A World Without Love

This world is so bad, so twisted, so filled with evil and yet more and more want this over goodness. They prefer it to good people, the decent people and the light that shines from such goodness. They mock and jeer at those with morals and who stand up against the badness being seen to spread like a virus or disease that’s out of control.

We know where this darkness has come from and why it has spread, but how has it escalated so quickly? The world saddens me, or should I say the bad people in the world sadden me. There is still so much goodness in some people, but it is now far outweighed by those whose hearts are filled with hatred, darkness and unprecedented immorality.

It isn’t difficult to see how bad it has become. Each day we hear people responding to news reports with venom, aggression and words of how they would love to see the worst things possible done to others to exact revenge. Immorality is also a word no one seems to recognise any more as there are no standards left. If they do recognise it they laugh at it as though some relic from the past – which it sadly is.

Children are being born all the time without names of fathers being put on birth certificates. The women responsible don’t seem to recognise what this could and will mean in the future to the human race. In fact, most people don’t seem to recognise what this is going to mean in the future and they don’t seem to care.

Women dress in the most provocative of ways then wonder why men treat them as sex objects. Foul language is classed as everyday speech that shocks no one anymore. Depraved sexual behaviour is no different, as everyone tries to show how open and accepting they are regardless of what anyone says or does.

Abuse of animals is on the increase with ordinary people posting videos of bestiality thinking it fun and just a bit of a laugh. The world has gone totally topsy turvy. Kindness, decency, morality, compassion, modesty, gentility and respect are all things seen in a limited percentage of people these days.

The world is a beautiful place and yet man is making it a thing of ugliness. Whatever man touches he destroys. Religion is no different sadly. It too has its place in the dark behaviour and badness we’re seeing. When seen in religion, it is far worse, because they are doing it while professing to love and serve God.

Nature is incredible. Human, animal and plant life is incredible, but we have to seek further and look harder in order to find or see such beauty any more. Once, such beauty and beautiful people were in abundance. Goodness and beauty was all around us while badness, darkness, aggression and destruction were things seen only now and then within limited places and groups of people.

Now, the tables have turned and the bad things are constant in our lives and accepted as normal behaviour. It isn’t normal by any means, it has just become acceptable for some reason. It is easy to see why that is if anyone cares to look.

Victims driven mentally ill through constant abuse are further attacked and spoken of nastily by others as though their treatment and consequent behaviour is somehow their fault. Take for example Diana, Princess of Wales. She was publicly humiliated from day one of her marriage by her husband and his mistress. Before then if truth be known.

She took years of mental abuse and torture at their hands while behaving impeccably and trying to cope with all that was being done to her and against her. Eventually, her depression and mental health took its toll and she did what many others do, she accepted kindness and affection from anywhere it was offered.

Yes she made mistakes, but hers were done from being made ill, not from deliberate scheming such as theirs was. The poor girl was being abused daily in the ways no one reading this would accept privately in their own lives let alone so publicly. Yet when she behaved badly, she was the one people attacked, not the two who drove her to it.

This is how backward people’s thinking has become. Her goodness far outshone her mistakes. How many reading this can say the same? The same happens to parents of murdered children or parents whose children have died in tragic circumstances. They are often attacked by people saying they are to blame. Horrendous things are said about such parents adding to their grief and sadness, yet this is also seen as acceptable behaviour by so many.

God has been removed from most people’s lives. They have no place for Him any more and where God doesn’t live, light can’t shine and goodness can’t breed. His expulsion from people’s lives leaves a hole waiting to be filled with something to replace Him. That something is darkness and badness and it is called Satan.

He’s been filling in those holes for many years now. How pleased is he that it’s made so easy for him, that it’s being made even easier each day to fill that void. None of those people recognise what they’ve done and what they’re continuing to do. It is this unwanton behaviour and lack of any control or respect for anyone or anything – including oneself – that is to bring destruction upon our world.

For those who think this is empty talk of doom and gloom, look around you and open your eyes. See the truth of what you are now living in and with. It might not be in your inner circle of friends, because you are selective about who you mix or associate with, but it is all around you everywhere you look and you can’t deny it.

The more I go out, turn on a television, look on the internet or read what’s going on in the world, the more I want to cut myself off from all of it. This isn’t a world I want to be part of. It isn’t a world I grew up in or hoped to ever see in my lifetime. Where is the love for others – unconditional love? Love is being kind, love is respectful, compassionate and caring. It is not cruel and it is not seen much any more anywhere.

We have sat back and allowed this change to happen. How many have had the courage to stand up and speak out against it? How many stand up today when they’ve seen how quickly it is spreading? How many just accept how others behave and live saying it’s none of their business? Well it’s become their business, because it is destroying lives and destroying much on this planet – and will continue to.

Sit back and continue to be complacent. Enjoy laughing at those who are trying to protect and safeguard our planet and the morals of our people. Enjoy it all while you can. Already the signs are showing and the results this modern lifestyle is causing are there. It is going to get worse, far worse, but by the time the world wakes up to what they have done, it will be too late to change anything.

Read Predictions and Prophecies and you’ll see already the contents are proving to be true – scarily true – and that’s just the parts you can see have already happened. If those things already have been proved correct, God help the world when the rest follows – which it will.

I won’t still be here and nor will you for most of what’s still to come as a result of how people are living today, but it’s the legacy you are leaving behind for your children and grandchildren. By sitting back and being so complacent while watching it unfold around you, you are encouraging those doing it.

Your silence and acceptance of the extremes we’re seeing is what has allowed it to become so bad thus far. Are you going to continue to hold your silence like a badge of honour, or will you speak up against what’s happening and go against the crowd? I already know the answer.

Silence is said to be golden, but our world is no longer golden and it’s a world I wouldn’t want to bring a child into today to grow up in. If it’s got this bad in just 50 years, imagine what it’ll be like in another 50. Is that what you want for your grandchildren?


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