Predictions Video Channel on YouTube

It is time more people heard the predictions and prophecies given in my book of that name (also previously named, The Spirit World Speaks). This is unable to be done free of charge via e-books, Kindles or paperbacks as you’ll realise, but I have decided to open my YouTube channel again in order to read the contents of that book for all to hear.

I have started with a brief introduction, the Foreword and Chapter one and am currently recording the rest of the chapters gradually. I’ll be uploading them as soon as possible. I did record more videos, but on uploading them, found after hours of waiting for them to upload, they hadn’t worked. I will now have to do them one chapter at a time.

This will probably be better for those listening to the chapters if truth be told, as it means you can sit over a coffee and listen to each one as you find time, rather than having to search through to find where you’d got to.

If you are interested in listening to the videos and hearing the book in its entirety, please CLICK HERE to subscribe to the channel then select which video/s you’d like to hear. By subscribing, it means you’ll be notified as soon as I upload further chapters. I hope to see you there.

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