they hear what it is he has to say on this matter. It is to cause such upset and he knows most will not believe it or want to. They will not all do as asked of them of this he is sure.

     The priests and religious are the ones he also worries over, for they have also put their faith in this place and believed all they’ve heard without testing as they should have done. It is down to him to destroy and dash all their hopes, but he knows this won’t be the end of it – far from it in fact.

     It is now it begins and from here, he is aware there is to be more to follow and this is just the start of changes he knows are to come. It is now upon the world and he knows this but cannot say anything. It is not his place to do so, but that of another he is already aware of.

     The time is not now for any of this to be acted on just yet, but not much longer until he can. It is close, so very close, but all has to be in place and in order before he and she can move forwards in this matter. It is soon, very soon, but not yet.

   First, all that has been told has to come to pass first. That too is almost upon those poor souls, but first, this matter has to be attended to and it is after this has been done, that all the rest will follow on.

     It is time, it is now, but it weighs heavy on his heart he has to do this to them. So many faithful, but so many misguided who will not want to hear what it is he has to tell them. He can put it off no longer, it is now he has to do this deed and he will. God help him and God help the world.    

Note from Lorraine – I feel this is an imminent announcement to be made about Medjugorje.

The above was what I received in January and showed publicly. Now someone is in place at Medjugorje, and below, you can read what the local Bishop says

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