Predictions Coming True


Now they’re talking on a television programme about an alleged NEW message from the Vatican saying about animals becoming extinct – and more – unless people change their ways.

How long have I been saying this and how long ago did the words I was asked to share from heaven say this and far more in the book Predictions and Prophecies?When WILL people acknowledge this book and talk about it to others?

So many things from this book are now being talked of by others as though new observations, yet all of it written years ago. Those who have read this book express their incredulity at how accurate it is all being seen to be with yet more and more happening. Now, more people are starting to say odd tiny bits similar to the contents of this book as though it’s the first time it’s being said.

Why are none of the people who have read it and who send me private messages saying how incredible it is talking of it publicly to others? Scared to be seen as a believer in God, heavenly messages, weird or a foreteller of doom maybe? Fact is, the contents cannot keep being ignored and now, it seems some are being brave enough to voice their worries aloud.

People are very quick to spread predictions made after the events have happened or very generalised ones that never actually happen, but are scared to share the ones that are accurate and proving to be true – why? Three books I’ve now published have predictions where some have already been seen to happen and with more yet to come.

One day, when it’s too late, maybe they’ll talk about these books to others or do book reviews about them, but in the meantime, all asked of them to help prevent some of it happening is being ignored. It is due to this time is running out and those who might have listened, aren’t being given that choice.

The books with predictions:-

Predictions and Prophecies

Voices from Heaven

Heaven is Guiding Me
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